Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: The Holocaust, which befell the Jewish nation, was the most tragic event in all of our history. But when we see how anti-Semitism is gaining momentum all over the world, it seems that instead of becoming a thing of the past, the Holocaust is possible even today. Can the Holocaust happen again?

Answer: The point of the process that is happening to us is for us to repent our egoistic nature and demand to replace it, to replace hatred with brotherly love. And in order to reach that kind of realization, we need to learn about the entire program of creation.

The science of Kabbalah explains that all of creation is one closed, analog system, all of whose parts are interconnected on all levels into one sphere. Thus, every element affects all other elements and they all harmoniously take part in the system, except for man.

Imagine a sphere that contains still nature, plants, and animals that all exist in total symbiosis with each other. Even though we see how one of them eats another, it’s only because man, the most developed creature, is evil and egoistic by nature.

Egoism separates us and forces us to profit at others’ expense, to compete and wage war. Each person feels better if he manages to get ahead of others, instead of letting them get ahead of him.

Human nature is opposite to the perfect, global, integral nature, which is a round, closed system. But eventually, humanity has to reach equivalence with nature and attain a wonderful, perfect state where all the nations of the world are united.

There is one special nation called the nation of Israel, which has the method to attain unity. This nation lived in such unity for 1,600 years, from the time of Ancient Babylon on.

After coming out of Ancient Babylon, the Jewish nation went through the land of Canaan, Egypt, and the Sinai desert, and then reached the land of Israel, where it lived until the destruction of the Temple and its expulsion into the last exile. For about 1,500 years, this nation lived by the principle of love for the neighbor as for yourself.

The Jewish nation lived in the attainment of the general nature of unity, and by virtue of that it attained the laws of the general nature, it attained the “Creator,” or perfection, mutual love and bestowal.

After that we fell from the height of love into hatred and thus became equal to all the nations of the world, among which we live to this day. But about a hundred years ago, the Jewish nation got an opportunity to return to the land of Israel in order to create the state of Israel here again.

The state of Israel needs to be created according to our program, the laws by which we used to live, meaning the laws of unity of the nation and state. Without such unity, which suits the Jewish nation, that is, love for the neighbor as for yourself, we cannot become a nation. That is why we are still called a gathering of exiles.

Only by realizing the method of unity that we were given will we build the nation of Israel. Otherwise we cannot be considered a nation. It looks like we live together, in one country, but in reality, each person is by himself. That’s how we live today. Many people would even like to leave, and they would happily leave the country if they had the chance to live well abroad.

There is no spirit of one nation here, living in one country, on its land. It is more like a refuge where we have gathered because we had no other choice. However, while in previous generations, immediately after the Holocaust, when the Jews escaped here from other countries, Israel did resemble a refuge, today it is no longer one because today every person has the chance to travel the world and live wherever he wants to. You can meet Israelis in any part of the world. That is, we are once again dispersing all over the world, as if the threat has passed and we can come out of the refuge.

But according to the program of creation, we have to become one nation, and it’s not in order for us to live well, but to show the right example to everyone else. This is the meaning of becoming “a Light onto the nations of the world.”

We will have to realize that unity whether we want to or not. Therefore, we will experience all sorts of problems inside the nation of Israel, along with horrible hatred and anti-Semitism from outside, from other nations, until all of this obligates us to unite. But we can become aware of the need to unite on our own and begin working on it according to the method of Kabbalah, which explains how to love your neighbor as yourself. Then we won’t need to be nudged toward that by internal strife or external hatred.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 04/12/2015

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