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Lessons About A New World: Nature, Society, and Man

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe worsening economic crisis will leave a great number of people unemployed and virtually no one untouched by it; the need has arrived for both learning and education that will assist people in becoming adjusted to the new integral world. Learning is to obtain knowledge about the integral system and education is implementing this knowledge in practice.

The learning component should, first of all, comprise general knowledge which will renew all the foundations in a person: the history of humanity, geography, and such, to bring everyone, more or less, to the same level from which it will be possible to continue. It is possible that there will be a need for preliminary division into groups according to a person’s initial preparation and previous education level.

Those who completed high school, college, or university will have to go through courses at different levels. But first of all, everyone will have to receive some general education in order to refresh their knowledge. Even when one goes to a university, the first year is usually repeating what was already learned in high school.

Let’s say that it is a course in sociology about the new structure of society that helps a person to understand the structure of the new world. The world is divided into three areas: nature, humanity within nature, and man within humanity. We must research man to know a little about his physiology and psychology, to learn about the human society within nature: how the monkey once came down from trees to transform into man and went through several levels of development until its current state today. All of these are the results of the development of the ego. And here we need to provide information that is connected to history, sociology, and the development of society.

And then afterwards, we will approach the study of nature itself, the outcomes of its development from the beginning of the creation of the universe, the condensing of gases, the creation of the stars, the planets, planet Earth, and the development of life on Earth. Even if a person knows all of that, we must arrange this knowledge within one system so that he will understand the world he is living in.

We need to advance everyone so that even the most ignorant or the most educated professors who have become unemployed will have a common denominator, some common scope of information through which they will understand each other. This will include knowledge about man, society, nature, and the world.

We need to give a person broad knowledge of his psychology. This is very important. One must know the psychology of the individual, of the family, of the group as a small society, of the nation, and of the world. In addition to this, more advanced psychology is needed which is above the usual psychology we currently learn. This advanced psychology is called, “faith above reason,” meaning the psychology that is above the physical body. It is studied later on, but will need to follow the same flow.

Along on the way, there is a need for a great number of practical exercises: discussions about the psychology of family relationships, all sorts of situations and family conflicts, and children’s upbringing. We must learn how to understand the child; today we don’t understand the relationship between parents and children. By this we will already calm many problems.

In addition to this, we don’t just teach a person about social psychology, but also about the structure of society. Currently, a person doesn’t know how a government is run and how laws are made. You can’t refuse to study this like a man of the arts who doesn’t need to study mathematics. Here, each one will need to be acquainted, and not just a little bit, with the world in which he lives. We need to teach each child how a bank works and about other such systems in life.

I study human society: how it functions, how it is managed, how it makes decisions, who leads it, and what my place is in this society. All of this belongs to the structure of the system: how it is built today and what are the desired changes for the future.

These are not just courses. We are building the personality of a person. All of these subjects continue from grade to grade like in school. In each class they learn the same thing, only at a higher level. Most importantly is that every time we increasingly connect them together so that all are intertwined so that eventually he views the world as one integral whole.

The main achievement at the end of these courses is to receive a complete view of the world where there is no separate physics, geography, biology, man, government, and society—all are together as one.

Then it is possible to explain how the ego operates here, the desire to receive, and the Light that bestows on me, how I influence it. Man, society, and the world, without special words, turn into being: me, the group, and the Creator. In this manner, we are advancing towards a world view without Kabbalistic concepts and reminders of the wisdom of Kabbalah, but by learning about the real system of life.
From “Lessons About a New World” 12/1/11

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Not Repulsive But Forces To Go On

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Why is a person who is doing everything he can constantly being pushed back?

Answer: This is wonderful! He is shown how much more he needs to be strengthened. This is how they teach a child to walk. They are moving further and further away from him, as if pushing him away!

The child feels as if they do not want to support him. This is how he understands it. These hands, which support him, seem to always be near, but are constantly moving away, making him feel irritated and as if he has no strength.

How can we be so cruel to a child who doesn’t understand what we are doing with him? The poor child is standing and crying, and instead of taking him and holding him, we are tempting him to draw closer to us, forcing him to walk.

The Creator is doing the same thing to us.
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 1/1/12, “The Study of the Ten Sefirot

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People Do Not Believe That Their Children Will Do Better

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (from Global BC): “The World Economic Forum warned Wednesday [January 11] that the financial crisis that has gripped the global economy for the past few years is fueling resentment that could lay the seeds for a rising tide of protectionism, nationalism, and social unrest.

“In its assessment of the risks to the global economy, the Forum flagged a ‘dystopian future’ for much of humanity that could wipe out the gains achieved so far by globalization and undermine a nascent economic recovery.

“‘For the first time in generations, many people no longer believe that their children will grow up to enjoy a higher standard of living than theirs,’ said Lee Howell, the Forum’s managing director responsible for the report. ‘This new malaise is particularly acute in the industrialized countries that historically have been a source of great confidence and bold ideas.’

“With that grim backdrop, the report’s authors warned of an expanding gap between the rich and the poor and between the skilled and the unskilled. As a result, they urged the public and private sectors to work together to prevent a vicious cycle, whereby tough times feed disillusion and jeopardize the social contract between states and citizens.

“The report, which was based on a survey of 469 experts from industry, government and civil society, also found that the policies and institutions that were created in the 20th century may no longer be fit for purpose in a more complex and interdependent world.

“It also warned of the ‘dark side of connectivity,’ whereby societies are susceptible to ‘malicious’ individuals, institutions and nations that ‘increasingly have the ability to unleash ‘devastating cyberattacks.’

“‘Governments, societies and businesses need to better understand the interconnectivity of risk in today’s technologies if we are truly to reap the benefits they offer,’ said Steve Wilson, chief risk officer for general insurance at Zurich.”

My Comment: Decadent sentiments will grow because there is no other solution to the global crisis (in the economy, education, parenting, family, drugs, health, and so on) except achieving (in stages) global mutual guarantee! To reach such unity is possible solely through integral upbringing, which only governments can implement.

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A Bonfire That Shouldn’t Be Extinguished

Dr. Michael LaitmanBaal HaSulam, “The Freedom”: The yielding due to satiation causes no grief. Relinquishment out of despair is full of pain and sorrow, and can therefore be called, “partial death.”

If we rise to a new desire, to a new level of awakening, we feel a growing despair and eventually die. We don’t die in the physical sense which is expected in any case, but the point is that our spirit is extinguished.

On the beastly level the spirit dies together with the body, but while the body lives, we can find a source that will allow us to rise anew each time, a new awakening. In it we feel life, livelihood, to such an extent that we become detached from the physical existence and its dependence on the body and begin to live in an awakening that is detached from corporeality. These become two different things for us, as it says “you shall see your world in your life.”

Thus a person acquires new vessels, desires, to feel life. This begins from the descents: When a person doesn’t feel life in the vessels of bestowal, he considers himself dead. Then he changes the reason, the vessel of awakening, from receiving to bestowal, and thus gets rid of the spiritual and the physical “angel of death.”

Spiritually he moves on to the vessels of bestowal that do not belong to our world. There is no death in them when the biological body dies; it ceases to feel the livelihood connected to it when the time comes for it to disintegrate and to return to the basic materials it’s made of, as always happens. But at the same time, a person acquires an awakening in the vessels of bestowal in which he feels life and the force of livelihood.  After all, he can always add something to these vessels.

As a whole, the feeling of life isn’t measured by a person’s present desire, but rather by the addition to the desire, by an acceleration coefficient. So a person should always be like a “bent old man” who seems to be looking for something he lost. I should constantly worry about losing the yearning for the goal. If a person performs this work, then he is young in soul. Otherwise we become “children who have grown old,” who retire without maturing.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 1/11/12, “The Freedom”

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Build Your House And It Will Come Alive!

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe same question arises all the time in students: What should I do? With the question about the meaning of my life, I find the teacher and the group, and I begin to study. One needs to correctly organize all of this together so that with the instruction of the teacher and the help of the studies, one will reveal this spiritual form inside of this group.

It is as if I found a whole pile of blocks: This is the group. And now, I am sitting like a little child together with his father and an instruction book with a drawing of how to assemble the blocks into a house.

I look into this book, but this is not enough since I am still small and ignorant. I need an adult to help me. My father is helping me (from the blocks that make up the group) to build a house. This is what we have going on.

Due to the fact that I am building a house, I am gaining wisdom, I understand and feel ever more. And when I finish building this house, I begin to reveal life in it! Suddenly, some kind of small lights begin to illuminate, something begins to move inside of it, some sounds begin to emerge, and scents; it is starting to become alive as if in a wondrous fairytale.

At that moment, when I correctly assemble all of the blocks, everything suddenly lights up and begins to move.

Question: But the father first shows the child how to build the house, and then builds it together with him. Why doesn’t He help us build it?

Answer: Just start building and demanding His help for this. Maybe, you haven’t even started any building in the group, and you are already asking, where is dad? But what do you need Him for, if you haven’t even started?

When you begin to build and you see that you are not able to do it, then you will want Him to be with you. You will go and bring Him in by the hand so that He will help you in this game. But for now, it still seems to you that you will build everything by yourself and you do not need a father.
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 1/1/12, “The Study of the Ten Sefirot

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Global Economy Could Endure Disaster For A Week

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (from Reuters): “The global economy could withstand widespread disruption from a natural disaster or attack by militants for only a week as governments and businesses are not sufficiently prepared to deal with unexpected events, a report by a respected think-tank said.

“Events such as the 2010 volcanic ash cloud, which grounded flights in Europe, Japan’s earthquake and tsunami and Thailand’s floods last year, have showed that key sectors and businesses can be severely affected if disruption to production or transport goes on for more than a week.

“‘One week seems to be the maximum tolerance of the ‘just-in-time’ global economy,’ said the report by Chatham House, the London-based policy institute for international affairs.

“The current fragile state of the world’s economy leaves it particularly vulnerable to unforeseen shocks. Up to 30 percent of developed countries’ gross domestic product could be directly threatened by crises, especially in the manufacturing and tourism sectors, according to the think-tank.

“It is estimated that the 2003 outbreak of severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) in Asia cost businesses $60 billion, or about 2 percent of east Asian GDP, the report said.

“After the Japanese tsunami and nuclear crisis in March last year, global industrial production declined by 1.1 percent the following month, according to the World Bank.

“The 2010 volcanic ash cloud cost the European Union 5-10 billion euros and pushed some airlines and travel companies to the verge of bankruptcy.

“Costs can escalate quickly when transport or major production hubs are disrupted for more than a few days, which can in turn threaten food and water supplies and energy and communication networks, the report said.

“In the event of prolonged disruption, some businesses would be forced to cut investment and jobs or consider closing down, leading to a permanent reduction in countries’ growth.

“In general, governments and businesses are under-prepared to respond to high-impact, unpredictable events, with worst-case scenarios rarely factored into their contingency plans.

“It particularly highlighted social media networks as a useful ‘one-stop shop’ for information in the event of a crisis. In the London riots last year, social networks such as Twitter proved invaluable for many people to track the rioters’ movements across the UK capital and take precautions.”

My Comment: These examples of universal dependence and fragility in the global interconnection lead us to the need to get close enough to be able to replace each other if necessary.

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Where Is The Truth? – In Nature

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion: (Mikhail P. Barbolin, PhD, Institute of Adult Education of the Russian Academy of Education): “Ethics and the meaning of life became the most discussed topics today. However as a rule, they are not viewed connected to each other.

“With regard to contemporary social life, the development of human morality plays a significant role. This applies to a moral life, but says nothing about the moral qualities of a person and his inner morality. But it is clear that it is subject to certain rules of life, the violation of which is undesirable because it may cause harm to the other.

“But as we know, the concepts of good and evil are relative. Where is the boundary which should be followed in order to ‘do no harm’ to ourselves or others, and not only people but also nature? Where is the mechanism that would regulate and direct a person’s behavior? What can we do to bring benefit?”

My Comment: Teachers are probably the most conservative people in the world, something between an officer, doctor, guard, and… mother. For a long time, we have been unhappy with the results of our schools; after all, if there is a need for adult education, it means they were not taught “how to learn” during their life.

But this is natural because we all have fallen into the general crisis in all our plans and actions. This is as a consequence of the end of the development of the egoistic desire, when we discover our inability to live in it and build our life.

So, when choosing a new attitude to life based on bestowal, we will need to restructure the whole education system. And since it has already been destroyed, we need only to clear the place of habitual but harmful attitudes, and with a clear mindset, create a new education system that will be based on the similarity with nature and therefore, will be true and eternal.

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