As Long As The Kids Grow To The Father’s Delight

Dr. Michael LaitmanWhen the upper descends to the lower, the lower feels it as darkness. This means that it hurts his ego. But if the lower wants to understand the upper and to know his intentions, despite the bad feeling, and if he doesn’t want to blame the upper but rather tries to justify Him, understanding that the upper operates only for the lower’s sake, the lower has to increase his awareness in order to justify the upper.

The lower says that the AHP of the upper is revealed in him now and despite his bad feeling, he has to adhere to Him, which means not only to restrain himself and to kiss the beating stick of the upper, but also to accept this Providence gladly and willingly. This can be felt as troubles, problems, humiliations, disgrace, and any other surprises the Creator may prepare for a person. But I have to understand that it is all for my own good, that it hurts my ego, and that it is great!

Let me suffer, my ego cannot raise its head now. So I don’t even ask the upper to understand and to get to know Him, but just a little awareness to the extent that I can relate to Him properly. This means that I want to understand and to feel His actions in order to imitate Him.

Here we are given a chance to develop our awareness, just like a child’s mind that tries to understand his mother. He thinks that his mother treats him badly, but he understands that it cannot be! Here the group and all the other means can a help a person reach this demand.

When we go out to disseminate, we prepare ourselves for the blows, which is the “sorrow of raising sons.” But we have to justify them since the lower doesn’t understand and cannot operate any differently. We have to raise their deficiencies to the upper upper (to the group and further up) and to correct their attitude.

Our prayer will be double: The upper that raises the request of the lower upwards is rewarded twice so that he will become great and will give birth to the lower. So first we have to ask the uppermost for the power not to neglect the lower, not to disrespect them and hate them, but rather to love them in spite of their disdain and accusations. Despite all this, we should ask for the power to be great and to treat them with love, bestowal, and dedication and to take care of them devotedly in order to bring them the part of the Light that they need.

We do all that not so that they will curse us or accept our actions but only so that they will grow to the delight of the Creator! Then this whole process becomes in order to bestow.
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 9/23/13, Talmud Eser Sefirot

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