Seven Billion Included Universes

Dr. Michael LaitmanEach one of us is created with his special qualities. And as a part of the entire enormous common desire, he represents a certain unique form of development, which contradicts all the other forms.

Every soul that exists differs from the others in every way. We do not even understand how different or opposite we are to one another. There is an infinite abyss separating one from another.

There are no souls that are closer or further from one another—we are all absolutely different in the spiritual space. We are so different that we share absolutely nothing in common.

We think that we are able to find certain similarities between some of us—but we are similar in our material, corporeal, animal qualities, not the spiritual ones. Not one soul’s spiritual qualities are similar to the qualities of another soul.

You think that some of your friends are closer to you, and another one repulses you, and you are unable to understand him, or you cannot even tolerate him because of his mentality, personality, appearance, or behavior. But all this pertains to our animal body. In the spiritual world, not one person is similar to another person even in one of their qualities, and no one can be closer or further from me!

It is a miracle, how completely opposite we are from one another. We cannot even imagine this, because in our world this does not exist—we still find certain similarities within certain groups of people: a common mentality, an accepted behavior, certain things that come from our parents’ homes, and common tastes.

But there is no similarity in the spiritual world. We are able to find polar differences between us in all our qualities to the extent of our ability to list everyone’s spiritual qualities.

The thing is that spiritual space is multidimensional. There are three coordinates in our world—but in the spiritual world there is an infinite amount of them. And in this multidimensional space, everyone has his multidimensional system.

This is why in the spiritual world, every one of us exists with his multidimensional coordinate system. Astrophysicists are now discovering the same phenomena in the cosmos: one universe is included inside another, and both of them are included inside a third one, and so on. In other words, they are somehow coming closer to a form, where it is possible to imagine the spiritual.

Sages have written about this: “Their opinions differ as much as their faces.” In other words, we do not even share opinions, but since we do not know ourselves very deeply, we think that we can be somewhat similar and close to one another.

Do not think that you resemble anyone at all in any way! None of you correspond to anyone else. You are all so far from each other, that you do not even share a single quality. There is nothing that can be done about this—this is a given.

The only thing that can be done in this case is to rise above all the differences. We will never connect without this! In this plane it is absolutely impossible to connect the multidimensional coordinate system of one with the multidimensional system of another.

We will never be able to connect on the level of our qualities. Every one is a separate universe, with its structure full of wealth inside him. This is how every one of us is infinitely wealthy and versatile on the inside, and absolutely differs from the other in every way. They have nothing in common.

This is why we must understand that we have no other choice but to rise above us!
From The Arvut Convention Lesson 2, 11/18/11

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