A New Control

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: When we look at our life, we see that we have no control over it. How should we relate to this reality?

Answer: Actually we do have control. It all depends on our approach.

In this world, I am in a kind of a “bubble.” I keep the laws in this world and try to fulfill my desires. Eventually I work out the relations with the world. I have studied it in depth, I have created many technologies, and I feel that everything is fine. Apparently I should be satisfied with the world because after ages of development, I control it.

Suddenly something new comes up: New forces arrive and I discover that I cannot succeed in anything. I have built many systems in this world: family, work, education, science, etc. Everything “ticked like clockwork,” everything seemed perfect, and suddenly it seems that everything has become bad.

What happened? It doesn’t make sense. We know so much; we have the brains; we have been through so much, so what’s the problem? Are we really so foolish that we don’t learn from past experience? Are we destroying our future? Why are we getting divorced without thinking about our kids? Why aren’t we aspiring to advance? Why are we ready to destroy everyone around us only so that our neighbors will be worse off than we are? What is going on?

It is simple. We are not to blame. Today another form of control is being revealed, a new sphere of another nature that controls us. If it weren’t for this new control, we could live a wonderful life. But it has been revealed, and now we have a problem. We are not opposite from the laws of this world but from the laws of the upper world. They influence us and we are miserable, unable to escape it.

In our world we always managed somehow and we aspired to advance, to know more, to understand more, to feel more, and to develop. Eventually we meant to subdue this whole world. But today we discover something that we don’t know and that we have no control over. Like kids, we face this uncertainty afraid to move so that things won’t get any worse. We see this in the world’s leaders and decision makers who don’t know what to do. For every problem there are endless opinions and no one has a solution.

The reason is that a new leadership has been revealed. How will we manage with it? How will we manage with its forces? We are perplexed and we feel bad.

This feeling doesn’t come from the Creator, but from our lack of adapting to the laws of the upper nature. Today we have to harmonize with them. We have grown for a long time and have finally reached the beginning of the Machsom (the barrier). The crisis is the beginning of the Machsom for the whole world.

In the group, we transcend it a bit sooner from our own will, aspiring forward. We have a “point in the heart” (•), we understand and feel that there is something else and we want to break into it.

The rest of the world is also facing the Machsom, but it will need our force and the troubles that push them from behind. One way or another, we have to discover the upper nature and to keep its laws, in other words, to be balanced with it. This is the safest thing.

Nature requires connection, integrality, and mutual unity of us. It is totally interconnected, and we have to be that way as well. We are on the way to unity and wholeness.

There is no punishment here, but rather new forces that push us towards wholeness. These forces operate in nature systematically, and we shouldn’t think that the Creator is trying to fail us on purpose. He hasn’t changed anything either in the past or today—there is simply a development engine constantly working inside us. Thanks to it we grow wiser every day.

However, if we don’t operate our brain and our wisdom properly, in order to adapt to nature, we will suffer. We had to unite with nature and lead a wonderful life, but now we feel this treasure as a problem. One way or another, this is our choice.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/23/11, “The Peace”

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