A Reason To Be Joyful

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: If a person correctly implements the method of integral education and takes part in it, he then gets a feeling of joy that has become rare in every day life. Can you say a few words regarding this feeling?

Answer: We are created in a way that our desire is fulfilled through the integral sensation of one general desire and one general thought. The revelation of this next level, the Creator or Nature, fulfills absolutely all of our emptiness. For this reason, a person that is moving in the direction of integral fulfillment feels total comfort and most importantly, he rises above all the limitations of our world such as time, place, distance, and motion. He gradually stops sensing his body because he perceives everything in the integral desire and not his individual desire. He no longer senses death because he begins to exist on the next level prior to the death of his physical body.

There are discoveries ahead that every one of us subconsciously dreams about. We hope that we’ll be able to show it to people clearly and that they’ll understand that nature is presenting them with a great finding. Millions of years of our development have only been leading us to this. Now we are about to enter a new world.

The convention and everything that we’re doing today is meant to reveal our birth. Just like a baby has to make a transition from its mother’s womb to the world, we have to put in all of our effort in order to finally be born, and then it will become simple for us to explain this to others. I hope for this to happen soon.

Question: So we do have a reason to be joyful?

Answer: The interconnection and interdependence that the world is now discovering, its inability to exit from a dead end that egoism leads us to, and the method that is gradually being revealed to the world will all soon become connected within human consciousness. Thereby, we will be able to sense the solution to the problem and will begin to realize it in full force.
From the Fundamentals of Kabbalah Lesson 12/18/11

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