Time To Justify What Was Received In Advance

laitman_750_03Question: All countries are mainly blaming Israel for its attitude toward the Palestinians. In the last years, all anti-Semitism concentrates around this subject. So what can be the answer to all these accusations?

Answer: The Palestinians are only the exterior reason for anti-Semitism. In the past years, the reasons change, but the hatred towards the Jewish nation remains and even widens. But in order to justify it, different reasons are found.

Therefore, on all the claims of the anti-Semites I simply answer, that they are definitely right! That I agree with them and am willing to repeat all of it, word by word.

Question: Is it possible that first of all we should change our policy toward the Palestinians?

Answer: It will not change anything. We are already doing for them everything possible. But is anyone paying attention to it?

Comment: The Palestinians are blaming us that we conquered their land?

Answer: Do you think that they will calm down after we would return their land? Until we will not disappear from the area, they will not leave us. Never! And also if you will want to leave, don’t think that you will find anyplace in the big world.

Question: So what, we simply have to ignore their demands?

Answer: We simply need to know the laws of the world and work according to these laws. The law in the world says, that we must bring the Reforming Light to the world, the world has already arrived at the state of the “days of the Messiah,” and we need to transfer to them the Light that will pull them to the Creator.

Question: But the whole world has claims against the state of Israel.

Answer: Actually, the world demands that we will realize the role that was given to us. And if we supply them with the corporeal demands, we will not satisfy anyone. Maybe only if all the people would leave the territories, the Palestinians would be satisfied.  But this is impossible, because the disappearing of the nation of Israel is against the plan of creation.

This hatred will not disappear; we will not be able to arrange anything if we will not perform our mission. We see that it is impossible to come to compromise with the Arabs through concessions. Once Israel gave them approval to return from Libya to an area of Palestinian autonomy, gave them an additional area, and another one. But nothing helps, because all the concessions do not bring us close to peace and do not improve our situation on this land.

Only one thing can help—to tell the whole world the truth, to explain that we returned to our land in order to bring Light to all the nations. We have no right to be here, because in the meantime, this place is not called “the land of Israel.” And also the people that live here are not considered, in the meantime, the nation of Israel, but rather, a “collection of the exiles.”

The nation of Israel and the land of Israel are spiritual concepts. In a genetic aspect, the nation of Israel does not exist in nature. Otherwise, how is it possible to explain that every Frenchmen can willingly convert and become a Jew, (Yechudi from the word “Yichud” – Unity), to be Israel, which means to be Yasher El, directed straight to the Creator. And this will not be a lie, or forgery, but it is truly like that, because “Israel,” “the nation of Israel,” and the “land of Israel” are spiritual concepts. But, as of today, the people of Israel do not fit this concept; therefore, Baal HaSulam writes that we received an opportunity to return to the land of Israel as before.

Therefore, the Palestinians are right, this land and this place do not belong to us. But we purposely came here in order to establish a nation of Israel in the land of Israel. Because only in this form can we bring Light to the world. This is exactly what the Palestinians and the rest of the nation demand from us. And we can provide this Light only while we live here, while we live here in Israel and not somewhere else.

Precisely for this reason we are here! Therefore we request everyone to take time out in order to finish this work. We will attract the Reforming Light and everyone will feel better. The world will rise to a state of adhesion with the Creator, and He will be revealed.

We have to explain all that, and then we will see how it acts on the people.

Question: It seems that the main thing is to attract the Light, and it is possible to continue to keep the territories and build settlements on it?

Answer: There will be no territories and no settlers, because this place will belong to everyone. And you will see that the Arabs will let us do everything we want in the territories because we will provide them the Light of life, the fulfillment.

It is written that in the end of days the nations of the world will carry the nation of Israel on their shoulders and will bring them to Jerusalem. They will bring us directly to the Temple Mount and will say: “Take everything!”
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 11/12/14, Writings of Baal HaSulam

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