The Situation In Europe Is Reminiscent Of The Days Of Hitler

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News ( Ombudsman for Human Rights in the Russian Foreign Ministry said that the tolerance shown by the West regarding the appearance of anti-Semitism, Nazism and xenophobia has become the reason for the renewed departure of the Jews from the European nations today.

“The situation is developing on a large scale and is already close to a critical situation. Human rights activists warn specifically that anti-Semitism has become the reason for the flight of the Jews from the nations of the European Union to Israel. The West, together with neo-Nazism, is reminiscent of the 1930s in Germany during the last century.

“During the time of Hitler and the Nazi regime, the Jews had nowhere to flee, while the tolerance to the appearance of xenophobia and Nazism of the governments and many Western powers led to the deaths of millions of people. The politicians of the European Union and the United States must remember the lessons of history and not help in falsifying history for lying scientists and the rest of the extremists.”

My Comment: I think that everything is happening according to the plan of the general egoistic development of humanity, which must bring a wave of anti-Semitism and general mutual hatred. The people of Israel will be the focus of this universal hatred. This appearance of egoism as total evil is necessary for activating pressure on the Jews, forcing them to implement the method of uniting humanity and in this unity, the discovery of the Creator.

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