With An Encounter Between Two Energies

laitman_939_02The spiritual method is built upon knowledge of the Shevirah (shattering) of the collective desire, of its fall and descent from the altruistic characteristic of reciprocity. From the start, this characteristic was a collective desire, but when the Upper Light entered into it, it was shattered.

But through its positive characteristics of love, connection, and yearning for unity, the Light granted completely opposite, egoistic desires to this desire. It follows that today we are completely contrary and opposed to the Light.

All of the characteristics that we have discovered and continue to discover within us will begin to be revealed in us as worse and worse. This is because when we advance forward, we will already have knowledge, skill, experience, power, unity, and mutual help, and so more and more egoistic and gross desires will be revealed to us.

Everything that is revealed in us is contrary to the power of the unifying Light, to what we need to be. Our best intentions, good impulses, everything that was and everything that is, is discovered to be opposite to our right and corrected state.

In the meantime we cannot say what the corrected state will be because we don’t have the appropriate feelings and the appropriate intelligence.

I cannot feel my corrected state from the uncorrected state because I need to connect myself with others to a particular degree, and then a spiritual intelligence and desire will appear within me, meaning, that my correct state will be revealed both in heart and mind, meaning both in desires and in intentions. I will be able to do something. But now I am not in it yet.

So the problem is this, a person can never correct himself by himself. No matter how much he tries, it is impossible to jump over his head! The only thing that is possible to do is to ask. When we yearn for the next state, our desire, our request to the Creator invites the influence of the Upper Light upon us. The negative energy that we awaken attracts the positive energy of the Light to us. In this way we are corrected.

Everything happens according to clear physical laws. There are no enchantments, magic, or prayers here that are accepted by society. A prayer is a desire that goes out from the heart so that the Higher Power will be revealed with the right intention toward others in connection and love.

When I seem to be asking for the others (for essentially I am an egoist and cannot ask for them, but I want to have a desire like this), then this preliminary request, meaning this negative desire, still invites the Upper Light, the positive energy.
From the Convention In St. Petersburg “Day One” 9/19/14, Lesson 2

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