Lessons About A New World: Society Of Perfect People

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What does a person in the new world need to know about himself?

Answer: Everyone should know about everything only to the extent that he can grasp and see it due to his general education. But he should be a “perfect human” to some degree, at least to a small extent. He may have a small or large volume, but everyone will be perfect like the complete 10 Sefirot. He can’t say, “I know only one thing, and nothing else!”

He should fit into the general system. This is the requirement of the global system so that we understand it a bit and become imbued with everything that it contains. I also have to be “round.” That is, the purpose of the course is to give a person a perfect minimal picture of the new world, society and humanity.
From “Lessons about a New World,” 12.1.11

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