The Borderline Of Our Evolution

laitman_742_03Question: We see alternating periods of destruction and creation in the evolution of the earth. Can we see it as analogous to the evolution of mankind?

Answer: It seems that nature only destroys what it creates. In fact, it is part of the evolutionary process in which every new phase requires overcoming the previous state and building a new phase above it.

As for a possible analogy to the history of mankind, it is all about the essence of the evolution of a single ego, of our desire to receive, that is out of balance with the One who bestows.

The confusion stems from the fact that the desire to receive is divided into two parts:

  • On the one hand, I yearn to receive for my direct self-benefit;
  • On the other hand, I am ready to give something to someone since I know that I will benefit from it. Although I simply feel good about my kindness, it is a clear reward since otherwise I would remain without any fuel to give.

Thus, I am constantly driven only by one force of receiving. No matter what I do, I do it all for my own sake. No one has the power to give something without calculating his own benefit. Even a mother takes care of her baby because she would feel pain if something were to happen to him. If you cut off that pain, her concern would disappear.

We basically are nothing but systems of thoughts and outcomes. My system would never agree to make even one gram of effort if it didn’t see any profit, response, or feeling in return. Our entire nature is arranged in this egoistic manner, and it only knows how to calculate things for its own benefit.

Therefore, all our kindness, no matter how sincere it is, is a lie. We cannot bestow purely unconditionally. Only a person who is insane or mentally ill can do something without calculating his personal profit.

So, how can we acquire the power of bestowal in order to balance our essence? This is what we must find out.

However, in any case, this force lies in nature, lies in our concealed plan, and it is now that we engage in the ascent from the animal level to the human level. A human being is already a created being who includes the two forces.

Meanwhile, we use the developing force of the human level only in a negative way and not the positive one that we should have established above the negativity.

Thus, we go through terrible states along a very difficult path until we decide that the path is bad and that we must complete it and balance it with the good force.

We are actually on this borderline, in the transition from our negative evolution to the positive completion.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 3/2/14

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