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Independance Day: Where Does Independence Begin?

Independence Day: Where does Independence Begin?In the corporeal world I depend on everyone and on all. I do not know what will happen a moment from now. But when speaking about independence beyond time, space, location, and movement, here I myself define my future states by becoming free from all the factors that can change me against my will.

This can only happen in one certain case: When I am completely connected with the Creator who determines the present and the future of the entire universe.

Baal HaSulam believed that our independence begins with the actual establishment of the state of Israel because the only way we can reach unity with the Creator is through our own interconnection. And this will happen once there are no foreign elements between us. This is why we must once again gather on this land.

And when people (Jews and non-Jews), who understand their mission and strive towards unity with the Creator, work on it, their unity, the circle they create between them, turns them into a receptor of the Creator’s influence and a sensor, which reveals the Creator within them.

We fully start determining our present and future by developing and cultivating this feeling, revealing the Creator to the extent of our unity. This is the attainment of independence.

This is why there is no way to attain independence before we turn ourselves into this structure and start working on it in our world. Spiritual work begins with the physical creation of a group, which gathers into a circle and begins to cultivate the quality of bestowal, interchange and interconnection.

And then we must position ourselves in a way where everyone will lose his “I,” we would all turn into a “we,” and then this “we” would turn into a “one,” where we will begin to perceive the oneness of the quality of goodness and love, which is called the Creator.
From “A Talk about Independence Day,” 04/02/2015

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The First Steps Are Enough

The First Steps are EnoughtQuestion: Is it really possible to unite in a way that others become more important to me than myself, if a person always thinks about himself first?

Answer: A person has to rise to a level where he thinks about others first.

Question: Why does the Creator give us impossible missions? First He gives us an egoistic nature, then demands for us to attain love for the neighbor as for yourself, and when we can’t do it, he sends us the Holocaust?

Answer: Did we really try it and fail? We did’t even try to do it. If we start trying to unite, we will see how the Creator will come and fight the battle for us.

We aren’t required to do anything other than make efforts to reach unity. It’s clear that we don’t have the desire, forces or understanding to do this. But we only have to start making efforts, like a baby taking his first steps.

These efforts are the only thing required of us. They are enough, and the Creator will do the rest. The upper law operating in the universe will finish this work for us.

Throughout all the generations, the nation of Israel was persecuted by others. In this way, we are being pushed toward correction, unity, and love for the neighbor as for ourselves. When others become closer to us than ourselves, we thus create an integral connection in which all of humanity is connected into one sphere. Everyone is united and depends on everyone. No one is more or less important; everyone is absolutely equal. That is when we will reveal a new world.

Today we see the world through the eyes of our egoism, assessing how much we can use it for our own benefit. But if we attain unity, we will see a perfect, boundless reality, which is beyond our egoism, beyond the interest to profit or the fear of losing. This will be life in the eternal ad perfect world—a life of paradise.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 4/12/2015

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Together We Amplify The Voltage Of Bestowal

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Does it turn out that nothing exists other than spiritual reality?

Answer: Certainly. This is the same reality in which we are now found, and we begin to see how the higher power works within it. There are only two forces: the force of desire and the higher force that clothes it.

These forces are beginning to be more and more noticeable as we see that they are the only forces working within reality, that they have no substance, it is also energy. The physicists claim that the world is a field of forces and matter doesn’t exist.

Studies show that there is energy and power within matter. So matter has no significance, and yet it exists. Only after all the inhabitants of this world are connected to the network and reveal that they are acting in a field of reception and the force of bestowal, will all matter completely fade and disappear from this world, which is called “imaginary.” However, this will only happen in the future, with the general completion of correction.

Question: From where does a person get the power to connect everything together and see the true reality?

You cannot do anything alone. You cannot change your perception, get used to the right picture nor study it. This is possible only if you are found in the appropriate environment that is working towards this, and in which each individual, along with everyone else, together understand that they must build the appropriate network of connection for discovering the upper Light.

We must at all times, work among us to transform into a single Kli, into a single system and constantly develop it, adding to it through more and more interactions. The Light will accordingly be revealed within the Kli  through ascents and descents, which will also become increasingly synchronized together. We begin to feel interconnected and have more influence on each other.

Each one will see how much his character, his soul, his inner potential, becomes accommodated to everyone else, while some of them rise and some of them descend. Even though all of us advance together and go through ascents and descents, each one acts according to his character, like various components acting within a single electrical system. One is a resistor, another is a capacitor, and the third is a coil.

Each one goes through an ascent, but the ascent in a capacitor and a coil are completely different, for in a capacitor this is expressed in changes in potential and in a coil this is expressed in an electrical field. The ascent is expressed in a different form according to the root of the soul, and in principle, all are passing through the same situation.

And since there are so many differences between us, it could be that there is an incessant ascent without descents. For each may be in an ascent or descent in regard to everyone else, but it is considered to be an ascent in regard to himself. An electrical charge constantly moves from place to place, but every change is for the improvement of the ascent, constantly raising the voltage within the system and raising it gradually.

At the moment, there is no connection between us, and because of this lack of connection, each one of us ascends and descends. But if we connect, then we no longer have such descents.  As it is written, …and the children of Israel sighed from the labor, …. (Exodus 2:23). This wasn’t darkness due to a lack of connection, but due to a lack of bestowal. But this was actually an ascent, for by each one connecting with the others, each one took the others’ work upon himself. A minus in one place is compensated by a plus in another place, and vice versa. So everyone is ascending. Therefore, if we are connected, there are no more descents, only ascents!

Since you are connected with the other components within a system, it is as if you are transforming alternating current into direct current. The only thing we lack is connection. We aren’t working on this enough.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/20/14, Writing of Rabash

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Jealousy And Envy Are Unique To Man

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Kabbalah tells us that jealousy and envy exist only in humans, but I see it also in my cat and dog. How do you explain that?

Answer: You are right. Envy on the level of our world is an ordinary egoistic feeling, a competitive means of struggling for a source of pleasure, whether it is an animal receiving pleasure from its owner or a person receiving pleasure from a beloved.

The wisdom of Kabbalah speaks about the concept of envy, and especially the concept of shame, in regard to emotions that a person feels when he attains the attribute of love and bestowal unto others. This means that he attains the attribute of the Creator (nature), meaning the human level, Adam.

Unless we reach this level, we are considered animals, just like your cat and dog. The nature of our feelings is the same and it stems from our egoistic fears of remaining without a source of pleasure (food, sex, etc.).

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Perceiving The Future Together

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Do animals feel nature as one system in which everything is connected?

Answer: Yes, they feel it at their level.

Question: And can they feel the future, for exactly that reason?

Answer: Animals can only feel some kind of threat to their life, but they are not able rise above the worry of their regular, beastly existence. This is called instinct.

Animals feel the connection to the general system, but for them it provides only the information at the level of animate. Animals know what will happen, thus they are more careful than men and their behavior is more logical.

Animals don’t make mistakes! They have all the required information in order to exist, which is called natural instinct. Man is lacking this.

Question: If I had such instinct, would it be possible that my life would be better? Maybe I wouldn’t be overdrawn at the bank, wouldn’t have an ulcer, and wouldn’t be living in constant tension.

Answer: That’s a good question. What is preferable? Since if you had such instinct, then you would be an animal and not a man. Animals have all the information for a good life, i.e., the feeling of connection with the goal of creation. And man doesn’t have this at all. Why? Because at the speaking level one doesn’t automatically receive connection to the goal of creation, but must acquire it through self development.

Every person has this potential, but one needs to advance gradually. You cannot catch the occasional passerby and begin to convince him that he needs to do this. A person needs to be ready for this. If he feels that he must know the future, then I am able to teach him how to do this.

Comment: I am ready for learning! I really must know the future because that will solve all the problems for me, and explain to me how to behave towards my children and my wife and what profession to choose.

Answer: You will know everything! If you have such a burning question that brings you to despair and demands a reply, then this is a sign that you can do this.

At the end of the course for integral education (the wisdom of connection), you will come to the sensation that all people are inseparable parts of the same system, without any difference between them, including yourself. And in the beginning, it is enough to reach this feeling towards a stranger, not towards a family member.

Question: Meaning, if I feel towards a stranger as I do myself, then based on that I will create within me the ability to see the future?

Answer: Yes. You will feel the integral sensation, exit from within your ego, and sense me, for example. You must feel me as you do yourself. If you are able to feel something outside yourself as yourself, then the whole of reality opens up before you. You open your senses and you can see all your surroundings in a real way.

Question: Why can’t I learn integral thought by myself with the help of my intellect, without needing someone else?

Answer: For whom do you exit yourself if not for someone else? This is not abstract philosophy, but it requires a lot of practice and many actions with whose help we examine all the “pros “ and “cons.” It isn’t simple. After all we need to exist beyond the feeling of our “I.” That is the first condition of integral thought.

When I exit my “I,” I begin to feel who is outside of me, and to the same extent, I feel everything else. I open the extent of my feelings, from the level of my five senses to a complete reality.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 2/23/14

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From Babylon To South America

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Is the European group of Bnei Baruch also to blame if the world experiences a disaster because of a lack of connection within Israel?

Answer: Today, everyone is responsible for this, meaning each one who studies the wisdom of Kabbalah and feels a connection inside Israel. When I refer to Israel, I am referring to all of our friends and groups all over the world.

All of us have received an awakening from the Creator, just as the group of Abraham received it in ancient Babylon. And so we are found today in the same situation of Israel (Yashar-El – straight to the Creator).

It is not important that one received an awakening 3,500 years ago in Babylon, came with it to this day, and another received this awakening in South America only a few months or years ago. According to the spiritual world, there is no meaning to these physical years.

All of us are already related to Yashar-El , directly connected to the Creator, and so must convey the Light through us to the world. If we do this, it will be good; and if not, it will be very bad. I hope that we will succeed.
From the 5th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/28/14, Chosen Topics on: Holocaust Memorial Day

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Love On A Low Flame That Doesn’t Go Out

Laitman_183_04Comment: In today’s society there is such a convention that people enter into an intimate connection very rapidly after the first meeting. And there is a huge omission. In the public mind the sexual revolution is perceived as permissive.

Answer: And that is why we don’t get pleasure from sex. There is some kind of social convention that permits entering into very rapid intimate connection after barely meeting and knowing nothing about each another. And then we are missing all that immense supplement that leads to an explosion of the senses.

After all, what happens after the pair attains sexual satisfaction? It’s all done and nothing remains. That is how nature forces us to add an emotional component to this act, and if it is missing, we leave it empty. A moment later, our thoughts are already somewhere else. Maybe, we already are thinking about some other connection.

Fulfillment is possible only if we build such a system of relationship where the sexual act only complements it and is not performed only to satisfy the lowest level of a beastly urge. We must learn to love! First, it is up to us to build a common system of connections, mutual concession, mutual understanding, and pleasant contacts.

These are the systems that make it possible for one to feel the person internally and to learn how to bring him pleasure, and he will feel what I enjoy, what gives me pleasure. This is not talking about sex here. Rather, this is about all kinds of connections between us.

It is nice for us to be together, nice to talk, to see each other, nice to taste something that someone else offers, which is to say that these are all kinds of human expressions through which we can enjoy one another.

To love others as I do myself, I must first understand what his needs are and try to fulfill them, and my partner learns my needs and fulfills them. He must feel pleasure from me, and I want to enjoy him. When a connection like this is created between us in which each one is found within the other and fulfills the others’ needs, we already can reach an intimate closeness. It also indicates that we are found one within the other and are fulfilling our partner.

We are people with many talents, involved with a variety of things, and don’t always require attention from each other. Nevertheless, there is a latent need in each one of us that can be awakened at any moment and satisfied through a few tender words or a touch.

Question: I understand this technique, but nice words don’t always touch someone’s heart. What must I do to touch that inner point within a partner that is waiting secretly for my attention?

Answer: We start from afar, with soft words, to stimulate the person. This is the same approach as in every other kind of human relationship, not only between couples. You try to provide fulfillment and love for the partner.

“Courting” means that, first of all, I learn to understand who the person is with the help of all kinds of small and short checks, careful attempts. That is how I find the sensitive points in him so that, when I touch them, I can give him enjoyment. I must develop my relationship with these sensitive points and expand them more and more.

Through exercises like these, I awaken within the person a need for my attention. I continue to fulfill him: I say nice words to him, give some gift, discover concern and attention, and, in this way, I gradually get the person used to these fulfillments, just as I would tame an animal. Each one of us is built like that. Thanks to this, I form a need for fulfillment in him, for my good relationship with him.

Here, I stop my actions a bit, and then begin to fulfill my partner again—stop a bit, fulfill again. In this way I ignite him and awaken in him an even greater desire. This is the game that we play with one another. This is the game between two loving people who know how to keep their love on a low flame so that at any moment it will be possible to ignite it into a large flame.

This requires skill. I cannot repeat the same stock phrases, but I must adjust myself precisely to the desires of my partner. However, even that is not enough. After I adjust myself, I must begin to develop the desire, expanding it all the time through fulfillment. This is until habit becomes second nature. Then, my wife will feel such a strong need for my relationship towards her, and I feel the same thing about her.

So, it follows that we are building a common area between us. My need is built within her, and her need is built within me. This common area where we depend upon each other is the territory of our love.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 6/9/13

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A Point That Expands Through The Yeast Of The Light

laitman_275Malchut included in Bina—meaning the desire to receive that is included within the desire to bestow—molds the desire to bestow in regard to itself. As a result of this integration, the system of worlds is created: Atzilut, Beria, Yetzira, and Assiya (ABYA), the higher system of management that conveys the Light of Infinity to us from above.

A Point That Expands Through The Yeast Of The Light-1
As a result of the integration between Bina and Malchut, the desire to receive becomes complex. From now on, there is a heart in it, which is the Malchut, the desire to receive, and the “point in the heart,” which is the point of Bina. This is the soul, the creature.

The entire creation is divided into two parts: From the outside, there is the system that is surrounded by the Light of Infinity, and from within, there is the soul. Until the system reaches the soul, it passes through 125 levels of reduction of the Lights, levels of Ha’alama (Concealment), for which reason they are called Olamot (Worlds).

A Point That Expands Through The Yeast Of The Light-2
The Light that passes through Yashar (directness) is called Ohr Pnimi (Inner Light), and the Light that shines from the outside is called Ohr Makif (Surrounding Light). The Light of Yashar awakens us and gives us the sensation of the present, and the Ohr Makif that comes by way of Igulim (Circles) gives us the sense of the future. If the future doesn’t illuminate me, then I have nothing to live for; I feel no purpose ahead, and this is a problem. However, if I don’t even have Light in the present, then I die. It is desirable for both the present and the future to illuminate me. However, if I am not connected to a society, then the future Light cannot illuminate me. This is because the future illuminates more and more strongly the more and more that I connect with the group, and if I am not connected with them, then I have no future.

So someone who doesn’t work on strengthening a connection with the group loses power and eventually leaves, and if a person doesn’t work with the Light of the present, then he doesn’t even revive himself in the present state. We must try very hard to provide ourselves with both a future and a present.

The “straight line” and the “circles” are two forms of higher management. If a person works on his connection with the group, then he discovers these two forms there. Specifically for that purpose, the forms of management through the straight line and the circles are created to bring a person to a connection that will fill his entire vessel. But how does he get this great vessel if he is only an inner point in the center of all of the circle? Just as yeasted dough expands, so he also needs to be expanded by the Upper Light and fill the entire vessel.

The desire to receive is a small point created “out of nothing.” However, if we transform it to become for the sake of bestowal, it is expanded to the size of the entire creation.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/30/14, Writings of Baal HaSulam

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Daily Kabbalah Lesson – 04.20.15

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Topic of Lesson “Independence Day in Israel”

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