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Independence Day: The Beginning Of The Redemption Of Humanity

Laitman_045The great Kabbalist, Baal HaSulam, considered the Independence Day of Israel to be a sacred holiday because he saw in it the beginning of the complete redemption of humanity and its ascent to the level of the Creator.

Question: For most people, this holiday embodies the independence of the Jewish nation.

Answer: There is no such thing as a nation that can be absolutely independent. We see that everyone in the entire world depends upon each other and a person depends upon other people because he cannot live by himself. So it is impossible to call our physical existence independent.

Independence can be attained only when you are in complete contact with those forces that determine your existence and you know how to manage them. Then, it is still possible to speak about some kind of independence, even though this concept is too facile. No one can be independent! Even a stone depends upon the environmental conditions that surround it.

A person’s independence can be discovered only when he feels full dependence and finds within it the possibility of being independent. Basically, this is a psychological intention. If a person is in the right, good, and eternal connection with all the parameters that influence and act upon him, then he is considered independent. He depends upon them completely, but because he begins to determine their relationship to him by himself, he is independent.

It is said that the Creator is good and benevolent, and in His system there is nothing that can cause us harm. But a person, himself, invites actions and negative influences within himself because he is not compatible with the system of the Creator. This means that in order to become independent from himself, he needs to correct himself and adapt himself to the level of the Creator; in other words, he must change to become good and benevolent, and then nothing will frighten him. He would be in a field of positive forces. Only in this  form are we independent! We need to reach this state.

It follows that, on the one hand, this is a state of full resemblance to the Creator, full dependence upon Him, but on the other hand, we also utilize His full dependence in us. This means that we are equal with Him, resemble Him and are absolutely connected with Him, and this is a state of full independence.
From KabTV’s “A Talk About the Independence Day” 4/2/15

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Has The US Lost Its Role As Underwriter Of The Global Economic System?

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion (Lawrence Summer, American economist, President Emeritus, Charles W. Eliot University Professor – Harvard University, former Treasury Secretary): “This past month may be remembered as the moment the United States lost its role as the underwriter of the global economic system. This failure of strategy and tactics was a long time coming, and it should lead to a comprehensive review of the US approach to global economics. With China’s economic size rivalling America’s and emerging markets accounting for at least half of world output, the global economic architecture needs substantial adjustment. Political pressures from all sides in the US have rendered it increasingly dysfunctional.

“With US commitments unhonored and US-backed policies blocking the kinds of finance other countries want to provide or receive through the existing institutions, the way was clear for China to establish the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank. There is room for argument about the tactical approach that should have been taken once the initiative was put forward. But the larger question now is one of strategy. Here are three precepts that US leaders should keep in mind.

“First, American leadership must have a bipartisan foundation at home, be free from gross hypocrisy and be restrained in the pursuit of self-interest. As long as one of our major parties is opposed to essentially all trade agreements, and the other is resistant to funding international organisations, the US will not be in a position to shape the global economic system.

“Other countries are legitimately frustrated when US officials ask them to adjust their policies — then insist that American state regulators, independent agencies and far-reaching judicial actions are beyond their control. This is especially true when many foreign businesses assert that US actions raise real rule of law problems.

“The legitimacy of US leadership depends on our resisting the temptation to abuse it in pursuit of parochial interest, even when that interest appears compelling. We cannot expect to maintain the dollar’s primary role in the international system if we are too aggressive about limiting its use in pursuit of particular security objectives.

“Second, in global as well as domestic politics, the middle class counts the most. It sometimes seems that the prevailing global agenda combines elite concerns about matters such as intellectual property, investment protection and regulatory harmonization with moral concerns about global poverty and posterity, while offering little to those in the middle. Approaches that do not serve the working class in industrial countries (and rising urban populations in developing ones) are unlikely to work out well in the long run.”

My Comment: I don’t want to be like an armchair political observer, reflecting on whether it is good for the Jews, but the truth is that the good in the long run will only be what is consistent with the program of creation, which is to bring all humanity to one body.

In the last 20 years, the United States has performed a different function: divide and conquer. Therefore, not only is the US losing the role of economic leader but also its role as being an example to the world.

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Memory Of The Past And The Future

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: On Memorial Day we honor the fallen and say in the memorial prayer, “May they be imprinted in the heart of Israel from generation to generation.” What exactly do we need to remember? What lessons should be learned from these losses?

Answer: Remember—and then make a calculation for the future. And regardless of kinship, because everyone, either close or distant, belongs to the same people.

We need to be aware of why they fell. What caused these troubles? What does the world want from us? Why are we unable to arrange our lives so that peace and tranquility reigns in our relationships between us and other nations?

We come to realize that we lack only one thing: to balance and compensate for the evil inclination that burns between us, constantly causing friction and conflict. If we normalize to appease relations within the country, we will open this umbrella of peace above all the others.

What happens to the people of Israel is definitely going to happen to the world. This is stated in the Torah.

Since everyone hates us, that in itself is proof of our particular role. After all, the world does not harbor such a strong collective hatred toward anyone else. Is it difficult to see this as a sign of a special force, a special attitude?

It is time to think about what happens to these people. Throughout history we run from misery, trying to be like everyone else, and in return, we are told, “No, you are not like us. Stay back and check yourself. We blame you for being special and bringing us all evil and suffering.”

From where would it seem that this slander comes? After all, we want to give the world only good things. They say, “No, we do not need all that seems to be good to you. We want from you what will really make peace in the world.”

The nations demand unity from us, which will be a good example for everyone.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 4/16/15

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The Punishment For Laziness

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe Torah, “Leviticus” 26:34: Then, the land will be appeased regarding its sabbaticals. During all the days that it remains desolate while you are in the land of your enemies, the Land will rest and thus appease its sabbaticals.

Eretz (land) is Ratzon (desire). If we are not engaged with the correction of our desires, certainly there must be some kind of punishment for the opportunities and the conditions that we missed, which are those needed for making a connection between us, for love, to gather together and to make it possible for the Creator to be revealed between us.

According to our unity and the pressure we create, He can be revealed between us with greater energy and in an abundance of revelation. If we don’t do this, then all kinds of negative situations that were used incorrectly accumulate, and then we pay our debt for this.

It is written, “Then, the land will be appeased regarding its sabbaticals. During all the days that it remains desolate…” This means that we didn’t work with our desires and now it is necessary to balance everything all at once and with one blow. This is received in the form of suffering.

Question: What is “the land will be appeased regarding its sabbaticals?”

Answer: The Sabbath is a seven day preparation for connection on a particular level. But if we neglect this, then as much as we didn’t carry out the connections, they remain negative and uncorrected (this could be the seventh year, the year of the Jubilee, and so forth), and become a very great debt.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 12/10/14

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The Laws Of The Surveillance System

laitman_571_06The Torah, “Leviticus” 26:32 – 26:33: I will make the Land desolate, so that it will become desolate [also] of your enemies who live in it. And I will scatter you among the nations, and I will unsheathe the sword after you. Your land will be desolate, and your cities will be laid waste.

There is a simple law regarding the operation of the surveillance system: If you invoke negative phenomena in the general mass by your actions, you must receive negative feedback from the connection system in order to correct yourself and your actions properly so that you can get back on the right track. Then, the feedback operates on you and guides you in the right direction.

This is exactly what we receive from the nations of the world. Unfortunately, we now see again to what extent this connection is getting increasingly more intense, and it begins to pressure us.

No one can escape it and hide from it since it is in nature, in the forces that govern us. It says that the Creator will find you at the ends of the earth and bring you back to the land of Israel. In any case, you will find yourself here and fulfill your role! This is what the Torah says.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 12/10/14

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Why Are Our Lives So Difficult?

laitman_222Question: In my personal life, I have experienced situations that are not very simple at work, in the family, in the education of children, as well as economically.

You talk about very high things, about the higher system. All this seems very remote to me. I don’t understand. Is there a Creator? Is there someone who manages our reality? What does He want from me? Why must my life be so difficult?

Answer: As the wisdom of Kabbalah explains, everything that happens with us is designed to push us toward discovery of the upper force.

We reach this with very acute questions. What is the meaning of my life? Who causes so much evil for us? Why does He require us to suffer like this? If this force is good, apparently we shouldn’t need to suffer like this—on the contrary—and, if this is an evil force, how is something like this possible? After all, the Torah tells us that the Creator is good. So, what is happening with us?

But whatever it might be, since we are egoists, we cannot approach the discovery of the higher reality from a good feeling. If things are good for me, then I will not begin to search for anything. If I am satisfied, I relax, and, conversely, if I am hungry, then I am searching constantly for something to eat. It is the same thing here.

So, our lives are full of incessant suffering that all of us experience. By trying to flee from it, eventually, as a result of our development, level after level, we are brought to an understanding that we have no choice, and we must grasp this higher force, discover the upper world, the higher system.

We begin to feel that there is something directed toward a goal and that, even though our lives seem disorderly, as far as it seems, there is lawfulness to our constant suffering.

In our contemporary world, we see how people suffer, take antidepressants, use drugs and so forth. This is the situation from which we come to discovery.

So, my advice to you is not to ask this question. Rather, try to solve it. The wisdom of Kabbalah, which has been discovered specifically in our time, makes it possible for us to discover the cause for all the evil in our lives and transform it for the better.
From Israeli Radio Program 103FM, 2/15/15

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