Our Goal Is To Reach Harmony With Nature

Dr. Michael LaitmanWe were born with only one egoistic desire to enjoy, and all else in life is not important to us. The same goes for a baby, coming out of his mother’s womb; he thinks about himself, he only feels himself and does not feel the world surrounding him. After a few weeks, he begins to open his eyes, hear, gradually activate his organs of perception, and perceive other people. And so he gets what he wants to from life, from his environment (primarily through his mother), in order to fulfill all of his needs.

We need to understand that this egoistic desire given to us at birth was received on purpose so that, with the help of habit becoming second nature, another altruistic form could be built above it: the form of bestowal and unity.

Now, we are in an opposite state; we are separated; each one of us wants to gain at the expense of the other; none of us takes anyone else into account, and additionally, we all are in opposition and disagreement with each other. However, nature has purposefully created such a negative quality in us so that by using the power we have at our disposal, we would build a positive, kind form of connection between us, precisely from this negative quality.

We will build it comprehensively and consciously. In this way, we will arrive at unity having created the image of a human similar to that general law of nature that is directed at bestowal: kind, and loving.

Then we will realize that this law is not bad, that all of those evil forces whose effects we feel in the form of adversity (such as divorce, drug addiction, terrorism, fear of the threat of an atomic war, conflict between countries, diseases, and environmental, economic, and financial crises), which seem to us to be negative impacts from nature, we realize they all are needed so that we can offset them with the forces of bestowal, the forces of our love and our unity. Today, if we perceive the impact of this one law to be negative, it is only because we are opposite to it.

This happens in our daily lives. If it gets cold or hot, I need to understand what to do in order to balance out these anomalies and bring the temperature to a normal state. If I were to submerge under water, I would feel a strong overload of pressure. If I were to ascend high up into the mountains, I would feel a shortage of oxygen, and I would find it difficult to breathe. Then, I would compensate for these deviations in order to balance myself with nature.

What means can we use to come into harmony with nature, which is demonstrating these various adversities? We feel blows coming at us from all over. Humanity feels itself united under the common threat that is befalling it.

We understand that our qualities are opposite to the qualities of nature and we must compensate for this and work opposite to our qualities.

If at the time nature exerts a negative impact upon us, we would overcome ourselves, correct ourselves, and correspond to it according to our abilities, we would perceive such impacts as positive and balanced. Then, environmental problems would be solved, family relationships would be reconciled, connections between countries would be strengthened, the economy would strengthen, and our lives would become happy and comfortable.

We are given these opportunities in order to gradually make changes within ourselves and between us. On this path, we will draw nearer to general nature and feel ourselves in overall harmony with it.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” Episode #4, 1/1/12

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