Do The Stars Affect Our Fate?

Dr. Michael laitmanQuestion: The Zodiac signs and fate, the topic is exciting and intriguing and not much understood. Do the stars affect our destiny; is it possible to predict it and what you can do with this knowledge?

After all, the most difficult thing in life is its unpredictability. We live not knowing what will happen to us in the future, what surprises are in store for us.

A person cannot control his life. And that is why people are so interested in astrology, which supposedly can predict a person’s character and his entire fortune by the stars.

Astrology was known in ancient Egypt, ancient Greece, in the East, India, China, and among the American Indians. And today, many people believe that there is a connection between the stars in the sky and the human state. Does this connection really exist?

Answer: The entire universe develops gradually, step by step, and the human being is the last stage of its development, the most developed of them. But just because people are developed more than animals and have such a mind and feelings with which they can reveal nature to a greater degree, they feel very vulnerable.

It is said that a two-day calf can already be called a small bull. Having barely been born, he already has the same mind and feelings as an adult bull. He knows what plants can and cannot be eaten, and will not fall from a height, as opposed to a small child who should be taken care of and educated until he becomes wiser.

If a child is not educated, he will grow as an animal. But if we give him the entire human experience, accumulated over many years, he will become a human being at the level to which he was given an opportunity to develop. A human being develops himself, and as he develops, he reveals the world.

Therefore, a human being is a very sensitive creature because he has to feel nature in a subtle way. He is strong because he is able to build for himself the systems that protect him against the adversities of nature. The human being has discovered fire and invented electricity in order to heat his home and light the darkness of the night. He has learned to communicate over long distances and invented the Internet.

Human beings perfected nature, adding to it all the amenities that he lacked. And at the same time, he himself has not changed much, and it is obvious that there are very clear limits of human capabilities.

We can improve our lifestyle in every way, but we cannot answer the most important questions, “What is my destiny? What awaits me in the future? When will I die? What happened to me before I was born and what will happen after my death? What happens beyond the boundaries of this life?”

“Why in my life, did I meet the people who surround me? Why was I born with this character, of this gender, in a particular country, and in a certain period of time?”

All this remains a mystery to us. There is some power that controls us and we cannot influence it. We are able only to make ourselves more comfortable in the place where we were brought by fate. We build houses for ourselves rather than living in caves, and we prepare and store food for future use.

We are developing that which relates to the material life of the body. That is, we use the human mind and senses, which raise us above animals, for the benefit of this animal level, our bodies. For the purpose of satisfying our bodies, we have developed all the sciences of physics, chemistry, biology, and zoology.

We cannot get outside of our body with our human mind and feelings. It turns out that we are using all that was given to us above the animal level, such as  great intellect and the ability to study nature and reveal its laws, just for the sake of our animal welfare.

We wanted to move quickly and created a car, we wanted to talk over distances and invented the radio and the Internet. But all these inventions are made for the convenience of the body and its health, either for oneself or for one’s family and children.

There is no invention made by our highly developed mind which was intended for the benefit of  rising above the degree of the animal level.  Universities, stock exchanges, and museums were all designed to provide maximum comfort for our bodies. It is sad to see in what primitive way we use subtle senses like a sharp mind and the ability to evolve and  develop from generation to generation.

We fly into space and make huge advances in medicine. A hundred years ago the average life expectancy was no more than 40-50 years, and today we are getting close to 100 years. In another 50 years, we may live for 200 years. We have the opportunity to make our life in this world much more intense, long lasting, healthier, prolonging the existence of the body. But what we can do with it for such a long a time?

We can improve the conditions for the existence of the body and for our families and children. We can answer any question, except for the main one concerning our fate. The concept of destiny includes the form in which we existed before birth, what this form will be after our death, as well as what happens to us in the middle interval from birth to death, and what tests we will have to go through in this life.

On the one hand, we recognize that all this is planned. But with respect to us, it appears as a complete accident. We think that now it is a coincidence, but maybe we can rise up a little bit, then look down and see the program, which is extremely curious.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 1/1/15

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  1. This is an absolutely great post which brings up many of the issues one thinks about as they study this material….however…the original question “Do the stars affect our destiny?” got totally lost somewhere in the rhetoric. Just a thought. In other words the real question would be “How do I properly interpret and respond to all these little pleasant and unpleasant details I see around me?” Really. Help!

  2. Amazing article.. thanks <3

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