The Wisdom Of Ascent

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: The modern Israeli society suffers from divisiveness. People feel that they are strangers to each other, really to the point of loathing and hatred. Sometimes, you simply want someone to disappear, board an airplane with your family and depart forever.

Answer: This is what we felt at the time of the Egyptian exile. This is the slavery when the ego dominates us, “plays” with us more strictly, and creates relationships like these among us.

As a result, we find ourselves in a position where we simply have no where to go. Today, some still think that they can flee somewhere to another country, but nothing will help.

Question: So, Israel will become a boiling pressure cooker in which people are locked up, totally unable to tolerate each other?

Answer: Right, that is how it was in the past and it is what will also happen in the future. There will be no other choice for us besides attaining unity. In addition, being unable to find the exit, we will agree that unity is possible only above the hatred.

A Bridge Above The Abyss

Question: The chasms that divide the people have taken shape and crystallized for years. Today the impression is that it is impossible to build bridges over them. Is it possible to forget all of the differences and insults? Is it possible to take control over the negative potential?

Answer: It is possible. I don’t ask you who and what you are, to what community or party you belong. It’s nothing like that. I know only one thing: I am with you, we are with everyone, we need to be together, and this is what I am going on. Certainly, we are different, opposed. We even hate each other. All of this is completely unimportant. Rather, what is important is only one thing: We must begin to connect and unite between us.

We demonstrate this connection and unity through workshops where we sit very different people, strangers, reflecting the entire social spectrum. Let’s take one representative from each party, sit them down together and arrange a workshop and you will see that even in such a mixed composition, they will suddenly discover ways of connecting. They would discover this on condition: that no one tramples on the others and foments his hatred in this ground. On the contrary, each is ready to unite and connect with the others above all the previous thoughts and desires.

So, we actually realize this, and in the center of the circle some kind of new force is revealed, warmth, mutual understanding, an ability to support and maintain a mutual connection. This is the second fundamental force latent in nature itself, the power of love. It is not the love that breaks out between a man and woman, but the same force that penetrates through interpersonal relationships.

Steps Forward

Today, we are in the dimension of hatred and egoism. I do not tolerate others; I always search for superiority above them and want to see them below me, under my control.

But, it is impossible to continue this way. We have reached a point in our development where egoism is devouring us from within. It won’t let us live as before, neither the people of Israel nor humanity as a whole. So, for the first time in history, the wisdom of Kabbalah has been revealed to the world. Its function is to teach us how, under new conditions and in spite of the opposition, we can hold and maintain a good, mutual connection.

From Israeli Radio Program 103FM, 3/22/15

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