Business Leaders Warn Of “Not A Crisis, But A Disaster”

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (from BBC News): “Davos is used to bluster from political leaders. But when usually quietly spoken company bosses from all corners of the earth warn of ‘not a crisis, but a disaster,’ when they call something a ‘cancer in society,’ you know we have a problem.

“The world, they say, is ‘sitting on a social and economic time bomb.’ The world is plagued by youth unemployment.

“The numbers are stark: In some countries of the Arab world, up to 90% of 16-24 year olds are unemployed. In the United States the youth unemployment rate is 23%. In Spain nearly 50%. In the UK 22%.

“Worldwide, some 200 million people are unemployed. 75 million are between 16 and 24 and every year about 40 million young people are entering the workforce.

“The business leaders at the World Economic Forum (WEF) know why it matters: Young people who were unemployed for a long time will earn less throughout their whole lives.

“They will be less employable. They won’t have the skills that business needs. They are more likely to have long-term health problems. And it can cause social unrest.

“There’s a term for it: Lost generation. Or as one business school professor puts it: ‘Unemployment sucks. Youth unemployment sucks even more.’

“‘The youth has lost a line of sight to the future.’”

My Comment: Young unemployed people will change the world. When disseminating the method of correction of the world, we must address namely them. The feeling of hopelessness is akin to the search for new things, and they will understand the need to learn from nature.

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One Comment

  1. But poor people, they already live in disaster and are accustomed to this environment. It is mainly a disaster for wealthy people. The unfortunate wealthy people may become richer at a slower pace.

    On the other end, wealthy people are mainly considering the notion of disaster with respect to their egoistical evaluation. (no more caviar! Oh help me G-d!)

    So when a wealthy person speaks of “disaster”, I am not sure it has the same meaning as a normal person, a poor, would give it.

    So in all, the times are changing. Basically we are witnessing a terrible fight between the richest, for them to decide who is going to pay the bills and how. Out of that, there is plenty money to pay 10 times any country debt. They are just devouring each others.

    And as the riches dont like this kind of “incident”, they will stabilize the system to avoid further surprises in the future. Measures who will mainly protect (out of their will) the lower layers of the societies, the ones who dont really care about money (by lack of skills or other).

    In all, this is good.
    HAKol tuv
    eli feruch

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