Assured Success

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: During a military operation, the daily task is always determined. What is our plan for today? What do we want to achieve?

Answer: The task for today is to disseminate throughout Israel the knowledge about the true cause of our human condition. Everyone must have a single direction: connection, to be as one person with one heart.

It is possible to reach this through the Light that Reforms, and, so, dissemination of this knowledge must come from us so that, through us, everyone will be connected to the Creator.

This is not a short attack. Rather, it is a constant mission, a continuous operation, open to everyone, without any concealment or secrets, without evasion and adornments. The main thing is that the explanation be as clear and understandable as possible for the people, to touch their hearts. It should be clear that this only true solution comes from the wisdom of Kabbalah.

Question: How will the people of Israel feel after they want to be as one person with one heart?

Answer: The people will feel an entirely different state and will finally understand who they are, the role for which they are destined, and what they must do regarding all the nations of the world. It will be clear to them that Israel is the conduit, the adapter, between the entire world and the Creator. And what the relationship must be among the people of Israel in order to be this kind of transitional link in regard to the others, and how to act with them after we are connected inside will follow.

Everyone must know that our success is possible only as a single unit. Only this assures us success in this mission, in this war. If we connect and unite, then we win, and only in this way can we be saved from threats and blows.

There is no other solution, and, the moment that we truly begin to work on it correctly, we immediately will see how much the entire world, including our closest enemies, will be changed. Come, let’s try and see. We don’t have anything to lose! The Torah promises us that either you will be like one person with one heart or here will be your burial place, as it was at Mount Sinai.

These conditions have existed until now, because they are indeed eternal and have accompanied us throughout all of our history. However, now the time has truly come for action, a broad operation throught the entire nation.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 7/17/14, Shamati #68

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