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The Book of Zohar, Weekly Torah Portion “Bo,” Selected Excerpts
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From Savage To Human Being

Dr. Michael LaitmanIf the term “force of nature” is not completely clear, we can explain the stages of development to a regular person looking for a real good, with empirical evidence. It’s clear to all of us that a positive attitude to one another is good, absence of crime is good, and serenity and safety are also good. If we help each other and everyone will have what the others have, this will be better than our present miserable life! Everyone would agree with this.

Great! Now let’s acknowledge the affect of the environment on us since it can be seen at every given step in life. Any group can manipulate its members through persuasion. A person can be forced to think in a completely opposite way if there are 20-30 people around him who say that black is white. This is a proven fact that can’t be denied.

Therefore, if the environment does in fact influence an individual, we can create an artificial environment where everyone will treat each other well. We will oblige everyone to behave in this manner, and every transgression will be answered with polite criticism at first, and then with stiff denial.

There is no other choice. After all, we wish to live having everything that a human being requires: a home, food, family, health, pension, vacation, and so on. All this in normal proportions and not in the form of many zeros in our bank accounts, meaning in accordance with one’s natural needs.

If you desire this, you have an opportunity to create this environment, where everyone will care for everyone else. And this will happen only by changing our attitude to one another. In addition, even if we treat each other well out of desperation, artificially by accepting the mode of behavior and acting as in good environment, thereby we acquire a habit, which becomes our second nature. We actually become like that!

Until now we were savages, ready to swallow up everything around us. By joining this game, we literally turn ourselves inside out like a glove. And then over the course of some time, everyone will change and from being a savage, everyone will turn into a human being.

As a result, we become a completely new humanity: We reveal additional opportunities. By acquiring balance with nature, I begin to feel it, and then I reveal new abilities in me with the help of which I create progressive mechanisms and turn worlds upside down, literally. I know all the laws of nature because I am similar to nature.

What’s unreal about this? Let’s play and build such relationships. We have no other choice! Everything depends on education, meaning the influence of the environment. We are sufficiently mature, experienced, and intelligent people. We see a threatening future and we provide a piece of advice that lacks any mysticism.

Humanity has no chance of escaping this development, and we are offering a remedy that prevents illness. All the negative impacts of nature are brought about by our incongruence with it. Therefore, any blow that I experience indicates imbalance with nature. For example, if it’s cold, I need to turn on the heat or put on warm clothes; if it’s noisy, I need either to install a noise reduction system or close my ears. In other words, I must carry out some action in response to every phenomenon.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” Episode #4, 1/1/12

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Hurry To Wake Up Before Dawn

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What is the difference between “I awaken the dawn” or “the dawn awakens me?”

Answer: “The dawn awakens me” means that I am being awakened from above. Multiple attempts are made, but they will be paused if I am unable to make an effort to awaken.

There might be a few more attempts to awaken me in this life, or I might be left alone until the end of this reincarnation, and I will continue living like everyone else, going with the flow of life.

If, however,  “I awaken the dawn,” then I hasten time (Achishena). It is important for me to awaken and accelerate time, thus every moment of life becomes precious to me, and I work really hard to make sure I do not waste it or take it for granted. This is what it means to “awaken the dawn.”

Man’s entire work consists of “awakening the dawn,” and it does not matter what he receives from it. He might need to keep awakening the dawn for a long time until he sees some kind of a response.

It is important to understand that man always works with his vessel, desire, and that the upper Light is in the state of absolute rest. And if you have made a lot of effort to awaken the dawn and have not yet received anything, this does not mean that there is a lack of Light. There is a lack of effort in revealing the Light, which is inside it.

We await a reward as if we have paid in one place and wish to receive in another. I work with the actual revelation, which is right here before me, and all I need to do is reveal it more and more in the same place.

So I have no one to blame in my lack of success in awaiting the dawn; everything depends only on my effort. And if I have not yet managed to awaken the dawn, then I have not yet made enough effort. Because if I had made enough effort, I would definitely find it: It would have awakened.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 1/25/12, Shamati #175

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Two Forces – One Law

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: The question about the existence of a single upper force, which controls the entire creation, causes an essential argument between people: Some believe that it exists, and others that it does not. Do you belong to the first, the approach that is inherent to religions?

Answer: No, it does not pertain to religions. I build entirely on the practical evaluation of
 nature without any prior assumptions. This approach neither pertains to religion nor faith, nor any other direction, which has historic roots and no other basis.

Question: If we rely on the study of nature, how do we understand “the law that includes all the laws”?

Answer: If we were to supplement this lecture with scientific data from research and experiments, it would be the actual proof, which precedes the questions. There really are many opinions, but we rely on the data from the evaluations of nature and the human 

There used to be a notion that nature is one, and we only scrape some tiny grains of knowledge from it, which do not seem to be related to one another. But now physics, chemistry, biology, zoology, and other sciences are already interconnected. We study the foundations of each one of them, atoms and their different kinds of connections. These foundations are broad, common forces, but at every level of nature: still, vegetative, animate, and human, they operate according to the level.

For example, if the force in the atom attracts and rejects the particles, in an animal body it compresses and expands the lungs, and on the level of the brain it manifests in the form of a contradiction between agreement and doubt. Two opposite tendencies operate, but they are controlled by one force, which balances them, because all of nature strives towards 

The presence of two forces in nature does not contradict the existence of one law, which controls both forces. Modern science states that we depend on each other, and the manifestation of the crisis on the human level obligates us to realize that we all exist in one system. And this also pertains to nature, but to the “human” nature.

As we study the climate and other processes in the world, we learn that every phenomenon concerns everyone. However, at the given stage we see a purely broken picture because we only perceive a small part of our reality. But because we suffer and experience unpleasant states, we should study them as quickly as possible and thus turn negative forces into positive ones.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” Episode #4, 1/1/12

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Be As Stubborn As A Child

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: I feel that the Creator is constantly presenting me with different opportunities, but I don’t use a single one of them. What should I do?

Answer: Most importantly don’t give up. Always try to do something in order to make sure that you can’t. The only thing that depends on me is to try and do something but the end result isn’t up to me. In turn, the Creator shows me that I’ve failed. Then I try again and once again I fail. But this doesn’t bother me; like a persistent child I keep trying. A child can try a thousand times to do something he can’t and he won’t give up. Learn how to act from a child. The only difference is that a child’s actions are driven by nature where as we have to apply our own effort.

My only concern should be making sure that I do all I can in the given circumstances. This is called being the Creator’s slave: I ask for nothing in return except for the opportunity to do something. This is the minimal spiritual state. If you attain this state then it will be the beginning of your spiritual life, the small state (Katnut). If you do something and await the reward, then you’ve clearly deviated from the correct path.
From the 1st part of the Daliy Kabbalah Lesson 1/24/12, Shamati #175

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Civil Unrest Is Expected In The US

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion (from WND Money): “‘With no existing government or financial institution solvent enough, respected enough or feared enough to lead the required re-balancing in peace, we believe the world will experience a painful re-calibration of economic strength and geo-political standing during 2012 in the midst of widespread civil insurrection and cross-border war,’ writes Charles Ortel, a managing partner with Newport Value Partners, LLC in New York City.

“‘The transformation of a contented and silent Majority into an irascible and vocal Majority will break many conventions in the United States and in other developed nations as incontrovertible evidence piles up weekly and perhaps daily over coming months that the status quo is broken for young and for old, as well as for workers and investors alike,’ he warns.

“Ortel foresees that civil unrest will intensify in the United States and in other developed nations…

“‘Some will manage to contain their activities to peaceful protests. However, we believe the far more likely scenario is that violence will result, especially in the United States where the wider population has more ready access to weaponry and where mobs have proven impossible to restrain.’”

My Comment: Many of my students are economists, and I see how difficult it is for a person to accept a new vision of society, world, family, and his, his family’s, and national sources of income. It is necessary, as Baal HaSulam points out, to create an example of a small town, which had undergone bankruptcy, plant closures, and revived itself in a new integral style.

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Davos: Hope Turns To Disappointment

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion: (Richard Quest, CNN Anchor and Correspondent): “On Monday, Klaus Schwab, the World Economic Forum’s founder and executive director, told me he was disappointed with the progress made by leaders during 2011. He had been ‘hopeful that the economy would grow again. That is not the case.’ Schwab admitted he was ‘irritated by an increasing lack of willingness to deal with global issues.’

“Klaus Schwab is not a man noted for hyperbole or exaggeration. So when he told me of his worries about a ‘bunker mentality’ or ‘burnout’ in voters who ‘cannot cope anymore,’ then it’s probably time to worry.

“The reason this is so worrying is that there are still so many problems to be solved. Some, like Greece, are in danger of getting worse. There is still no solution, and the politicians are miles away from agreeing on the future direction for the euro crisis.”

My Comment: There are plenty of possibilities to delay the decision. Perhaps, this is useful and necessary. After all, it takes time and courage, developed due to the feeling of gradual suffering, to realize the hopelessness of the situation and the inadequacy of the previous models.

In the meantime, the method of integral global education (the transformation of the individual and society) and the new economic model of an integral society begin to emerge. Time will reveal “a time to cast away stones….”

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The Book, Integration: The Strategy Of Human Survival

Dr. Michael LaitmanI recommend the book Integration: The Strategy Of Human Survival, written by my student Mikhail Glizerin.

From the chapter “Global Integration”: “We are accustomed to believe that we exist in a world where there are nearly two hundred countries with a government in each of them. But globalization has changed this reality. In fact, we live in a world where there is one country with two hundred governments.

“That is, we are in a dangerous situation of polyarchy that needs to be reckoned with. But meanwhile, the world prefers to turn a blind eye to it. How can we exist in a limbo? And how can unification be realized? After all, it cannot not happen as even evolution itself, presented as globalization, compels us to do so.”

Click here to download the book (in Russian).

Daily Kabbalah Lesson – 01.27.12

Writings of Rabash, Dargot HaSulam, “The Matter of the Association of the Quality of  Judgment with Mercy”
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The Book of Zohar – Selected Chapter “Beresheet (Genesis),” “I, I Am He,” Item 168, Lesson 47
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The Peace,” (Start with: “Now it is vitally important for us”), Lesson 1
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