It Isn’t Too Late To Get On The Right Path

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: In recent years the situation of a state of emergency and rocket attacks have repeated several times and we constantly speak about the need to connect and to unite, but no one wants to listen to us. What is the problem here? Is it that people aren’t ready yet or that we don’t know how to explain things?

Answer: I cannot blame our enemies for wanting to destroy us and I cannot blame the people of Israel for not understanding what is happening and why this situation reoccurs again and again. The only ones to blame are the people who know how to perform the correction but are too lazy to do their job and are in no rush to use all the means that they have to bring the method of correction to the people, not only to the nation of Israel but to the whole world too.

Since we are in the era of the end of correction, we can tell everyone about it, including our enemies. We will feel that they understand it and acknowledge it. They will find out what the source of their anti-Semitism is, their deadly hatred of the Jews, and why fate keeps us in a continuous conflict that also brings about great suffering and wars to the Arabs themselves.

They are also in a bad position, and although they are proud of their power, they actually suffer. So they should understand the reason for their suffering.

It is clear that nothing will help there. We can destroy all the terrorists, but the next day new ones will come along. Our enemies have enough people and missiles to bomb every centimeter of our territory. There isn’t a piece of land in Israel that would be safe from missiles and where people could live in peace.

Both we and the Arabs are well aware of this. But this confrontation is held on a certain border because the people of  Israel is obliged to fulfill  its mission and in the meantime, we are given some time to do so, in order to fulfill it in the good, right way of the Light, in the way of I will hasten it (Achishena). If we don’t do so, we are about to experience the terrible times described by the prophets.
From KabTV’s “The Mission of the People of Israel,” 7/8/14

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