It’s Time To Grow Up!

laitman_281_01The weekly section of the Torah, “BeHukotai,” is very relevant to our times. It says that, if we follow the Creator’s laws, we will be happy, and, if we don’t, we will be punished. But these words refer to a nation or person who is on a certain level of development and from whom something already can be demanded.

Therefore, the Torah says that it is only from a certain point in a person’s development that a bilateral relationship with the Creator begins. It is as if the Creator turns to him and says, “You are already big enough to hear Me. Until now, I always cared for you, showed you, told you, and took upon Myself everything that you did wrong, corrected things a little, and led you to positive outcomes. But now we gradually must become partners. Therefore, you must keep My laws, and accordingly, I will make room for you in the leadership system.”

Question: You keep calling the nation of Israel to wake up now, but they are still babies. So, why do you turn to them?

Answer: The point is that they must wake up since they contain Reshimot (reminiscences) that must bring them to the recognition and realization that they have a special place in the world. They, at least, must hear this!

All the other nations are on the level of babies and don’t owe anyone anything. They will go wherever they are led. They want everything to be good. If we lead them to goodness, they feel that internally and follow us. If not, they cry and blame us for all their troubles, and it is indeed so.

But we must understand that, at the moment, we are opposite and in contrast to the upper law of love, that we prefer to draw away from it and evade our participation in the process that will bring all the nations of the world to the best possible state.

Imagine how it looks from the side? Complete disrespect of the Creator and of all of humanity! We only respect ourselves. I feel good at the moment, so I can sit and do nothing.

Baal HaSulam says in the “Introduction to The Book of Zohar” that all the negativity comes to the world only for the sake of the Jews and because of the Jews. And we do not know that at the moment the nations of the world suffer and so does the Creator, metaphorically. This great Kabbalist speaks about that like the biggest anti-Semite because we are not fulfilling our role and don’t ascend to a level called the nation of Israel. This is the meaning of all the laws in the Torah.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 10/12/14

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