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Light For All Those Lying In The Dust

Dr. Michael LaitmanAt every step of the way, we have to attain a demand, a plea, a prayer. Nothing else works here besides prayer—a request for the upper force, the Light, to carry out the action.

Many years go by until a person reaches this understanding and begins to feel this way. The mind won’t help here. This attitude toward oneself and the world, which he wants to reveal, must become revealed through feeling on the inside, naturally and instinctively. A person has to understand that this involves only the work of the Creator, the upper Light that will influence him.

Every action that he wants to make for his progress signifies a request and hope for the Light’s influence, so it would affect a person, make changes in him, and give him a different attitude to reality. And according to this, reality will become revealed and then he will feel and understand the Light’s actions.

The Light will lead him through different states, from which he will “see” (feel and understand) the relationship between him and the Source of the Light.

We must always be expectant that the Light will influence us. This is the most important thing of all. And we shouldn’t simply wait for it, but desire it passionately, constantly hope for it, and be ready and open to this influence. I cannot do anything besides this. This is our primary work.

If people get together and live for this hope for this change to happen to them with the help of the Light, then they can really awaken each others’ hearts and unite in this request. Then their demand really will attain the quality that is necessary for the Light to respond to it. After all, we don’t want to reveal the Light for our own sake, but in order for it to pass through us and influence others—those who don’t know how to ask on their own yet!

They are also waiting for this change under the influence of earthly suffering, but they do not know how to speak one language with the Light and therefore they suffer on their small level.

The Light awakens them deliberately so they would become soil, “dust under the feet of the righteous,” while the righteous would rise to the level of Bina in order to demand Light for all those who are lying in the dust…
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 1/4/12, Shamati

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At The Peak Of Intention

Dr. Michael LaitmanEverything we do in this world for the sake of living in it, and all our discernments, which eventually bring us to the question of life’s meaning, gradually narrow down, like a cone, until we reach the very peak, meaning the intention: What do we want from all of this? Intention is the most important thing there is.

In the material world the intention arises naturally and is determined by a person’s nature, his desire. Therefore, we don’t pay attention to it. Only if we suspect that someone is lying to us do we begin to ask about his intention. That is, the behavior we see might differ from the concealed intention.

But if we act simply, without deception in the material world, then the act and the intention always go together. However, in the spiritual world it is always opposite. First of all, it only seems to us that we are doing something in spirituality. In the material world, the world of actions, we are simply used to the fact that the more we do, the more we advance, such as when we build or create something. We can end up with good results or bad, but the results are achieved through actions.

It is written about the spiritual world, “The end of the action lies in the initial plan.” This can be explained in the following way: that only after the actions do you begin to think and understand what happened. Actions eventually bring us to the understanding that they do not produce anything, that the only operating and creative force in the spiritual world is the Light, while all we have to do is ask it to act instead of doing something ourselves.

A person thinks that through his spiritual work, with his own efforts, he can do good deeds, that by virtue of inner pressure and concentration, he can find bestowing intentions within himself, attain a good attitude and love for the neighbor, spiritual aspirations. He thinks that if he pressures himself more, then there, inside he will find the spiritual forces and will reveal the spiritual world.

But the work is actually opposite: It lies in demanding an action from above, the Creator’s work, as it is written, “Call upon those who search for You!”
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 1/4/12, Shamati

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The Theory Of Internal Contact Between People

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What topics are there in the course “Evolution as Development of Egoism?”

Answer: It encompasses absolutely everything. It will include: culture, communication, family, nationalities, civilizations, and the history of humanity from which one can draw a large amount of data and examples for our life today and for future states.

Knowing about yesterday, I can better understand what is happening today, and then can somewhat effect the future. Personally I am not a fan of history and geography, but we really should know history on the basis of the development of our egoism. It helps us understand how we are developing.

Aside from the courses, “Evolution as Development of Egoism” and “Freedom of Will,” the other courses will have more of a psychological quality. The first one, which lies between these two and a course in psychology, is on the perception of reality, meaning ontology or the theory of knowledge. It examines how we perceive the surrounding world, our five senses, the way this world is reflected within our five senses, and to what extent our perception is a consequence of internal states and properties of a person.

We study whether our perception is objective, and how we can influence it. Can we set such internal parameters for ourselves that would allow us to perceive this world from different angles, from different points of view, as if changing places and dwellings within one another? Say you see the world from one perspective and I from another, and then it’s as if we trade our points of view with each other.

In conversing with someone, we always want that the person to understand us. “Do you understand me? Can you imagine what I’m talking about? Did I express myself correctly?” That is, we are always concerned about proper communication. But it’s never there because we can’t “enter” another person and from within him take a look at the world. Until we can acquire the technique of emotional perception of each other, understand the properties and feelings of another, and see the world through his eyes, we will not understand one another.

The integral connection involves teaching all the people in the world to achieve that inner contact with each other, when one can substitute for another, when it’s as if I move into you and you into me. Then we’ll start to really understand one another.

We see this in a pairing of any two elements in nature. If there exists some element “I” within me, and there is some kind of “you,” then if we want to understand each other we must combine together all of your qualities and all of my qualities, as if mutually overlaying each other. That is, you perceive my qualities and can imagine your life and the world through them, and I through yours.

The same thing happens in technology. A similarity of two elements is required for their joining. And even though they are opposite from one another (say, one is convex and the other concave), still when we combine them, they must completely correspond to each other. That is, they must be adjusted and created in such a way that each has the shape of the other. This is where our correction lies: in this adjustment of fit towards one another.

This topic isn’t merely part of some theoretical course because it provides pure practical conclusions and work on knowing the world. Without it there is no communication. As well, it will be impossible to know the world without seeing it internally through each other. In practice, in our integration with all the people of the world, we must achieve such a state where I can “dwell” inside all the others, feel all of them, and through them perceive the world.

And when I do that in mutuality, as if plugging into them with my aspiration and disposition, I suddenly see a completely different world: multifaceted, amplified seven billion times, and simultaneously unified, that is, one whole while simultaneously composed from an enormous quantity of cells, like a honeycomb, because I look through each and every one. What takes place is an incredible picture of amplification of power for penetration into this world. This is true ontology, the practical theory of knowledge.
From a “Talk on Integral Education” 12/12/11

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A Reason To Be Joyful

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: If a person correctly implements the method of integral education and takes part in it, he then gets a feeling of joy that has become rare in every day life. Can you say a few words regarding this feeling?

Answer: We are created in a way that our desire is fulfilled through the integral sensation of one general desire and one general thought. The revelation of this next level, the Creator or Nature, fulfills absolutely all of our emptiness. For this reason, a person that is moving in the direction of integral fulfillment feels total comfort and most importantly, he rises above all the limitations of our world such as time, place, distance, and motion. He gradually stops sensing his body because he perceives everything in the integral desire and not his individual desire. He no longer senses death because he begins to exist on the next level prior to the death of his physical body.

There are discoveries ahead that every one of us subconsciously dreams about. We hope that we’ll be able to show it to people clearly and that they’ll understand that nature is presenting them with a great finding. Millions of years of our development have only been leading us to this. Now we are about to enter a new world.

The convention and everything that we’re doing today is meant to reveal our birth. Just like a baby has to make a transition from its mother’s womb to the world, we have to put in all of our effort in order to finally be born, and then it will become simple for us to explain this to others. I hope for this to happen soon.

Question: So we do have a reason to be joyful?

Answer: The interconnection and interdependence that the world is now discovering, its inability to exit from a dead end that egoism leads us to, and the method that is gradually being revealed to the world will all soon become connected within human consciousness. Thereby, we will be able to sense the solution to the problem and will begin to realize it in full force.
From the Fundamentals of Kabbalah Lesson 12/18/11

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There Are No Stops Along The Way

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What is the “stop on the way” that Chanukah symbolizes?

Answer: In the spiritual world there are no “stops” as we know it. It isn’t that you are free from the spiritual work and can go home. The meaning of “a stop” is that we acquire the attribute of Bina and now we have to make a shift. We’ve raised Malchut to Bina and here comes Hanukkah.

Now we begin to make a shift, to lower Bina to Malchut, to work with the vessels of receiving (AHP). Thus we work with a growing desire to receive until we descend to its deepest levels. The ascent of Malchut to Bina is called the Maccabean Revolt, “to bestow in order to bestow,” and the descent of Bina to Malchut is already Purim, “to receive in order to bestow.”
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/26/11, Writings of Rabash

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A New Control

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: When we look at our life, we see that we have no control over it. How should we relate to this reality?

Answer: Actually we do have control. It all depends on our approach.

In this world, I am in a kind of a “bubble.” I keep the laws in this world and try to fulfill my desires. Eventually I work out the relations with the world. I have studied it in depth, I have created many technologies, and I feel that everything is fine. Apparently I should be satisfied with the world because after ages of development, I control it.

Suddenly something new comes up: New forces arrive and I discover that I cannot succeed in anything. I have built many systems in this world: family, work, education, science, etc. Everything “ticked like clockwork,” everything seemed perfect, and suddenly it seems that everything has become bad.

What happened? It doesn’t make sense. We know so much; we have the brains; we have been through so much, so what’s the problem? Are we really so foolish that we don’t learn from past experience? Are we destroying our future? Why are we getting divorced without thinking about our kids? Why aren’t we aspiring to advance? Why are we ready to destroy everyone around us only so that our neighbors will be worse off than we are? What is going on?

It is simple. We are not to blame. Today another form of control is being revealed, a new sphere of another nature that controls us. If it weren’t for this new control, we could live a wonderful life. But it has been revealed, and now we have a problem. We are not opposite from the laws of this world but from the laws of the upper world. They influence us and we are miserable, unable to escape it.

In our world we always managed somehow and we aspired to advance, to know more, to understand more, to feel more, and to develop. Eventually we meant to subdue this whole world. But today we discover something that we don’t know and that we have no control over. Like kids, we face this uncertainty afraid to move so that things won’t get any worse. We see this in the world’s leaders and decision makers who don’t know what to do. For every problem there are endless opinions and no one has a solution.

The reason is that a new leadership has been revealed. How will we manage with it? How will we manage with its forces? We are perplexed and we feel bad.

This feeling doesn’t come from the Creator, but from our lack of adapting to the laws of the upper nature. Today we have to harmonize with them. We have grown for a long time and have finally reached the beginning of the Machsom (the barrier). The crisis is the beginning of the Machsom for the whole world.

In the group, we transcend it a bit sooner from our own will, aspiring forward. We have a “point in the heart” (•), we understand and feel that there is something else and we want to break into it.

The rest of the world is also facing the Machsom, but it will need our force and the troubles that push them from behind. One way or another, we have to discover the upper nature and to keep its laws, in other words, to be balanced with it. This is the safest thing.

Nature requires connection, integrality, and mutual unity of us. It is totally interconnected, and we have to be that way as well. We are on the way to unity and wholeness.

There is no punishment here, but rather new forces that push us towards wholeness. These forces operate in nature systematically, and we shouldn’t think that the Creator is trying to fail us on purpose. He hasn’t changed anything either in the past or today—there is simply a development engine constantly working inside us. Thanks to it we grow wiser every day.

However, if we don’t operate our brain and our wisdom properly, in order to adapt to nature, we will suffer. We had to unite with nature and lead a wonderful life, but now we feel this treasure as a problem. One way or another, this is our choice.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/23/11, “The Peace”

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My Present Self And My Desired Self

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: In the article “The Peace,” Baal HaSulam wrote that nature punishes man if he doesn’t implement its laws. But man is born egoistic and is not able to implement them!

Answer: There are many ways to word this question. First all of, what kind of Creator is there if he created us with so many defects and still punishes us for them? How can such a thing be? Isn’t it like beating a baby who was just born with some defect? Did He do this on purpose so that He would have an opportunity to punish us? Is the meaning of this to enjoy our despicableness and sufferings?

It is here we need to understand that the Creator doesn’t correspond with our present logic. The Creator gives us the possibility to complete ourselves. He created us at the level of beast. I am called, “man,” a name from my future state, and not a name from my present state.

In the wisdom of Kabbalah everything is named according to “future achievements.” For example, we are called, “Kabbalists” even though we have not yet received the upper Light with the intention for bestowal and we still are not in the spiritual worlds. But we are attracted to this, and work for this, and already now call ourselves with this future “title.”

This being so, why do we suffer from lack of self-completeness? It is because otherwise we wouldn’t complete it.

The Creator created us at the low, animal level, and we need to add to this the level of man, similar to the Creator. We need to do this by ourselves, through achieving, recognizing the quality, and valuing this status. This has been imposed specifically on us. Since if from the beginning, the Creator created everything by Himself, then there wouldn’t be any benefit from this creation. What reason is there to create a world where He controls everything and His creatures have no free choice in anything? That would be like doing nothing.

The Creator intentionally created us as we are: We are not complete; we need to feel that, to deeply sense that. Afterwards, we need to understand by what means we can complete ourselves, what we are really missing in order to add the Creator’s nature to ours? And then the animal in us is not taken into account and remains only as a basis that can be turned to. Afterwards, with the acquisition of the form of man, it disappears, and man detaches from it. The benefit is found within this entanglement in order to grow, and then afterwards to exit it and no longer be in need of it. Thus we are in need of the physical world, for this “bubble,” as long as we grow. And when we have grown, the physical world will disappear.

But we need to acquire the attribute of the Creator by ourselves. For this we need feelings; thus, gradually the level of the evil inclination is strengthened in me, the recognition of evil. I feel sufferings, aspirations, and pressures. All of this is in order to awaken me to the spiritual work. Together with this, the Creator does not punish me, but gradually, bit by bit, He shows me that I still haven’t received His form.

Let’s suppose, now, according to my plan of development, I should have already gotten 10% of the attribute of bestowal from the Creator, meaning exiting from the Egypt in me, detaching from egoism, rising above it in restriction, and beginning to process 10% of my desires for bestowal. But since I have not done that, these unexecuted assignments of mine press on me and I feel them as suffering.

It is not the Creator who puts pressure on me, but those forces that are found between the “I” of now and the desired “I,” the person I should already be. The gap between these two, gives me the feeling of the crisis, the feeling of suffering. The Creator only provides the creature with the initial push, from the beginning to the end. And I understand this process as a temporary space where I move from one end to the other in the process of my receiving the form of the Creator.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/23/11, “The Peace”

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Fear Of Heights

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: When you want to connect to others but are afraid of losing yourself, how is it possible to overcome the fear?

Answer: It is really that way. Baal HaSulam wrote that man is frightened since it seems to him that he disappears from this world and leaves his family and his friends. This is the difficulty in the work of the Creator.

That is exactly the feeling that we must experience, and we must receive the point of detachment from self-worry with joy. It is especially from these points that we build our identity. Each man’s identity is composed from those same points of detachment. This is a physiological example of total devotion.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 1/2/12, Writings of Rabash

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Signs Of The Creator’s Work On Me

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What are the signs of the Creator’s work on me?

Answer: It is a feeling of pressure, as if you are a piece of dough or clay and a sculptor is working with it and constantly putting pressure on it from all directions. As a result of this, you feel that you need to act, to think, and to want in a way different than you do now. He is working on you as if truly with His hands, and you feel pressure on your thoughts, desires, ways of thinking and attitudes.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 1/2/12, Writings of Rabash

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