Together We Amplify The Voltage Of Bestowal

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Does it turn out that nothing exists other than spiritual reality?

Answer: Certainly. This is the same reality in which we are now found, and we begin to see how the higher power works within it. There are only two forces: the force of desire and the higher force that clothes it.

These forces are beginning to be more and more noticeable as we see that they are the only forces working within reality, that they have no substance, it is also energy. The physicists claim that the world is a field of forces and matter doesn’t exist.

Studies show that there is energy and power within matter. So matter has no significance, and yet it exists. Only after all the inhabitants of this world are connected to the network and reveal that they are acting in a field of reception and the force of bestowal, will all matter completely fade and disappear from this world, which is called “imaginary.” However, this will only happen in the future, with the general completion of correction.

Question: From where does a person get the power to connect everything together and see the true reality?

You cannot do anything alone. You cannot change your perception, get used to the right picture nor study it. This is possible only if you are found in the appropriate environment that is working towards this, and in which each individual, along with everyone else, together understand that they must build the appropriate network of connection for discovering the upper Light.

We must at all times, work among us to transform into a single Kli, into a single system and constantly develop it, adding to it through more and more interactions. The Light will accordingly be revealed within the Kli  through ascents and descents, which will also become increasingly synchronized together. We begin to feel interconnected and have more influence on each other.

Each one will see how much his character, his soul, his inner potential, becomes accommodated to everyone else, while some of them rise and some of them descend. Even though all of us advance together and go through ascents and descents, each one acts according to his character, like various components acting within a single electrical system. One is a resistor, another is a capacitor, and the third is a coil.

Each one goes through an ascent, but the ascent in a capacitor and a coil are completely different, for in a capacitor this is expressed in changes in potential and in a coil this is expressed in an electrical field. The ascent is expressed in a different form according to the root of the soul, and in principle, all are passing through the same situation.

And since there are so many differences between us, it could be that there is an incessant ascent without descents. For each may be in an ascent or descent in regard to everyone else, but it is considered to be an ascent in regard to himself. An electrical charge constantly moves from place to place, but every change is for the improvement of the ascent, constantly raising the voltage within the system and raising it gradually.

At the moment, there is no connection between us, and because of this lack of connection, each one of us ascends and descends. But if we connect, then we no longer have such descents.  As it is written, …and the children of Israel sighed from the labor, …. (Exodus 2:23). This wasn’t darkness due to a lack of connection, but due to a lack of bestowal. But this was actually an ascent, for by each one connecting with the others, each one took the others’ work upon himself. A minus in one place is compensated by a plus in another place, and vice versa. So everyone is ascending. Therefore, if we are connected, there are no more descents, only ascents!

Since you are connected with the other components within a system, it is as if you are transforming alternating current into direct current. The only thing we lack is connection. We aren’t working on this enough.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/20/14, Writing of Rabash

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