Is Europe Ready For Integration?

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion (Yevgeny M. Primakov, Russian politician and diplomat, academician, member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, served as the Russian Foreign Minister, Prime Minister of Russia): “Europe shows that no integration can exist without supranational structures. Now in the EU as a whole, things are bad, but I do not think it will lead to the end of the EU. There is a greater need for supranational structures, in which countries pass some sovereignty.

“These national structures manage the banking environment, the budget process of all the members of this union. If this does not exist, the integration will not deepen. It is important that all the EU countries understand that we need supranational structures. But the EU has expanded too fast – you cannot accept many countries in the integration process at once; they sink the union.”

My Comment: The problem is not in the speed of entering the supranational union but in the readiness of its potential members for integration, and this is possible only after implementing the course of integral education for the masses in these countries. Any union will break without changing relationships between nations.

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