Why Are Our Lives So Difficult?

laitman_222Question: In my personal life, I have experienced situations that are not very simple at work, in the family, in the education of children, as well as economically.

You talk about very high things, about the higher system. All this seems very remote to me. I don’t understand. Is there a Creator? Is there someone who manages our reality? What does He want from me? Why must my life be so difficult?

Answer: As the wisdom of Kabbalah explains, everything that happens with us is designed to push us toward discovery of the upper force.

We reach this with very acute questions. What is the meaning of my life? Who causes so much evil for us? Why does He require us to suffer like this? If this force is good, apparently we shouldn’t need to suffer like this—on the contrary—and, if this is an evil force, how is something like this possible? After all, the Torah tells us that the Creator is good. So, what is happening with us?

But whatever it might be, since we are egoists, we cannot approach the discovery of the higher reality from a good feeling. If things are good for me, then I will not begin to search for anything. If I am satisfied, I relax, and, conversely, if I am hungry, then I am searching constantly for something to eat. It is the same thing here.

So, our lives are full of incessant suffering that all of us experience. By trying to flee from it, eventually, as a result of our development, level after level, we are brought to an understanding that we have no choice, and we must grasp this higher force, discover the upper world, the higher system.

We begin to feel that there is something directed toward a goal and that, even though our lives seem disorderly, as far as it seems, there is lawfulness to our constant suffering.

In our contemporary world, we see how people suffer, take antidepressants, use drugs and so forth. This is the situation from which we come to discovery.

So, my advice to you is not to ask this question. Rather, try to solve it. The wisdom of Kabbalah, which has been discovered specifically in our time, makes it possible for us to discover the cause for all the evil in our lives and transform it for the better.
From Israeli Radio Program 103FM, 2/15/15

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