What Is Prophecy?

Dr. Michael LaitmanProphecy is a level of spiritual attainment. The prophets appeared after the Temple was built when the nation of Israel began the descent from the level they were on. The prophets come after the Torah. After the time of the Torah comes the time of the Prophets, and then there is the time of the Writings.

The state of Prophets was revealed after the nation entered the land of Israel. A prophet is a certain level of connection with the Creator. Basically, every Kabbalist is on that level, but a prophet is a person who reveals the Creator either on the level of Bina or the level of Hochma, according to his internal attainment.

On the level of Bina he says: “I heard,” because Bina symbolizes the spiritual hearing and on the level of the Light of Hochma he says: “I saw,” because Hochma symbolizes spiritual sight.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 12/10/14

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