The Influence Of The Jews On The Nations Of The World

Dr. Michael LaitmanBy studying the long periods of the Jews in the Diaspora and the exile of two thousand years, we can say that same phenomenon recurs over and over again.

Whenever they came into a new country, the Jewish people looked for shelter and a place where they could dwell and survive, and they could survive only by strongly uniting among them. Therefore, having no choice, we became closer when we were in exile, and the correct mutual relations were formed between us, not because we wanted it, but because we forced to do so.

Our positive attitude towards one another affected those around us. We brought science and culture to the people in the country where we lived and that country began to prosper.

But the moment we got used to a certain place, the ego grew between us, as did competition, and we became alienated from one another. These negative relations were reflected in the people that surrounded us and thus summoned in them hatred and accusations against us. As a result, we were expelled from that country and the country would deteriorate.

The internal state of the Jewish people was always conveyed to people they lived among and brought them either prosperity or recession.

Therefore, if we begin to get closer to one another today and establish the right mutual relations between us, we will summon a positive attitude on the part of the nations that surround us on every continent.
From KabTV’s “Short Stories” 10/24/14

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