Light For All Those Lying In The Dust

Dr. Michael LaitmanAt every step of the way, we have to attain a demand, a plea, a prayer. Nothing else works here besides prayer—a request for the upper force, the Light, to carry out the action.

Many years go by until a person reaches this understanding and begins to feel this way. The mind won’t help here. This attitude toward oneself and the world, which he wants to reveal, must become revealed through feeling on the inside, naturally and instinctively. A person has to understand that this involves only the work of the Creator, the upper Light that will influence him.

Every action that he wants to make for his progress signifies a request and hope for the Light’s influence, so it would affect a person, make changes in him, and give him a different attitude to reality. And according to this, reality will become revealed and then he will feel and understand the Light’s actions.

The Light will lead him through different states, from which he will “see” (feel and understand) the relationship between him and the Source of the Light.

We must always be expectant that the Light will influence us. This is the most important thing of all. And we shouldn’t simply wait for it, but desire it passionately, constantly hope for it, and be ready and open to this influence. I cannot do anything besides this. This is our primary work.

If people get together and live for this hope for this change to happen to them with the help of the Light, then they can really awaken each others’ hearts and unite in this request. Then their demand really will attain the quality that is necessary for the Light to respond to it. After all, we don’t want to reveal the Light for our own sake, but in order for it to pass through us and influence others—those who don’t know how to ask on their own yet!

They are also waiting for this change under the influence of earthly suffering, but they do not know how to speak one language with the Light and therefore they suffer on their small level.

The Light awakens them deliberately so they would become soil, “dust under the feet of the righteous,” while the righteous would rise to the level of Bina in order to demand Light for all those who are lying in the dust…
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 1/4/12, Shamati

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