The First Steps Are Enough

The First Steps are EnoughtQuestion: Is it really possible to unite in a way that others become more important to me than myself, if a person always thinks about himself first?

Answer: A person has to rise to a level where he thinks about others first.

Question: Why does the Creator give us impossible missions? First He gives us an egoistic nature, then demands for us to attain love for the neighbor as for yourself, and when we can’t do it, he sends us the Holocaust?

Answer: Did we really try it and fail? We did’t even try to do it. If we start trying to unite, we will see how the Creator will come and fight the battle for us.

We aren’t required to do anything other than make efforts to reach unity. It’s clear that we don’t have the desire, forces or understanding to do this. But we only have to start making efforts, like a baby taking his first steps.

These efforts are the only thing required of us. They are enough, and the Creator will do the rest. The upper law operating in the universe will finish this work for us.

Throughout all the generations, the nation of Israel was persecuted by others. In this way, we are being pushed toward correction, unity, and love for the neighbor as for ourselves. When others become closer to us than ourselves, we thus create an integral connection in which all of humanity is connected into one sphere. Everyone is united and depends on everyone. No one is more or less important; everyone is absolutely equal. That is when we will reveal a new world.

Today we see the world through the eyes of our egoism, assessing how much we can use it for our own benefit. But if we attain unity, we will see a perfect, boundless reality, which is beyond our egoism, beyond the interest to profit or the fear of losing. This will be life in the eternal ad perfect world—a life of paradise.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 4/12/2015

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