Unity Is A Wonder Drug For Anti-Semitism

Dr. Michael LaitmanAfter the horrible holocaust of the European Jews, we all believed that it would never happen again, because in a modern, communicative, and open world there is a place for every nation including our nation. But we see how this threatening trend reappears: global anti-Semitism.

This phenomenon is poorly understood in our enlightened generation when everyone has free access to every university and everyone can engage in whatever they wish to: business, science, technology, and culture. But it is actually the intellectual, developed representatives in every nation, scientists and people of culture, who are the greatest anti-Semites.

A new wave of hatred of the Jewish people is starting again from inside nature, from the depth of the generations, and it is of an irrational nature. What is more, this wave is so big and so powerful, so wide and comprehensive, that it is impossible to hide it anymore. It keeps on growing from day to day.

It will undoubtedly keep on developing. The only method to correct this situation is the same means that Abraham discovered in his times: the unity between us.

The Jewish people have to feel that they are one. The moment we begin to move towards unity, we will affect all the nations that surround us. They will suddenly feel the need to unite as well, and will begin to unite automatically and follow us like a shadow. We will immediately see a change in their attitude towards us.

It is because there is a reason for the anti-Semites’ belief that we control and manage the world and that all the problems in the world are only because of us. Moreover, they also feel that they depend on us, which is actually true.

Today there is no other way to prevent the tragic course of events except by uniting. Anti-Semitism will flood the streets and we will not be able to hide from it as has already happened in our history.

We have to act only according to the method that nature has prepared for us. It is only by the unity among us that we will find peace and, at the same time, bring to the world the force of goodness, which it needs so in this state of global crisis.
From KabTV’s “Short Stories” 10/24/14

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