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Warm Waves Of The Sukkot Holiday

laitman_276_01The revelation of the upper force takes place in 125 degrees by which a person approaches the Creator closer and closer. But this process advances in a unique way. To the degree that I approach, I suddenly feel the darkness of an even greater concealment again. And I advance again, overcoming the darkness, making a discovery, and finding myself in darkness again.

This is like in school, where with every ascent to the next class, the study becomes more serious and difficult. In first grade we learn while playing, in second grade it is a bit more difficult, in third grade, even more difficult. When we reach the higher grades, learning becomes intense and in the university it is very difficult.

The levels of difficulty rise sharply, exponentially, and we must take this into account. But we learn to help each other this way and to use the help of the Kabbalists and the entire organized system that has been prepared for us.

As in regular science, we use all the achievements, beginning from ancient times until our day. And even though it becomes difficult for us to advance, millions of people are working in the forefront of science today, something that requires many resources, materials, and financial means, and so science evolves.

The more we advance, the more the requirements for work increase, in quantity and quality, and mass participation is required. So, today all of humanity is entering into a unique level; many people feel the emptiness of life, which can be filled only through searching for the Creator.

For this reason a person loses the taste in life; this is something that is designed to push him towards discovery of the upper force. He will find fulfillment only if he discovers the source of life that created him and plays “hide and seek” with him.

Sukkot is a special holiday. This is the time when all who are searching for the Creator already begin to feel the warm waves, the embrace that comes from it, and this is a wonderful feeling. Like in a game of “hide the thimble,” when getting close to the place it will be found, we also say, “Warm, warmer, very hot!”

Sukkot is a special time even for those people who are still not included in the search for the upper force, but who already feel a little of what is missing. If during the holidays they at least join us somehow participating in discussion circles, then they will feel that a very unique feeling of inspiration and elevation of spirit is present that envelops all people.

We hope that together we will get to feel this warmth and discovery!
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 10/5/14

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A Point Of Inspection

Laitman_109Working on self-correction, removing the concealment, and the revelation of the Creator begins when I first feel that there is a cover-up. After all, an ordinary person doesn’t notice it and feels that everything is revealed.

Once I feel the concealment, I begin to clarify that it is inside me, it isn’t somewhere between me and the Creator in some external physical space, but inside me, in my heart and mind, not letting the Creator dwell there.

Accordingly, I change and expand my heart and mind by exchanging my current attributes with new attributes. I am like a small child who is taught to look at the world and to feel things that he didn’t feel before.

I begin to work with the new attributes and gradually make it a habit that becomes my second nature. Being in contact with the new attributes, I become sensitive to them. This is how it works everywhere, including with my attitude toward the Creator.

When I work on the concealment, I begin to discover the Creator’s actions on me through it. I only need to be very delicate about it, careful, and attentive so as not to simply clarify what I think, but what He does so that I will think that way.

What do I want? Just a minute, but this isn’t what I want! What does He want me to want? This is the kind of clarification I do each time.

There is nothing in me that is mine since there is none else besides Him. The only thing that I have is a special clever point that identifies that everything in me stems from the Creator. There is only one tiny point left from which I examine and check myself, just like an inspector.

This is how I must work with my feelings, with all my life experiences, in order to use them and fulfill the goal of my life.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 9/30/14

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Are We Ready For The Revelation Of The Creator?

laitman_942Question: If it is only the readiness to discover the Creator, then we are ready. So, why don’t we discover Him?

Answer: If you are ready, then what’s the problem! It does not need any action besides the united efforts of the world group.

Suppose that you have a leaky faucet. Put a cup or bowl under the faucet and fill it as much as you want. You will find, however, if your cup is broken or there is a hole in the bowl, then what can you do? After all, you aren’t even taking the trouble to glue the broken vessel together. What will you fill with water? With what will you discover the Light?

You are in an ocean of Light, but you don’t feel it because you don’t even have the tiniest capacity to contain, discern, measure, and feel this Light.

Question: Suppose that I am not ready for revelation, but everyone else in the group of ten are ready. How should I work?

Answer: Ask to be connected with the other nine friends of the circle such that a minimal level of spirituality will be revealed in you, and it doesn’t matter that you are still not ready. You ask until your request will become real, and then you will feel immediately that everything is realized.

Question: So why are we stopping? Why don’t we continue the discussion in a circle to attain this level?

Answer: We cannot be involved with the same thing for a long time because the sharp feeling disappears. Fatigue comes and people need to change the atmosphere. States like these are given to us intentionally to begin to restart like a computer.
From the Convention In St. Petersburg “Day One” 9/19/14, Lesson 2

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Nine People Oblige The Tenth

laitman_938_03Question: If during the workshop someone becomes disengaged from the common direction, how is it possible to influence this friend gently?
Answer: First of all, if someone from the group of ten suddenly “floats off” somewhere, then the entire group of ten is to blame for it. That is what you must feel.

You must converge among yourselves strongly and try to influence him such that he will again enter into your connection and unity. First of all, it is possible to do this even without words through an exercise: Suggest everyone sing something together or change the subject to something closer to this person. In brief, it is necessary to wake him up somehow, join him to the discussion more and to connect the group of ten more.

If you have a serious group of ten, then this person, even with the most harmful habits, cannot leave it. You hold him as if with the help of a magnet. And conversely, if you let him go, even those who wanted to be in a permanent connection will not be able to hold on. Here the effort of all ten is compulsory.

You can, through your efforts, hold this person in such a state that he will not be able to break away anywhere, that this won’t interest him. He will be under your influence all the time.

Here a precise law of physics is operating. So remember: Don’t let yourselves relax, be like a single whole. Then he will not escape anywhere, for nine people oblige the tenth.

You must use one another’s desires directed towards the goal correctly: I want to receive them from the friends; I want to cling to them, to be in their desires. Moreover, they can be small or large this is unimportant. But if my friend has desires like these, I need them; they are compulsory for me. These are desires that my soul lacks in order to discover it.

In turn, I show the friend my yearning so that he will be linked to me. I am linked to him, he is linked to me and that way the connection is gradually created.
From the Convention In St. Petersburg 9/18/14, Preparatory Lesson 2

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With An Encounter Between Two Energies

laitman_939_02The spiritual method is built upon knowledge of the Shevirah (shattering) of the collective desire, of its fall and descent from the altruistic characteristic of reciprocity. From the start, this characteristic was a collective desire, but when the Upper Light entered into it, it was shattered.

But through its positive characteristics of love, connection, and yearning for unity, the Light granted completely opposite, egoistic desires to this desire. It follows that today we are completely contrary and opposed to the Light.

All of the characteristics that we have discovered and continue to discover within us will begin to be revealed in us as worse and worse. This is because when we advance forward, we will already have knowledge, skill, experience, power, unity, and mutual help, and so more and more egoistic and gross desires will be revealed to us.

Everything that is revealed in us is contrary to the power of the unifying Light, to what we need to be. Our best intentions, good impulses, everything that was and everything that is, is discovered to be opposite to our right and corrected state.

In the meantime we cannot say what the corrected state will be because we don’t have the appropriate feelings and the appropriate intelligence.

I cannot feel my corrected state from the uncorrected state because I need to connect myself with others to a particular degree, and then a spiritual intelligence and desire will appear within me, meaning, that my correct state will be revealed both in heart and mind, meaning both in desires and in intentions. I will be able to do something. But now I am not in it yet.

So the problem is this, a person can never correct himself by himself. No matter how much he tries, it is impossible to jump over his head! The only thing that is possible to do is to ask. When we yearn for the next state, our desire, our request to the Creator invites the influence of the Upper Light upon us. The negative energy that we awaken attracts the positive energy of the Light to us. In this way we are corrected.

Everything happens according to clear physical laws. There are no enchantments, magic, or prayers here that are accepted by society. A prayer is a desire that goes out from the heart so that the Higher Power will be revealed with the right intention toward others in connection and love.

When I seem to be asking for the others (for essentially I am an egoist and cannot ask for them, but I want to have a desire like this), then this preliminary request, meaning this negative desire, still invites the Upper Light, the positive energy.
From the Convention In St. Petersburg “Day One” 9/19/14, Lesson 2

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Exile: On The Verge Of The Light And Darkness, Part 4

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion:  A significant portion of the original sources emerged during the “vague” period of the destruction of the Temple. So, the books that appeared at that time had to be very elevated because they were written between the fall and the upcoming ascent. Is that right?

Answer: Of course! It was the time when the great Talmud was written and also a tremendous number of other books were created on this edge, including The Book of Zohar.

Those who wrote these books knew that people would fall into absolute darkness and rise again after many generations. They knew that in a number of centuries these books would surface again in order to let people implement the knowledge at the next higher level, together with all of humanity, all of Babylon.

Before, it was prohibited to put this knowledge in writing. Everything had to live in a person, and people worked internally. Why would anybody document anything if this wisdom was already written in the annals of their souls? Absolutely every bit of knowledge was inscribed in the memory of the “spiritual computer.” However, when people started losing connection with this computer, they obtained permission to write down the knowledge on paper. They began writing books, which is why we have ​the​ Babylonian Talmud, Mishnah, Gemarah, and The Book of Zohar.

Even today, after hundreds and thousands of years, there are dozens of volumes left, even though many parts of The Book of Zohar did not survive! Can you imagine how much they wrote?

That’s why the “Talmud” became a household word denoting something huge and comprehensive. We are talking about an incredible number of canonical texts that nobody is ever allowed to correct. Even if some lines seem wrong to us, they should still be left intact. It’s quite possible that later we’ll figure out that these lines are correct. We should know what is written there.

That’s why the Old Testament, i.e., the Torah, has remained intact since then. All further editions are identical to the archeological findings, no matter how old they are.

Question: So, the original texts carry some core rod?

Answer: Yes, they do. Even now, we continue studying the laws that explain how we should relate to these texts. We cannot change a thing in them! No matter what we think about the texts, we are strictly prohibited from changing them.

However, it is acceptable to make adaptations with references to the original text. At this time, we have processed The Book of Zohar slightly and made it more accessible to the general public. Otherwise, it is extremely hard and practically impossible to understand what’s written in these books, since they were meant for a different type of intellect or perception.

Question:  If so, the texts are written on the verge of the light and darkness, on the edge of the light and the exile. Do they carry the fetus of our further ascent?

Answer: The Mishnah, Talmud, Schulchan Aruch and many others were written and studied during the various phases of the exile. Starting with the fifteenth century, from the time of the Ari, the major book that acquired the biggest popularity among scholars is undoubtedly The Book of Zohar.

The two tribes from Abraham’s group carried the books with them through the entire exile and continued observing the principle of “loving their neighbor as themselves.”

The rest of the tribes vanished. They didn’t take the books with them because they were descendants of the First Temple, during which writing was completely prohibited.

Question: Does it mean that during the exile people were united around these writings? Were they written to attain unity?

Answer: Yes. Their task was to store the wisdom throughout history. At the end of the descent, The Book of Zohar had to be revealed. It was meant to help people leave the exile.
From KabTV’s “Babylon Yesterday and Today” 9/03/14, Part 6

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The Essential Secret Of The Jews, Part 58

From the book The Essential Secret of the Jews, M. Brushtein

Chapter 4 – The Crisis – Not a Force Majeure

“No calamity comes to the world but for Israel.” (Baal HaSulam “Introduction to The Book of Zohar)

The Crisis of the Genre

We live in exciting times. Today, many well-known facts, historical events, scientific discoveries, etc. are criticized, revised or even denied. What used to be well-known and proven once and for all, today is not.

First, a new version of a well-known event appears. Then a version that denies the new version. Then a version that augments the new one and denies the one that was denied. Finally, a version that denies all the versions without exception, but confirms the original one. In general, life has become merrier.

As a result, we no longer believe in anything. The Mongols conquered Russia or vice versa. The Americans were on the moon or the moon landing was filmed in Hollywood; the human descended from apes or appeared immediately; Einstein created the theory of relativity or someone else …

With regard to the global conspiracy, there, as they say, is “lawlessness.” Bankers, secret lodges, the world’s governments, intelligence agencies – all weave plots and conduct covert expansion using the global crisis, psychotropic weapons, and Internet technologies.

The same trend can be seen behind those attempts. People are interested in the reasons. Events themselves recede into the background, but the reasons – to the foreground. People want to know, not what happened and when, but why and most importantly – who is behind this.

The crisis of this genre is not observed yet, although all the possible causes of almost all well-known events have been listed and investigated. Now, people became interested in less probable causes and even impossible reasons. Keyboards click, books are printed, interest continues unabated. In fact, it is normal. Somewhere deep down, a person wants to know the truth, only the truth, and nothing but the truth.

Thus, the reasons are being looked for, the reasons are being examined, and the reasons are gradually drying up. Meanwhile, one reason, common to all events without exception, no one has investigated and is not investigating. At least, no one recognizes it.

At the same time, this reason, rather is the factor that is invisible always, everywhere and anywhere. Everyone knows it, but none considers it. It is a killer in the literal and figurative sense and at the same time is absolutely unpredictable. It is not studied, although it is sometimes mentioned. I will not keep you in suspense any longer. This factor has found its residence in the legal literature, although it looks externally like a musical term.

The force majeure (French) in civil law is the emergence of extraordinary and unavoidable circumstances that exempt the contracting parties from fulfilling their contractual obligations…

In all civil legal systems the irresistible force is the circumstance that frees from liability.

The legal force majeure usually includes decisions of the highest state authorities (prohibition of imports or exports, foreign exchange restrictions, etc..), strikes, wars, revolutions, etc. (Legal Dictionary)

Is not it amazing? We behave as if something depends on us. As if we decide and manage, as if there is no one at all except us. There is no animate or vegetative, or inanimate nature. There are only people – reasonable, that do what they want.

That is our fault. We do what we can, but this force majeure does what it wants. So, it reigns the world, not us.

The question is whether we can agree with this force majeure.

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The Decline Of Babylon, Part 7

Dr. Michael LaitmanToday it is becoming clear that on the level of our world. we don’t have anything more to do, and that we are meant to climb upward. And from the state of emptiness on this level, the next possible state for spiritual development is appearing at the same time.

And we, all of humanity, are found on this historical border. Certainly the group of Abraham must burst forth to show itself correctly before the whole world and begin the collective ascent to elevate all of the human Babylon to the level of the higher power to which all of humanity, all of creation must reach.

In other words, it is necessary to constantly search for and work on the balance between the positive and negative forces, altruism and egoism, in order to unite them together into the middle line and with it attain the higher power until really becoming adhered with it. This is the next level.

In his time, Abraham took the people out and showed them how to balance the two forces. In the same way now, a group of Abraham must show how to add the positive to the negative progress of the egoistic, physical development of humanity, in general.

Question: So there won’t be a return to the same Babylon?

Answer: No. Babylon is reaching correction, so all of humanity is rising to the next level. Our world is disappearing and we are beginning to feel the next state, the next level with our new senses, which we call spirituality or the Creator.
From KabTV’s “Babylon Yesterday and Today” 8/28/14, Part 7

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Daily Kabbalah Lesson – 10.10.14

Shamati #58 “Joy Is a ‘Reflection’ of Good Deeds”

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Writings of Rabash Dargot HaSulam,” Article 21

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