From Absolute Ignorance To Another Reality

Dr. Michael LaitmanBased upon the knowledge of the shattering of the general desire and through the method of its subsequent correction, we construct all of our work in a group, in conventions, in groups of ten, and more. Everything is built on the study of the material, how it was broken up during the Shevira (breaking) and in what manner it is connected under the influence of the power of the Light.

By accepting the guidance and advice of the Kabbalists, which was written in a psychological form that is closest to us, we learn how to behave, in what manner to connect in a group, to support friends, and to attain states in which we promise to support each other in our alliance.

The existence of this alliance, the precise intention found in it, is called Arvut, where each one of us is ready to be a guarantor for a friend.

Specifically through this work, we begin to see that we cannot correct ourselves. Before us is an immense world, but it turns out that it only seems as if it is huge to us because it is fragmented and expanded by our ego, and the moment we begin to put it together, we see that this is one single mass, one unified force.

We begin to understand that the world is not as we describe it to ourselves. Everything that we see around us is a reflection of our inner characteristics. And even though it seems to us that this is completely unrealistic and even imaginary, all people, buildings, the universe, and all there is in the universe is a reflection of my inner characteristics: still, vegetative, animate, and speaking.

The four levels of my inner characteristics (still, vegetative, animate, and speaking) are four different levels of Aviut (thickness of desire). Desires number one, two, three, and four work within me such that I imagine them in the form of matching images.

However, when a person works not only with the separating force, but also with the connecting and unifying force, he immediately begins to understand that this is truly so, that, essentially, our world is an illusionary universe (with which many physicists are already inclined to agree), and that there are a multitude of universes that interpenetrate each other, and the entirety of creation is only some kind of hologram or matrix. What the wisdom of Kabbalah wrote about 3,000 to 4,000 years ago—what the Adam HaRishon saw more than 5700 years ago—finally, the physicists are talking about today.

So, we need to reach our first level of spirituality as rapidly as possible, and then we will no longer have problems. We will begin to understand how everything is organized. The main thing is that the very first level is truly the most difficult. And after that we will already have skills; there will be an understanding of what is happening.

However, now, from absolute ignorance, we must enter into another reality. So the Kabbalists reduce everything to simple actions. They don’t speak about lofty matters because there is no one to talk to about this. They don’t speak about some kind of clever actions with inner intentions, with internal clarifications, because we don’t feel this yet.

None of us feel that we include all of the worlds within ourselves, that man is like Olam Ein Sof (the world of infinity). When a person attains Olam Ein Sof, he attains everything. In the end, a multi-faceted system of worlds emerges in which all of us and each one of us is the entire system included one within the other.

So, the Kabbalists don’t talk about this because all of this is very confusing and doesn’t provide anything. They simply advise us what to do, and based on this follow all the laws and general rules of behavior in a group that we study in order to gather and put the group together. This is the most important thing.
From Preparatory Lesson 2 of the Convention In St. Petersburg 9/18/14

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