Be As Stubborn As A Child

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: I feel that the Creator is constantly presenting me with different opportunities, but I don’t use a single one of them. What should I do?

Answer: Most importantly don’t give up. Always try to do something in order to make sure that you can’t. The only thing that depends on me is to try and do something but the end result isn’t up to me. In turn, the Creator shows me that I’ve failed. Then I try again and once again I fail. But this doesn’t bother me; like a persistent child I keep trying. A child can try a thousand times to do something he can’t and he won’t give up. Learn how to act from a child. The only difference is that a child’s actions are driven by nature where as we have to apply our own effort.

My only concern should be making sure that I do all I can in the given circumstances. This is called being the Creator’s slave: I ask for nothing in return except for the opportunity to do something. This is the minimal spiritual state. If you attain this state then it will be the beginning of your spiritual life, the small state (Katnut). If you do something and await the reward, then you’ve clearly deviated from the correct path.
From the 1st part of the Daliy Kabbalah Lesson 1/24/12, Shamati #175

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  1. Hi there

    you know,so many times,I wake in the morning with a deepened feeling of guilt,less and less the more time I spend with the zohar and the teachings of kabbalah.
    I love what you write about children,I am deeply inspired by my children.
    I can read this in the morning and it will lift me,as I am sure it does for many others.
    Thankyou Michael.

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