The Idleness Of The European Parliament

Dr, Michael LaitmanI read in the article “Russian Germany,” that in 2015, only a few dozen laws were dealt with in the European parliament, which is made up of 751 representatives.

Maintaining this creative legislative army costs the taxpayer 1.7 billion Euros every year. According to this year’s prospects, the representatives will readily accept this decrease in their activities and will go on about their own business without any sense of there being a problem.

My Comment: I believe that this is how the composition (of the EU ) is gradually making itself obsolete and irrelevant. However, this may be quite beneficial, since many people have learned from this project, which was a failure from the start. The only reason for its failure was that it was not based on any form of integration but on simple, egoistic calculations. Because all of this is taking place in an era of true integration of nature any form of artificial integration is doomed to fall apart. On the whole, this project will eventually have  to be shut down completely.

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