Davos: Hope Turns To Disappointment

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion: (Richard Quest, CNN Anchor and Correspondent): “On Monday, Klaus Schwab, the World Economic Forum’s founder and executive director, told me he was disappointed with the progress made by leaders during 2011. He had been ‘hopeful that the economy would grow again. That is not the case.’ Schwab admitted he was ‘irritated by an increasing lack of willingness to deal with global issues.’

“Klaus Schwab is not a man noted for hyperbole or exaggeration. So when he told me of his worries about a ‘bunker mentality’ or ‘burnout’ in voters who ‘cannot cope anymore,’ then it’s probably time to worry.

“The reason this is so worrying is that there are still so many problems to be solved. Some, like Greece, are in danger of getting worse. There is still no solution, and the politicians are miles away from agreeing on the future direction for the euro crisis.”

My Comment: There are plenty of possibilities to delay the decision. Perhaps, this is useful and necessary. After all, it takes time and courage, developed due to the feeling of gradual suffering, to realize the hopelessness of the situation and the inadequacy of the previous models.

In the meantime, the method of integral global education (the transformation of the individual and society) and the new economic model of an integral society begin to emerge. Time will reveal “a time to cast away stones….”

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