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From Absolute Ignorance To Another Reality

Dr. Michael LaitmanBased upon the knowledge of the shattering of the general desire and through the method of its subsequent correction, we construct all of our work in a group, in conventions, in groups of ten, and more. Everything is built on the study of the material, how it was broken up during the Shevira (breaking) and in what manner it is connected under the influence of the power of the Light.

By accepting the guidance and advice of the Kabbalists, which was written in a psychological form that is closest to us, we learn how to behave, in what manner to connect in a group, to support friends, and to attain states in which we promise to support each other in our alliance.

The existence of this alliance, the precise intention found in it, is called Arvut, where each one of us is ready to be a guarantor for a friend.

Specifically through this work, we begin to see that we cannot correct ourselves. Before us is an immense world, but it turns out that it only seems as if it is huge to us because it is fragmented and expanded by our ego, and the moment we begin to put it together, we see that this is one single mass, one unified force.

We begin to understand that the world is not as we describe it to ourselves. Everything that we see around us is a reflection of our inner characteristics. And even though it seems to us that this is completely unrealistic and even imaginary, all people, buildings, the universe, and all there is in the universe is a reflection of my inner characteristics: still, vegetative, animate, and speaking.

The four levels of my inner characteristics (still, vegetative, animate, and speaking) are four different levels of Aviut (thickness of desire). Desires number one, two, three, and four work within me such that I imagine them in the form of matching images.

However, when a person works not only with the separating force, but also with the connecting and unifying force, he immediately begins to understand that this is truly so, that, essentially, our world is an illusionary universe (with which many physicists are already inclined to agree), and that there are a multitude of universes that interpenetrate each other, and the entirety of creation is only some kind of hologram or matrix. What the wisdom of Kabbalah wrote about 3,000 to 4,000 years ago—what the Adam HaRishon saw more than 5700 years ago—finally, the physicists are talking about today.

So, we need to reach our first level of spirituality as rapidly as possible, and then we will no longer have problems. We will begin to understand how everything is organized. The main thing is that the very first level is truly the most difficult. And after that we will already have skills; there will be an understanding of what is happening.

However, now, from absolute ignorance, we must enter into another reality. So the Kabbalists reduce everything to simple actions. They don’t speak about lofty matters because there is no one to talk to about this. They don’t speak about some kind of clever actions with inner intentions, with internal clarifications, because we don’t feel this yet.

None of us feel that we include all of the worlds within ourselves, that man is like Olam Ein Sof (the world of infinity). When a person attains Olam Ein Sof, he attains everything. In the end, a multi-faceted system of worlds emerges in which all of us and each one of us is the entire system included one within the other.

So, the Kabbalists don’t talk about this because all of this is very confusing and doesn’t provide anything. They simply advise us what to do, and based on this follow all the laws and general rules of behavior in a group that we study in order to gather and put the group together. This is the most important thing.
From Preparatory Lesson 2 of the Convention In St. Petersburg 9/18/14

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A Common Wavelength

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn The Study of the Ten Sefirot it explains from where came the Shevirah (shattering) of the collective desire and its correction—i.e., unification and connection—why they are like this, although in principle these laws are very logical, and in general we understand them with our physical nature. We must try to realize them in our workshops by immersing and being included in each other and agreeing with what a friend says. To agree means to go along with what he says. I sail on his wavelength and think like him. I don’t try to justify or judge his words, no!

I am together with him in his desires and thoughts. He says a sentence and I am within this sentence as if it were mine. This is so important that I try to guess his thought and desire such that if he were to stop, I could continue and come out with exactly what he would say. And so it is with each one of us.

We feel ourselves as completely equal, not higher and not lower than others. For only equals connect with each other and are found in mutual communication. So that is how we direct ourselves.

We try to help each other so much that from the beginning of the workshop to its end I follow myself every moment so that none of my thoughts and none of my desires will contradict the discussion, so they won’t be superfluous or foreign to what we are involved with now. It is necessary to try to be detached from the whole world, as much as possible, to be simmering only among us, to discuss everything that is happening with us and what else we can add to invite the revelation of the Upper Light upon ourselves.

The moment I see that someone is not engaged in the subject, is disconnected, is deviating from the direction—perhaps he has some personal problems—I invest effort to help him to return to our stream. Each one who departs from the common wavelength becomes a disturbance for everyone. This affects both women and men.

Someone who departs from the framework of the workshop in some way and is outside of our desires and thoughts disturbs everyone. But he disturbs himself much more. This is because he is in a unified system and is creating a disturbance within it; he is an organ that is not operating correctly and is inviting upon him a negative influence from the entire system. So we must try to be positive components of the one Kli of the collective soul.
From the Convention In St. Petersburg 9/18/14, Preparatory Lesson 2

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There Is No Escaping Our Mission

We remember that this last summer was hot in every sense. Most of the whole year that passed gave our nation the longest military operation in many years. Its uniqueness is in the fact that it ultimately marked and emphasized the dead end we have reached. The battle is over, but there is still a threat and there is nowhere to which we can escape.

The moment another round is over, the shadow of the next round is hanging over our heads. Each time we stall for different reasons and postpone any decision making hoping that things will somehow work out on their own.

But things haven’t changed for decades. On the contrary, the connection between the contradictions around and inside our country is growing increasingly tighter. It is a clear sign that we have to do some self-clarifications before we can clarify and face our problems.

The prophet Jonah found himself in a similar situation thousands of years ago and is the hero of the book that we are used to reading on Yom Kippur. Strangely, this story keeps repeating regularly and although the atmosphere or the environment may change, it is always relevant. Our times are no exception.

The plot seems like an adventure novel, as Jonah receives a mission from God to help the people of Nineveh overcome the mutual hatred they feel and to fulfill the principle of love thy neighbor as thyself.

It was Abraham who first fulfilled this idea and founded the Jewish nation on this basis. It makes no difference today how he attained it, but the important thing is that the Jewish nation succeeded in doing what is basically impossible.

“What would have happened to mankind if Abraham hadn’t been a man of sharp perception and if he had stayed in Ur and kept his ideas to himself and not founded any unique Jewish nation? The world without Jews would undoubtedly be very different than it is today.” (Paul Johnson, British scientist and historian).

Today more than ever before, the entire world—not just the Jews, Arabs, Russians, and Ukrainians—is in need of love, or at least elementary, mutual understanding.

At the same time, just as in the past, similar ideas are perceived as totally unrealistic. No wonder Jonah decided to escape overseas, thinking he could escape the mission he had been given.

Just like Jonah, we too are trying to hide from the great, “impregnable” problems in our daily routine, and let others deal with them while we deal with our personal problems. Although our personal problems are not on a global scale, at least they can be resolved. Our whole life is a cycle of daily problems that we sometimes manage to float above.

It isn’t by chance that Jonah’s story is read on Yom Kippur. From ancient times comes the reminder that it is impossible to escape the mission we have been given.
From the Russian Brochure: “The Main Secret of the Jewish New Year”

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Evolution Of The Method From Adam To Our Day

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe wisdom of Kabbalah works only in the realm of physical laws. There is no complexity, mysticism or religion in it. We study the most essential law of creation, which is the discovery of the higher power, the higher energy. It is highest because according to its category, it includes within it, all the rest of the forces.

Just as all of the sciences are engaged in discovering the characteristics of nature, the wisdom of Kabbalah is also involved with discovery, but only of its essential characteristic, which is this universal force.

We study in what manner it is revealed in our world and how the Kabbalists succeeded in discovering it through their yearning to understand that the world is fragmented and must be connected in complete harmony. Through their yearning for the harmony of the world, they began to understand that the power of unification is lacking in our world.

The first person who discovered this force 5774 years ago was Adam who understood that the world exists thanks to the one and only force that links all of the components of creation.

The next great Kabbalist was Abraham. He discovered not just the Higher Power and its revelation, like Adam and the ten generations of students that came after him, but the movement, the evolution of nature. Abraham understood the reason for evolution that necessarily led to Adam discovering the higher power, the revelation of the power within him to transform to become like it, meaning to rise to the highest level of attainment and development.

All of the levels, the still, vegetative, animate, and especially man, which exists within the previous three categories, are directed towards this in order to bring humanity to the necessity of uniting under the influence of two opposing forces.

One of them is the egoistic, negative force that distances people from each other. The second is the positive, altruistic force that can be revealed to help unite everyone.

When these two forces are gradually revealed more and more, a person begins to work. He locks them onto himself, changes, and understands their mutuality. In being found between them, he handles them like two reins by building himself, and he thus he rises higher and higher to the complete realization of the two forces within him.

This is the entire development of man, his evolution. This is specifically what Abraham discovered, and so his method is evolutionary. It was discovered during the crisis that humanity experienced in ancient Babylon.

The next generations of Kabbalists more deeply discovered the spiritual. First of all, the Shevirah (shattering) of one human desire into an immense number of particular desires that exist in each one of us, and the discovery of how to connect them, was discovered.

We still don’t feel this, don’t see the inner desire of each one, in what manner it is possible to use it, in what kind of combination, nor how to see that pattern within which we are connected by completing each other. Each one of us is versatile, and in every aspect of our multi-faceted nature and its features, its tastes, it is necessary to get along with others very accurately.

It turns out that an n-dimensional system was created in which each one completes everyone absolutely and nobody can be outside of this system. And only then, when all of the separated egoistic fragments begin to yearn for each other and to connect, will they begin to search for themselves within this system.

By moving towards each other, with difficulty, they find themselves by using the general higher power. We turn towards it so that it will perform these movements upon us. We want to get closer, but we don’t know how. Under the influence of the higher power, we begin to perceive and understand this. And what is required from us, in sum, is a desire that we can create together in each other by showing an example of how much we want this closeness and unity.

Other than a desire and yearning for unification, we don’t need anything. The higher power carries out the second half of the work, which is why it is called the half-Shekel. This means that I must give the first half, and the Creator gives the second half. From my side, only yearning and desire are required, and that this desire will be right to a particular degree. And it will be right if I will maintain the rules of communicating in the group. Then we will invite the power of unification and it will finish the work, will infect us, and be discovered within us.
From the Convention In St. Petersburg 9/18/14, Preparatory Lesson 2

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An Incubator For Young Couples

Dr. Michael Laitman
It is impossible to ignore the hidden underpinnings for modern trends, the ideological component of the great human evil that refuses to return to the right course of nature. The world leaders do not need families or procreation. They are not interested in population growth and don’t need billions of “extra” people.

Thus, the policy of restricting the world population in the next generation is being implemented. The elites around the world don’t see the decline in world population as a problem, even if it is cut by 50 percent or even by 80 to 90 percent. The ten percent that are left will be enough to provide everything they need to live.The human ego is ready to disintegrate the institution of marriage, and they are leading us to that by the media, education, culture, and so on. These methods are successful in widely disseminating a new world order.

Therefore, it is not surprising that we will encounter strong opposition if we begin to talk about the correction of man, starting with the reconstruction of the family, including its role in procreation. Many will try to stop us.

Still, I hope that the hostile approach that has led to a disrespectful attitude toward the family and everything it involves is a passing phenomenon. After all, the growing crisis also hurts the elites that actually manage this trend behind the scenes. Then, they will feel that they must change their approach.

Today, they find it beneficial to support this trend so that there will be as few families as possible and as few children as possible, so that the world population will be decreased as soon as possible. However, with time, when the crisis reaches them, it will make them see things differently.If we speak about the state of Israel, however, nothing stands in our way here. There are no obstacles and no open negative attitude. Of course, we must act where we are given the chance.

It is with regard to this issue that we will face no resistance. Part of the nation believes in family values that stem from habits or a traditional approach. We remember and appreciate our parent’s home where all the relatives would gather under the same roof. We remember the neighborhood, our childhood friends, and all this is a good basis for this matter.

We must rehabilitate that tradition, which has not as yet been forgotten, and make it again a part of our culture. Use it in art and bring the concept of the family back to life. I suppose that it must be a kind of a national mission that leads to a variety of ways to support it, whether in art, movies, books or stories that emphasize the value of togetherness, love, and good parenting. We must show people the beauty in family relations that provide everyone with strong support. We must present this question assertively to the government that doesn’t offer enough support to young couples with regard to housing, maternity leave, day care, financial benefits, and so on. This issue must become a matter of national concern and should be regarded as a general national problem. We must encourage every man and woman to take on this mission.

We must bring examples of successful couples and produce TV programs that raise the subject and provide information on this issue. We should open clubs where parents and children can spend time together and encourage them to spend the weekend out in nature. It is especially important to help mothers on whom most of the burden of taking care of young children falls during the first years.

Society, the state, and the government must see the issue of general support as a national project, taking into account all the implications it may have. Thus, we will set a fine example for the entire world where the opposite trend is now evident.

I don’t only see the correction of the family in that, but the correction of the entire world. After all, we can implement good family relations through which we will teach young people in every aspect in life. The embryo is surrounded by his mother. The baby lies in a crib. The toddler is surrounded by relatives. The young child also has the supportive environment of kindergarten and school. Thus, a young couple should be surrounded by a supportive atmosphere that empowers them and assists them with dedicated care, even more than during childhood. After all, this is a difficult situation, and every family has its own particular problems.

First, we must establish a special environment by educating and taking care of young people and young couples. If we don’t follow this direction, the situation will continue to deteriorate until there will be so few people left that we will not be able to sustain the nation and keep the connection between them.

In other words, the issue of the family is a matter of great concern with regard to the state’s security, so we shouldn’t adopt the new global trends regarding this issue. We must understand that we are in a special situation, so indifference, disrespect, and intentional acts of destruction on the government’s part are simply unacceptable and a very dangerous situation.
From the program “A New Life” 7/22/14

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Exile: On The Verge Of The Light And Darkness, Part 3

laitman_749_01Question: Did the Jews remain as people of Israel in the spiritual sense of the word after the destruction of the First Temple?

Answer: They were aware of their inability to resist the egoism that controlled them. This fact is documented in historical books and chronicles.

There are lots of materials that cover this topic. They were written in the remote past by immediate participants of the events, not by contemporary researchers.

The Jews were a highly literate nation. They conveyed their knowledge from generation to generation. Their writings were preserved, systematized, and classified. Thus, they were well-kept for centuries.

Hence, the people clearly realized: “There is no Creator among us!”

Question: Still, what did they take to the exile? What did they carry with them? Previously, they observed Abraham’s principles, but what did they have after the collapse took place?

Answer: They remembered their history quite well. It’s not that they were totally unaware of it, as if they were hit on the head. Moreover, the fall never happens immediately; it unfolds gradually; people slowly cool down, leave their prior states behind, and continue making unsuccessful attempts to return back to their previous states.

We exert holding on to our past, but we are unable to do so. At the same time, by making attempts to return back to it, even if we don’t achieve results, we still continue exploring and revising our prior states, thus retaining them in our memory.

It is similar to the distribution of the Light in a Partzuf and its further exit out of it—TANTA. At the very last stage, when everything else is already gone, all is left are recollections (Reshimot). However, at this stage, they are quite fresh and are called vessels (Kelim). These kind of vessels are correct. They reflect the right sensations, the definitions of what’s going on inside us, only at this point, one realizes what state one was in before. At the time we were in that state, we didn’t understand what it actually meant for us.

It happens in everyday life as well. Often, we tell someone: “You’ll remember this situation and understand it differently later.” So, something always stays when we lose our past situations and when it’s not in our power to discontinue the tendency of losses.
From KabTV’s “Babylon Yesterday and Today,” 9/3/2014

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The Essential Secret Of The Jews, Part 57

From the book The Essential Secret of the Jews, M. Brushtein

The Afterword to the Chapter

Once we have reviewed the process of unification, which covers the whole of nature at all its levels, we would like to ask, “And what about the Jews, and what does this have to do with anti-Semitism?”

Let’s refer to the sources:

Israel occupies a central place in all Creation, and other creatures depend on it. (Ramchal, Da’at Tevunot)

That’s it. Nothing more, nothing less. And besides, the author says the following:

The Almighty connected the correction of the entire Creation and its ascent with the actions of Israel. (Ramchal, Da’at Tevunot)

Yes, the comment is superfluous.

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The Wisdom Of Kabbalah Is Scientific Research On An Experimental Basis

Dr. Michael LaitmanBaal HaSulam speaks about the wisdom of Kabbalah as being about “scientific research on an experimental basis” (in the article, “The Peace”), for this is correct, this is truly so. The wisdom of Kabbalah has the same approach as every science in this world. What is different is the subject that I investigate and the tools that I use. But, the general rules and principles are identical, and the main one being: “A judge only has what his eyes see.” (Baba Batra 131a)

Someone could come and persuade me that red is black. But I see that this is red, and so I write in my research that it is red. This means that I believe only what I see. One researcher says one thing, a second says something else, and eventually this is compiled into some kind of knowledge that everyone accepts. In principle, all of science is based upon statistical data. This approach testifies to conclusions on an experimental basis making it possible to gather all of the data and come up with some kind of general rule.
But in the wisdom of Kabbalah, there are no statistical methods where one scientist does many experiments and eventually decides that this seems to be the result. If some data is discovered by a Kabbalist, this is already an absolute fact, according to his Kelim and his level.

This is even though the next Kelim and level will reveal this as having been a mistake and the truth will be revealed. And then in the next Kli and level, this will be revealed as a mistake and the next as truth. This is always what happens during the transition from level to level.

So there is no absolute truth, except for what you are investigating at present. You investigate the Creator as an absolute, until He is revealed.

Question: You say that the wisdom of Kabbalah is based upon personal experience. So what does “faith in the sages” mean in their attainment?

Answer: This is what is accepted in any regular science. If you are the student of a great scientist, then they respect you too. You already belong to his school. This means that it is clear who you are, meaning who formatted you, who made you a scientist. This is called a teacher.

And in the wisdom of Kabbalah this is even more important, for the student receives all of the Light, all of the power from above to below through the teacher, and that is always how this continues.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 8/27/14, Writings of Baal HaSulam

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Daily Kabbalah Lesson – 10.08.14

Shamati #5Lishma Is an Awakening from Above, and Why Do We Need an Awakening from Below”

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Writings of Rabash Shlavei HaSulam,” “Purpose of Society-2”

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