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Grateful Clay In The Good Hands Of The Sculptor

Dr. Michael LaitmanWe start from the shattering. Without it we would be just like the inanimate, vegetative, and animate levels of nature that act by obeying the one force that motivate and operate them from within. But because of the shattering, spiritual attributes have penetrated the desire to receive for oneself in their opposite form.

All of creation advances under the direct influence of the Light, but man advances under its opposite influence. All this is so that he will be able to understand that he needs to adapt to the force that motivates him by himself.

The more he advances, the more he feels the pressure upon him. Eventually he has to fully “format” himself, in order to get the right form. In the meantime, he gradually grows in his desire, in an opposite way from the desired form.

It takes a long time until a person finally begins to feel the pressure inside him in different directions, which molds him like raw material. If he tries to raise his sensitivity, he feels how the Creator works on him. No matter what external activities he has, there is an internal life in which he constantly tries to feel how the Creator pressures him in every direction through different feelings.

It is like a mother who is constantly by her son’s side, telling him what he should or shouldn’t do, correcting his every action. In the same way a person constantly feels internally how the Creator operates on him, as if he is some soft piece of clay in the hands of a sculptor pushing him gently, but firmly letting him feel his pressure. But he has to want this pressure.

It is somewhat difficult and unpleasant, but on the other hand, a person understands that the work that is being done on him cannot be stopped and he wants it to continue. This is the initial feeling of a person who begins to feel inside himself the actual work of the Creator on him.

We can feel this bestowal inside us because after the shattering there are different forces and different influences inside us, as a copy of the spiritual actions. These are potential actions that exist in the general soul that wanted to perform them in order to bestow. But after the shattering it all became “in order to receive,” and now it exists in us in an opposite, egoistic, form. But it is thanks to this that we can identify the Creator’s work on us.

This is why a person’s behavior becomes opposite from the Creator’s actions. There is a conflict: a resistance on the side of a person, on the side of his clay, and the pressure on the side of the Creator. Thus they beat each other and a person feels the pressure and the beating as the Creator tries to show him what is wrong with him.

Eventually he begins to justify the internal pressure and goes along with the Creator’s actions, wanting them, like a horse that obeys his rider. He feels the leadership as a revelation of love and justifies it. Thus he acquires faith and connects to the Creator. He moves to the sculptor’s side. Although he still feels sufferings, they are felt in the clay, whereas he already identifies with the intention, with the one who creates all the different forms in him.

He connects to the hands of the craftsman that creates and sculpts him. He actually wants the craftsman to affect him so, and increasingly yearns for him, until he adheres to the actions of the upper one. They adhere in the same motion, the same intention, and the suffering becomes a pleasure.

All the sufferings that the clay felt disappear and a person finds himself above it, in his intention, and sees that the clay is meaningless. He agrees with the Creator’s work on him and understands that “only good and grace shall pursue me.” He rises above his feelings and adheres to the intention of the Maker, to the attitude of the Creator, and reaches complete adhesion with Him.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 1/2/12, Writings of Rabash

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Lessons About A New World: 80% At The School Desk

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Who will study at the courses on integral education: only those who are left without work or everyone?

Answer: I think that the number of unemployed will be very high. And since we are talking about correcting society, then we need to attract not only people who have lost their jobs, but also housewives, retirees, and in general people who do not work. It turns out that at least 80 percent of the population will be ready for this course.

And if on the next day, a person finds employment or an income, it does not mean that he should leave the course. We believe that to complete the course of integral education will be everyone’s responsibility, and people need to divide work among themselves to spend only a few hours a day on the job.

These are big changes from the conventional approach, but we do not introduce them on our own; the crisis does, leaving us no choice. I think that this would take no more than a year.

Question: What will happen in the interim period, when we have not yet come to dividing the work among ourselves and working for several hours a day, and when people have not given up the hope to return to the previous state?

Answer: I think that a high percentage of unemployment will lead to unrest, the impotence of the government and the loss of direction. This will cause a state of complete anarchy, and there will be no choice but to adopt such a framework. This will happen very quickly; otherwise, we will come to a complete collapse of the whole society and a world war.

As the government now cannot take control of economic systems, so they will not be able to rule anything. If millions take to the streets, neither the army nor any other force will be able to stop them. The government will not know what to do. Everyone saw what happened in Syria and Egypt.

Every country will have to take into account their local context and national character. For example, it would not be as easy to make people come to school in Greece as in Germany. The Germans will study as diligently as they work today. But in countries like Greece, it will be necessary to attract people by some kind of compensation.

The problem of all European countries is the aging population, living between home, café, and little trips. Every place needs a program, adapted to local conditions.
From “Lessons About a New World” 12/1/11

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Weekly Torah Portion – 01.06.12

The Book of Zohar, Weekly Torah Portion “VaYechi,” Selected Excerpts
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Mutual Guarantee Above Our Differences

Dr. Michael LaitmanThere is no good without bad and there is no bad without good. Only when the two are balanced does the feeling of life grow between them, prosperity. We see that in every “creation.” Even in music, minor and major don’t get along without one another. At the junction of notes it is constantly pulsing with the resistance in each chord, dissonance and consonance coexist. Harmony—this is the correct relationship between the discordant sounds.

Even at home you won’t be able to reach an agreement if you don’t bring two opposites together. How can you reach domestic peace? After all, peace is wholeness, the middle line, which is made of two contrasts. They gradually grow and the contrast between them grows stronger; you don’t annul them, but rather, connect them, bringing them together at the top.

This is mutual guarantee: Despite the differences, we look for the common upper force that will connect us to each other. We only want to summon it, to draw it so that it will be among us.

In fact “it” is the future “we.” Now we cannot treat each other correctly and so we want that power of mutual bestowal to be dressed in us, to be awakened inside us.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 1/2/12, “The Freedom”

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Lessons About A New World: Society Of Perfect People

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What does a person in the new world need to know about himself?

Answer: Everyone should know about everything only to the extent that he can grasp and see it due to his general education. But he should be a “perfect human” to some degree, at least to a small extent. He may have a small or large volume, but everyone will be perfect like the complete 10 Sefirot. He can’t say, “I know only one thing, and nothing else!”

He should fit into the general system. This is the requirement of the global system so that we understand it a bit and become imbued with everything that it contains. I also have to be “round.” That is, the purpose of the course is to give a person a perfect minimal picture of the new world, society and humanity.
From “Lessons about a New World,” 12.1.11

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Lessons About A New World: Advancing With Small Steps

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Let’s say Greece is going through a difficult economic situation: bankruptcy and high unemployment. At the same time its citizens hope that some day the crisis will end and they will return to their previous life.

The purpose of the proposed course is to change this approach so that a person would not expect that the crisis would end in one, two, or five years. He should understand that this process is consistent with the law of nature and he is part of this process. In general, the entire world is changing. Does it mean that the person has to change after taking this course?

Answer: This course provides the understanding of the new world and helps to enter it. It should be clear to the government that it opens a person’s eyes. He becomes intelligent and gains the ability to understand. He simply will not go out on the streets to protest and smash store windows. First of all we are talking about calming down the tensions. We are going to take small steps rather than initiate a spiritual revolution.
From “Lessons About a New World” 12/1/11

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The First Glimpse Of Light

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Baal HaSulam writes in “The Freedom” that the method of Kabbalah is intended for the purification of Israel, and this refers to the recognition of evil. How is one connected to the other?

Answer: Do you really achieve something good by recognizing your own evil? Of course, because this has led you to purification, you have become better, more receptive; you feel more, understand more, you permeate the matter of your desire. Before it would come down to good or bad sensations, and you had no knowledge of anything else. You would simply respond to stimuli like a very primitive animal. Just like a frog’s leg automatically contracts under the influence of an electric impulse.

Now you have questions: “Why do I do this? Who does this come from? What is it for? Is it for the good or the bad?” You rise above your nature by analyzing the situation, and in some way it’s the same as coming out of your nature. Like a worm in an apple, you start making your way towards the light.

Imagine a red, juicy apple, and you’re inside of it. And an opening leading to the exterior appears. Even if you haven’t yet gone through it, you already begin to distinguish that there is light there, and it is dark here. Differentiating between them becomes your recognition of evil.

This is an enormous achievement amid the size of creation, which serves as our “apple”…..
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 1/5/12 “The Freedom”

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My Heart Is In Need Of Good Owners

Dr. Michael LaitmanA prayer is a desire which appears in the heart at every moment. The main work lies in understanding your prayer: what I want, what I should want, and whether my prayer has reached the heights of the forefathers. In other words, I examine what my heart is feeling. After all, I am not its owner, and I must place severe guards and protectors over it to watch it and build a system to influence it.

Only my environment, my friends, rule over my heart. If I create this environment, it will be able to control it, but I can’t control it on my own. This is my only freedom of choice.

It follows that my prayer completely depends upon the environment, and it must reach my “half of the coin” with its help, a one hundred percent desire towards the Light, bestowal. For this reason, with a correct attitude towards the environment and a demand for them to convince my heart to have the desire to bestow (the importance of it), they’ll create the correct prayer in me. It’s in this way that I’ll complete my half of the coin and finish my work.

It turns out that instead of working on fulfillment and with my heart directly, I work with the environment, directing it so it’ll influence my heart and make it want the right kind of fulfillment, meaning to become filled with the quality to bestow, love for one’s neighbor. This is exactly what I am lacking now. When I complete this entire process, I find the “second half of the coin,” fulfillment.

And here “the common and the private are equal,” everyone is absolutely equal. After all, every element is equally important in an integrated analog system. No one is big or small, rich or poor; everyone must earn their half of the coin and reach a complete specific desire which is only attributed to them.

This is why no one is more special than others, greater or smaller in this kind of work, all friends are absolutely equal. After all, if the smallest correct desire is missing, we’ll not achieve the perfect half of the coin. And this is why it’s necessary to care for everyone.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 1/5/12, Writings of Rabash

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Seven Billion Included Universes

Dr. Michael LaitmanEach one of us is created with his special qualities. And as a part of the entire enormous common desire, he represents a certain unique form of development, which contradicts all the other forms.

Every soul that exists differs from the others in every way. We do not even understand how different or opposite we are to one another. There is an infinite abyss separating one from another.

There are no souls that are closer or further from one another—we are all absolutely different in the spiritual space. We are so different that we share absolutely nothing in common.

We think that we are able to find certain similarities between some of us—but we are similar in our material, corporeal, animal qualities, not the spiritual ones. Not one soul’s spiritual qualities are similar to the qualities of another soul.

You think that some of your friends are closer to you, and another one repulses you, and you are unable to understand him, or you cannot even tolerate him because of his mentality, personality, appearance, or behavior. But all this pertains to our animal body. In the spiritual world, not one person is similar to another person even in one of their qualities, and no one can be closer or further from me!

It is a miracle, how completely opposite we are from one another. We cannot even imagine this, because in our world this does not exist—we still find certain similarities within certain groups of people: a common mentality, an accepted behavior, certain things that come from our parents’ homes, and common tastes.

But there is no similarity in the spiritual world. We are able to find polar differences between us in all our qualities to the extent of our ability to list everyone’s spiritual qualities.

The thing is that spiritual space is multidimensional. There are three coordinates in our world—but in the spiritual world there is an infinite amount of them. And in this multidimensional space, everyone has his multidimensional system.

This is why in the spiritual world, every one of us exists with his multidimensional coordinate system. Astrophysicists are now discovering the same phenomena in the cosmos: one universe is included inside another, and both of them are included inside a third one, and so on. In other words, they are somehow coming closer to a form, where it is possible to imagine the spiritual.

Sages have written about this: “Their opinions differ as much as their faces.” In other words, we do not even share opinions, but since we do not know ourselves very deeply, we think that we can be somewhat similar and close to one another.

Do not think that you resemble anyone at all in any way! None of you correspond to anyone else. You are all so far from each other, that you do not even share a single quality. There is nothing that can be done about this—this is a given.

The only thing that can be done in this case is to rise above all the differences. We will never connect without this! In this plane it is absolutely impossible to connect the multidimensional coordinate system of one with the multidimensional system of another.

We will never be able to connect on the level of our qualities. Every one is a separate universe, with its structure full of wealth inside him. This is how every one of us is infinitely wealthy and versatile on the inside, and absolutely differs from the other in every way. They have nothing in common.

This is why we must understand that we have no other choice but to rise above us!
From The Arvut Convention Lesson 2, 11/18/11

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