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Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Who will study at the courses on integral education: only those who are left without work or everyone?

Answer: I think that the number of unemployed will be very high. And since we are talking about correcting society, then we need to attract not only people who have lost their jobs, but also housewives, retirees, and in general people who do not work. It turns out that at least 80 percent of the population will be ready for this course.

And if on the next day, a person finds employment or an income, it does not mean that he should leave the course. We believe that to complete the course of integral education will be everyone’s responsibility, and people need to divide work among themselves to spend only a few hours a day on the job.

These are big changes from the conventional approach, but we do not introduce them on our own; the crisis does, leaving us no choice. I think that this would take no more than a year.

Question: What will happen in the interim period, when we have not yet come to dividing the work among ourselves and working for several hours a day, and when people have not given up the hope to return to the previous state?

Answer: I think that a high percentage of unemployment will lead to unrest, the impotence of the government and the loss of direction. This will cause a state of complete anarchy, and there will be no choice but to adopt such a framework. This will happen very quickly; otherwise, we will come to a complete collapse of the whole society and a world war.

As the government now cannot take control of economic systems, so they will not be able to rule anything. If millions take to the streets, neither the army nor any other force will be able to stop them. The government will not know what to do. Everyone saw what happened in Syria and Egypt.

Every country will have to take into account their local context and national character. For example, it would not be as easy to make people come to school in Greece as in Germany. The Germans will study as diligently as they work today. But in countries like Greece, it will be necessary to attract people by some kind of compensation.

The problem of all European countries is the aging population, living between home, café, and little trips. Every place needs a program, adapted to local conditions.
From “Lessons About a New World” 12/1/11

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