Europe Is Shaken

Laitman_421_01In the News (The Wall Street Journal): “European government officials have been ‘deluding’ themselves that the crisis was over and the eurozone would recover, said Charles Wyplosz, professor of international economics at the Graduate Institute Geneva. … ‘What we see now is the revelation that the situation in the eurozone is very precarious,’ he said. ‘We are sitting on a powder keg… .’

“Critics have long warned that a sustainable common currency requires something more—a political and fiscal union that puts Europe’s collective financial muscle at the service of its weaker members.”

“The Eurozone is a major threat to the global economy, the region, whose share in the world gross product is the fifth part of moves to stagnation and deflation,” writes The Economist

“Against the background of the general instability in the world economy the internal problems of Europe such as poor demographics, problematic labor markets and big debts, risking to bring down its economy, and with it create serious problems for the whole world.” (Source: CypLive)

My Comment: You must start with re-educating people; only in accordance with their level of awareness of the need for true integration, unification of the peoples of the continent, is a peaceful solution to the crisis possible.

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