Become A Kli That Reveals The Upper Light

Dr. Michael LaitmanEvery future convention becomes the next level after the previous convention. But the present convention in Saint Petersburg is unique.

People are arriving and gathering here who prepared for it intensively during the summer, this is the Sochi group. All the rest joined them, all of those who study with us. Generally, our strongest representatives from all the groups gather here.

So in thinking about the work that was done, I hope that we can gather and attain such a state that our connection will be equal to the first phase of the Light, and then we discover it within us. For essentially there is no Light. What we call Light is a mutual characteristic of bestowal and love that we discover between us on the first most minimal level.

Baal HaSulam uses the example of an electric current. We don’t know what it is, but we see its manifestation in the warmth of the wire in a lamp, or the working of some system, working apparatus, motors and so forth. This means that we are always talking about the result, about the discovery of some force that is working, but that we don’t understand.

That is also how it is here. When we very much want to discover the unique force of nature, then it is discovered. It exists, but it is intangible to us. And in order to feel it, we must make it possible for it to act somewhere, to be discovered in something. This is exactly like an electric current; as long as we don’t apply it to something, we don’t know if it exists or not.

According to the same principle, work is done also with the higher general energy, which includes within it all the rest of the types of energy that we call “Light.” We must make ourselves such a device, which reveals this Light that causes it, summons its movement, and we become a Kli, a means, a mechanism, a basis through which it will be discovered.

To do this we must try to connect among us, to adapt ourselves constantly to the characteristic of the Light. The moment that our state, our efforts, the unity between us, reaches a minimal resemblance to the Light, it will then begin to be discovered.
From the Convention In St. Petersburg 9/18/14, Preparatory Lesson 2

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