The Whole World—Hippies?

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: I told my mother-in-law about the wisdom of Kabbalah, about the fact that the whole world is one big family and that we are all interconnected with one another. She doesn’t study the wisdom of Kabbalah, but she understood everything. It turns out that when she was young she was part of the hippie movement and supported their ideas. Then she asked: “Does that mean that we will all be like the hippies?”

Answer: I was also young at that time and I remember these movements. Indeed the urge to be cut off from the ego, from materialism and competition, from the endless chase of material things was very strong then among young people. It isn’t by chance. They felt the emptiness in all these things very strongly then.

In those years, the Club of Rome started talking about the futility of individualistic development based on trade and technology. Many agreed with that, but eventually the “mainstream” representatives managed to somehow cover up this problem. They liquidated the connection between gold and paper money and began inflating the financial bubble.

As a result the world underwent great changes. In general, a lie is a tool to make great profit. Only today do we begin to realize what it led to and what an explosion we are facing.

So in the hippies’ times people began to ask about the meaning of life, but the question was formed gradually. They arrived at it from different directions, and so they found many answers. Some turned their eyes to India and others started devoting their time to art.

On the whole, when it comes to the masses, your mother-in-law is right. We are talking about questions that are very similar to the questions that troubled her when she was young. In our days, however, the situation is completely different. In those days, the wave that the young generation felt was broken by the achievements of technological progress that promised endless growth. Today this is impossible.

After this whole “cycle” the world has reached a general crisis, and now we will be able to continue to exist only if we tie money to real things. In other worlds, we must tie a person’s exertion to something that has a real value and not to “papers” that can be printed limitlessly or that can be duplicated “virtually.” 

A person’s exertion is important in relation to natural resources. This criterion allows for objective assessment, detached from the egoism of those who control the printing machines.

The cycle is closed, the world has tried the egotistic way of development, and for several years already we have been at an impasse. The spoiled “flower children” are back to the same problem, and today it is felt worldwide.

We already know that we can’t deal with the current challenges. One of the examples of the dead end the old world has come to is Africa. In the past its inhabitants supplied everything they needed by themselves. Then the Europeans invaded Africa and began to produce very cheap goods and sold them at a loss at first in order to destroy the local market. After successfully running the local producers out of business, they began to charge inflated prices.

Today Africa is helpless, unemployed, and hungry, while others are making money at its expense. When the African governments turned to the World Bank asking to impose tariffs on imported goods, they were turned down.

Thus, for some additional zeros in their bank accounts, the Europeans are leading a whole continent to starvation.

How can there be peace in the world if we don’t teach people about integrality and connection? There is no other way. Otherwise the mutual connection among us will be revealed in the form of catastrophes. Egoism doesn’t only affect human society, but also the lower levels of nature including the climate. Look at what happened last year and at what is going to happen this year.

It all depends on the relationships between us.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 1/5/12, “The Freedom”

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  1. Why not standardize money to work which equals energy. Work is effort, labor, pain endured per say. Work is also Joules, energy. Since we are experiencing an energy crisis, it is a crisis of work, of cheap labor. The only way we were able to have cheap labor in the past was through exploitation. Today this is impossible, our demand is too high, and too much damage is being done. If we standardize money to equal energy or work, everything else in the economy is based on this.

    The problem is that we are starting to merge with Virtual, the fictional realm, the spiritual world where everything is in infinity, dream land. We have told too many lies, made too many connections to actual existing other dimensions and claimed them as our creation, and as a result the real and fictional are starting to combine. This is a good thing, as it will eventually allow us to go to the worlds we have ‘created’, alas to discover they existed before hand, and we merely discovered them. The development of simulations that match reality are a part of this, but they are not in adhesion yet…

    The great wealth of abundance that exists in the virtual is self evident. It is transcendence of all limits, including physicality and vanity, that all may be beautiful and free from static form. A fluid age of flexibility and motion, of change. But, our temptation towards it has unbalanced us, and we neglect the real.

    If we properly balance this world, we will adhere to truth. Truth is the real, as opposed to the fictional, the virtual, the imaginary. We need to see what things are really worth, their actual energy value. Today we lie and fool each other with magic shows and jokes that make us pay more for car insurance…

    So, I say standardize money to an amount of energy, and then all the world currencies will become the same, equal, because they all represent the same actual real amount of quantified work. In this case, a french loaf of bread is worth no more than a British one, if they are physically equal…

    Hope this helps

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