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That Loud Word “Nature”

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Why is “nature” the most commonly used word during these lessons?

Answer: It is because today we are finding ourselves in a certain sphere, which affects us and forces us to react. We are surrounded from all sides, and we have nowhere to run. Therefore, I call this phenomenon “nature,” and I clearly see one law in it that affects everyone on all the levels: the law of general equilibrium of global and integral systems.

The research of different systems shows that one law aimed at balancing the system is acting in them all. Nature tends to maximize a calmest, most comfortable, and balanced state. Like water seeks to fill the lowest level, so does nature. According to this tendency, instead of being separated, we, too, should unite and be one. Numerous studies conducted by scientists who research human society, proves this fact.

Question: It is clear that ecology and the state of our bodies depend on nature; this is our conceptualization of nature as a determining factor. However, it turns out that nature also controls the economic crisis, unemployment, and bankruptcy?

Answer: Since we are talking about the general education of humanity in an integral and global world, this means that we examine precisely this world. It represents a common system, and the concept “integral” means that all the parts of this system are connected to each other and activated by one law, one force, which directs them to connection and balance. This is what I call nature.

In other words, I don’t mean anything that does not pertain to the still, vegetative, animate, or human levels. I am only saying that all existent laws pertain to the integral global system and are under the control of one law:  the law of equilibrium, homeostasis.

We see this law in physics also: Each body strives for rest, stillness, a static state, and a minimal use of energy. This is how the difference in temperature and pressure reaches balance in order to achieve similarity. There is nothing to argue about here. These are laws of thermodynamics, which are taught in school.

I explain this to humanity so that it has a foundation for perceiving the global world where everyone depends on each other, experiences the effect of one law, and needs to follow it. My task is to bring humanity to this worldview. Thus in addition to upbringing, I also give you knowledge. People need philosophy, psychology, and broad knowledge. This learning process does not end with a short course; it continues for one’s whole life.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” Episode #4, 1/1/12

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From Self-Sufficiency To Specialization

Dr. Michael LaitmanWith each passing day we feel more and more that we live in a very complex and interdependent world. This is why we speak of the law that affects us all that binds us all together, and this law is called the mutual guarantee.

At first glance this law seems to pertain more to governments or large corporations. But does it also apply to the regular Joe? It turns out that it does, and from year to year we feel this truth more acutely. For example, if there’s a malfunction in one of the European or American banks, its consequences are felt in all countries, and especially in, say, China, which sells all the things it manufactures there. And this, in turn, impacts half the world. In other words, we have become so thoroughly bound by commerce, economy, and finance that we perceive these things as a threat to our existence. Indeed, they determine the availability of food, clothes, energy to supply residential heating, the function of international pharmaceutical companies, and so forth.

Today there isn’t a single country in the world that satisfies all its needs, whereas even 100 years ago all countries were almost fully self-sufficient. It all changed when India became a British colony, and the English decided that it would be easier to import fruits and vegetables from India via the Suez Canal, rather than grow the produce themselves. Instead they began to develop their industry. With time people began to realize that specialization—where everyone manufactures only certain goods —was the way to go.

In contrast, in the past, every individual factory would manufacture absolutely everything, starting with the smallest bolt and ending with the complete machine and all its components (motor, electrical wiring, etc.). Moreover, the same plant also utilized small generators to supply electricity. All these processes took place in the same location. But then began the division of labor: one plant manufactured bolts, another screws, another yet electrical components, and so on. And today every automaker receives their supplies from many different countries.

In recent years this trend was taken even further. Instead of developing the auto industry on their own land, Japan began to build their factories in Europe and America, its target markets. Japan continues to manage the production from afar; what’s more, instead of managing them directly, Japan is doing it via their representatives, which are hired right there on location.

Thus, everything became so mixed together that you can no longer tell who’s producing what. One country’s territory contains factories and gas stations that actually belong to another country. There are corporations with owners in several countries, each of which has its share. The economies of many countries have foreign investors , and the local governments don’t interfere since it’s advantageous to them. Their citizens get jobs, and everybody is happy.

And we thought that everything would continue developing in this direction…
From KabTV’s “A New Life” Episode #5, 1/2/12

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Tackling Youth Unemployment?

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (from CNBC): “Young people should work for free for up to two years to gain experience, youth and business leaders said at the World Economic Forum in Davos Thursday.

“A new UN resolution to enshrine the importance of a couple of years of voluntary work for young people was urged by delegates including Maurice Lévy, chairman and chief executive of Publicis Groupe, as part of a CNBC-moderated debate on how to avert a lost generation of unemployed youth…

“The world needs 600 million new jobs in the next decade to cope with a rising population and the effects of the financial crisis, according to figures released earlier this week by the International Labor Organization.”

Comment: In this way, capitalists want to put the problem of unemployment on the shoulders of society. Moreover, the state should support the unemployed. But the world will not need new workers; on the contrary, unemployment will increase. A person should be engaged, not in useless work, which costs much more than the unemployment benefits, but in what will really help the community: in educating everybody about cooperation and mutual guarantee, which will bring balance with nature and the benefit for the world.

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Congenital Disease: Hatred Of Friends

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How can I keep myself in the group although I feel that I hate them?

Answer: It isn’t terrible. Everyone experiences this hatred. See what it says about Rabbi Shimon’s students: such great people and what hatred was revealed among them. We need to look at it as a doctor treating an illness, and to treat it as a given fact not blaming anyone.

We have to accept the hatred as natural and essential, and we have to live with it. We have to know our nature and at the same time try to rise above it and build the spiritual relationships between us.

Wherever our mutual work with the help of the Light takes place above our ego, this is where we treat the hatred as a doctor treats a patient. When a doctor examines a patient, he doesn’t take his personality into account, but rather examines the illness and cures it. This is how we should act.

The ego is given to us from Above so that with its help, above it, we will build this connection with one another. If you don’t feel the hatred of friends inside you—you simply haven’t discovered it yet.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 1/29/12, Writings of Rabash

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A Gift Is In The Heart

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How can I present a gift to my friends if we are connected virtually?

Answer: Do we give material gifts to friends when we meet them in person? A true gift is in the heart. If we really have gifts for our friends then they will feel it. One who gives a gift is called upper and one who receives it is called lower. And they are called friends when the receiver feels the giver of the gift and accepts it with love and joy because he understands that this is an expression of the friend’s love towards him, and by receiving the gift he reciprocates with love.

A gift is but a ploy, and that’s why it’s unimportant who gives and who receives; both are equals. If we can build this kind of relationship between us then we will feel one another like a mother that feels her child from afar. After all, love is more powerful than distance.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 1/29/12, Writings of Rabash

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Our Goal Is To Reach Harmony With Nature

Dr. Michael LaitmanWe were born with only one egoistic desire to enjoy, and all else in life is not important to us. The same goes for a baby, coming out of his mother’s womb; he thinks about himself, he only feels himself and does not feel the world surrounding him. After a few weeks, he begins to open his eyes, hear, gradually activate his organs of perception, and perceive other people. And so he gets what he wants to from life, from his environment (primarily through his mother), in order to fulfill all of his needs.

We need to understand that this egoistic desire given to us at birth was received on purpose so that, with the help of habit becoming second nature, another altruistic form could be built above it: the form of bestowal and unity.

Now, we are in an opposite state; we are separated; each one of us wants to gain at the expense of the other; none of us takes anyone else into account, and additionally, we all are in opposition and disagreement with each other. However, nature has purposefully created such a negative quality in us so that by using the power we have at our disposal, we would build a positive, kind form of connection between us, precisely from this negative quality.

We will build it comprehensively and consciously. In this way, we will arrive at unity having created the image of a human similar to that general law of nature that is directed at bestowal: kind, and loving.

Then we will realize that this law is not bad, that all of those evil forces whose effects we feel in the form of adversity (such as divorce, drug addiction, terrorism, fear of the threat of an atomic war, conflict between countries, diseases, and environmental, economic, and financial crises), which seem to us to be negative impacts from nature, we realize they all are needed so that we can offset them with the forces of bestowal, the forces of our love and our unity. Today, if we perceive the impact of this one law to be negative, it is only because we are opposite to it.

This happens in our daily lives. If it gets cold or hot, I need to understand what to do in order to balance out these anomalies and bring the temperature to a normal state. If I were to submerge under water, I would feel a strong overload of pressure. If I were to ascend high up into the mountains, I would feel a shortage of oxygen, and I would find it difficult to breathe. Then, I would compensate for these deviations in order to balance myself with nature.

What means can we use to come into harmony with nature, which is demonstrating these various adversities? We feel blows coming at us from all over. Humanity feels itself united under the common threat that is befalling it.

We understand that our qualities are opposite to the qualities of nature and we must compensate for this and work opposite to our qualities.

If at the time nature exerts a negative impact upon us, we would overcome ourselves, correct ourselves, and correspond to it according to our abilities, we would perceive such impacts as positive and balanced. Then, environmental problems would be solved, family relationships would be reconciled, connections between countries would be strengthened, the economy would strengthen, and our lives would become happy and comfortable.

We are given these opportunities in order to gradually make changes within ourselves and between us. On this path, we will draw nearer to general nature and feel ourselves in overall harmony with it.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” Episode #4, 1/1/12

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Business Leaders Warn Of “Not A Crisis, But A Disaster”

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (from BBC News): “Davos is used to bluster from political leaders. But when usually quietly spoken company bosses from all corners of the earth warn of ‘not a crisis, but a disaster,’ when they call something a ‘cancer in society,’ you know we have a problem.

“The world, they say, is ‘sitting on a social and economic time bomb.’ The world is plagued by youth unemployment.

“The numbers are stark: In some countries of the Arab world, up to 90% of 16-24 year olds are unemployed. In the United States the youth unemployment rate is 23%. In Spain nearly 50%. In the UK 22%.

“Worldwide, some 200 million people are unemployed. 75 million are between 16 and 24 and every year about 40 million young people are entering the workforce.

“The business leaders at the World Economic Forum (WEF) know why it matters: Young people who were unemployed for a long time will earn less throughout their whole lives.

“They will be less employable. They won’t have the skills that business needs. They are more likely to have long-term health problems. And it can cause social unrest.

“There’s a term for it: Lost generation. Or as one business school professor puts it: ‘Unemployment sucks. Youth unemployment sucks even more.’

“‘The youth has lost a line of sight to the future.’”

My Comment: Young unemployed people will change the world. When disseminating the method of correction of the world, we must address namely them. The feeling of hopelessness is akin to the search for new things, and they will understand the need to learn from nature.

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Russian Cities Introduce Baby “Drop Boxes”

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (from Daily Mail Online): “Anonymous baby drop boxes have been introduced for the first time in Russia.

“The Krasnodar Territory in south Russia bought five of the so-called baby drop boxes in the beginning of November so mothers could drop off unwanted children anonymously.

“The first three were installed in Sochi, Novorossiysk and Armavir, and by the end of the month one child had already been left.

“The move was aimed at providing sanitary conditions for unwanted children, instead of ‘having them left in garbage containers’, health officials told Ria Novosti.

“The move mirrors steps taken in South Africa, where anonymous ‘baby safes’ were introduced by a children’s charity in Spring last year.”

My Comment: As the prophets predict, in the future, unless we correct our nature, we will reach a state when we will “utilize” the newborns, up to consuming them as a healthy product for food. This is what our developed egoism will bring us to.

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Roubini In Davos

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion (Nouriel Roubini, an American economist, co-founder and chairman of Roubini Global Economics LLC): “Social unrest, Roubini says, is tied directly to economic uncertainty.

“What is connecting everyone in the world these days, continues Roubini, is economic and financial insecurity, the rise of income and wealth inequality, challenges from poverty, unemployment effects of financial crisis.

“Freakouts about debt loads, moreover, are leading to budget cuts — which, in Europe, at least, are making the recession worse.

“225 million people worldwide are unemployed; 1 in 3 people on the planet are poor or unemployed; 1% of the world’s families own 40% of the wealth; wages as a percent of GDP are at an all-time low; corporate profits as a percent of GDP are at an all-time high; current policies will lead to explosions.

“We’re in a ‘vicious circle’ … fiscal austerity to solve debt problem is making everything worse.

“So, how do we fix this? More unionization; more power to the worker; more investment in education; more investment in ‘human capital; more investment in infrastructure; less austerity; more investment in growth (Europe); redistribution of power in society — power to the working people; deal with massive CEO-to-employee pay inequality with taxation and be courageous with financial regulation.”

My Comment: If this is not implemented on the basis of integral education, no good plans will be realized. After all, they consist of items of “universal mutual guarantee,” which is impossible without the change in the awareness of the new united world.

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