Real, Very Serious Problems Will Begin In The EU In 1.5 To 2 Years

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion (Michael Khazin, economist): “The EU is faced with the crisis in the next 1.5 years. There are four possible scenarios: the formation of union around Germany, a union around Germany and France, the collapse of the EU in individual countries and the war between them, the blossoming of the EU with possible accession of Algeria, Ukraine, Syria and other countries. In this case, the fate of the EU is not discussed by its leadership. In crisis, the natural geo-economic clusters that exist within the EU will be merged and Europe might fall apart into two clusters: the ‘Roman Empire’ and the ‘Protesting Core.’

“The crisis processes in the EU will be accelerated, and in 1.5 to 2 years very serious problem will begin in the EU that could lead the EU towards dictatorship: not many will be able to save parliamentary democracy. Today’s gay pride parades are growing those who would be hanged on lamp posts—the elite realized that people’s anger needs to be discharged on someone.”

My Comment: Although Khazin visited me and we discussed, as an option, the adoption by the elite of integral education for the EU population, he argues in the line of suffering (Beito), but not in the line of correction (Achishena). I still hope for the best outcome; it depends on our efforts, and not on the summits …

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