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laitman_568_01Question: We have a problem in phrasing the role of the Israeli nation correctly. It says that we should be “light unto the nations,” but what does that mean?

Answer: “Light unto the nations” doesn’t refer to scientific achievements. Baal HaSulam says that in that sense we are the students of the nations, they developed science and we have only joined in the process.

This isn’t what is expected of us. Has anyone ever thanked us for our Nobel Prizes or for our scientific discoveries? No one will thank us or really appreciate it, but will only attribute malicious intentions to us. The nations of the world don’t appreciate anything that we have contributed to humanity, except for the Light that Reforms. They don’t relate to anything but it.

You want recognition: “Look at what we have given the world, what medicines we have developed or what technologies we have invented…” “So what? Very nice. We will come to your hospitals for treatment.” They don’t respond internally to the fact that we seem to be doing them a favor, helping and caring for them. We even treat our enemies, but no one feels that he owes us anything. We expect a positive attitude in return, but the nations don’t feel any need for it.

It isn’t because they are ungrateful. The point is that we have to give them something that is totally different. In everything else that we give them it is as if we are repaying a debt instead of actually giving them something.

We can lower taxes to the Arab sector, or buy off our “cousins” in different bonuses and pave all of East Jerusalem with gold, but it wouldn’t be gifts for them. This is the mistake the government is making, thinking that this is how we will enlists the support of the Arabs. It is wrong.

The Arabs demand from us something that is totally different, and they don’t need anything but it. This is how a person feels according to the root of his soul: He has to receive the Light that Reforms from us, and we, on the other hand, turn off the tap and suffocate him.

For everything else, for their good life in the raging Middle East, they will never thank us. I repeat, we cannot blame them for being ungrateful. Our gifts are simply not what we really should give them. They receive it as something that we owe them as if repaying a debt.

We have to really clarify this matter. Many have offered to give them more, so that they would appreciate the benefits in the connection with us…no way!! Unless we give them the Light that Reforms their attitude towards us will not change at all.

The same goes for the whole world. It makes no difference what excuses we have and what we say about our contribution, the world doesn’t need it. People don’t see it as a good thing at all. We have to provide the world with something that is totally different and so we have to worry about that and do it: give the world the Light that Reforms.

When I read the papers and see the general approach of our domestic policy, I see that it is totally distorted from the top down. It is all a lie and people don’t understand what is going on.

Don’t give the Arabs anything but the Light that Reforms and you will see the results. Then they will not deceive or cheat us and will not play a dirty game. It is because we will oblige them by the Light, and there will be nothing to fear anymore. Give them the Light and they are yours, not only as “cousins” but as actual brothers. Open the borders, bring down the barriers, feel free, and you will see how they look up to you. But we are doing the exact opposite…

Baal HaSulam writes about this in the “The Last Generation“: Jews should present before the gentiles a novelty in the wisdom of religion, in justice and in peace. In that most gentiles are our disciples and this wisdom is attributed to us alone.
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 11/12/14, Writings of Baal HaSulam

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