Awakening By The Light

laitman_749_01The process through which the people of Israel go is different from the process through which the nations of the world go. In the days of the First Temple, Israel reached its individual correction, and since then has been in a constant descent because the intention of creation lies in the fact that it is broken, according to the breaking of the spiritual vessels.

As a result, the vessels were mixed; the people of Israel went into exile for an indefinite period of time. In our case, it is 2,000 years; however, in essence, the exile was completed during the time of the Ari. Here there are also plenty of calculations, but they are not so important. Whatever it was, this exile was bound to happen, and it was told about it in advance.

Now the people of Israel need, first of all, to awaken, and then make the nations of the world follow it.

In general, we are talking about two parts of a single receiving desire. One part has already experienced a spiritual ascent and fell, and as a result acquired an even stronger and crueler egoistic desire. But today, standing in front of the need to correct itself from falling and breaking, it has such a great potential that is able to lead the nations of the world, to convince them in reality in this world, to benefit them.

The people of Israel lived among the nations of the world and mixed with them. Due to this, now that it is awakened and draws the Surrounding Lights, these Lights come also to the nations, but cause a backlash, make them against the people of Israel. The nations are still in evil, and they have no desire of their own to come to good.

However, they feel their dependence on the people of Israel, which is expressed in anti-Semitism: The nations claim that the Jews cause all the evil in the world.

It is indeed so: Evil can be caused only by the one who can but does not bring the Light to the world, in other words, the people of Israel, because only it can carry the Light.

Therefore, the allegations of the nations are true, which in principle are reduced to the fact that all the evil is caused by the people of Israel and they depend on it, and if it wants, they will be fine. In these circumstances, the attitude of the nations seems justified.

The people of Israel must understand the negative outburst of emotions against it is to urge it to correction, which it is obliged to bring to the whole world.

Let’s hope that the people of Israel finally understand this and give the world correction.

The overall layout is quite simple and clear: The general desire is divided into two parts: internal and external, Israel and the nations of the world, each of which has the same division. From this it follows that Israel, Galgalta ve Eynaim, is able to attract the Light that Reforms, and the nations, AHP, are incapable. This is the reason for what is happening.
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 11/12/14, Writings of Baal HaSulam

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  1. Israel and the world. So the world is bad, cause Israel is. When Israel is gone, the world will be a paradise?

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