The Future Will Come Quickly

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: At the end of the series of programs on the legacy of Babylon, please try to draw us a picture of the near or not so near future.

Answer: The program of creation is very simple. Its function is to hasten us, the Jewish people, to begin to be engaged in our role, meaning to educate all of humanity. Moreover, there is no need to educate them in a special way; they will learn from our example.

This means that we only need to show the people of Israel what the correct form of its self-realization is: how society and the relationships between its parts should be formed; how it will work with industry, science, and culture; how interactions between people will look; how the family will look; what the rules of behavior will be and the rules of the presentation of the members of society, etc. As soon as we start to do this, the world will begin to learn from us.

I hope that this will happen very quickly. Judging by the accelerating global pressure from the Arab world, I expect very rapid changes in the whole world and in Israel.

And we must try to do this with all our power so that the world will advance towards correction in a good way, so that they will understand our idea. Moreover, first and foremost, the people of Israel must understand it so that it won’t be pushed into all kinds of trouble.

It isn’t even the trouble itself, rather it is that the refusal to carry out its role prolongs the way and diverts us toward a completely different road through we wander through and still come back to the same point. In other words, all of this wandering is absolutely useless!

So we must bring the idea of unification to the people, show them that it is practical. And I think we can do this quickly.
From KabTV’s “Babylon Yesterday and Today” 9/24/14

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