Kabbalah Is A System Of Laws of Nature

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: According to what I have understood, every person must reach the wisdom of Kabbalah. But if, for example, he falls into another stream when searching for the spiritual way, does God punish him for this? And when a person enters into the spiritual way, why do events even worse than before happen to him?

Answer: Different things happen to a person all the time in order to push him towards the right goal. If he behaves correctly, he goes forward according to the laws of nature; so things are good for him. If not, then this system of forces influences him negatively.

The wisdom of Kabbalah talks about how nature is built, not about a God who supposedly sits and thinks about how to punish someone. Only the laws of nature exist (call them God the Creator, it makes no difference)! So there is no reward and there is no punishment.

Kabbalah is not a religion; it speaks only about the force that develops us, that we should get to know and comprehend. If we attain it, then we develop quickly and easily and reach the correct goal that was determined before this force.

But this does not mean that if I open a Kabbalah book today things will immediately be better for me. What are you talking about? Do I know how to behave correctly, how to use the laws of nature correctly?

It is is like it is in physics, like in any science! If I know how to use the laws correctly, then I benefit from it. But if I opened a book but still don’t know how to use the laws that are recorded there, I cannot claim that I won’t make a mistake. There is nothing miraculous here. There is a system of laws we are learning to be able to use correctly.

So it is impossible to relate to the wisdom of Kabbalah as to some religion or magic or sorcery, where I apparently began to learn it and in spite of it all, things are bad for me. The idea is that you still don’t know how to use it. And when you learn, then to that degree, things will be good for you. This is as it is in every enterprise. This is clear materialistic knowledge.
From the International Summer Camp In Bulgaria “Day Two” 7/12/14, Lesson 4

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