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Welcome To The Convention In Los Angeles!

LA Convention 2014

The Bnei Baruch Kabbalah Convention in Los Angeles

The Next Step – Revelation in the Connection

October 31 – November 2, 2014

Time to Light Up the West Coast (of America)!

With connection and deeply transforming personal experiences

To collect the pieces of our soul, to meet old and new friends

To discover and nurture the common point of human unity

Above and beyond all differences

Register now!

Four Points by Sheraton
Los Angeles International Airport
9750 Airport Blvd, Los Angeles, CA

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The Secret Of Unity

laitman_528_02Rabash, Letter 40: And when one begins to feel the love of his friend, joy and pleasure immediately begin to awaken in him….because he always knew that he was the only one who cared for his own well being. But the minute he discovers that his friend cares for him, it evokes within him immeasurable joy, and he can no longer care for himself, since man can toil only where he feels pleasure. And since he is beginning to feel pleasure in caring for his friend, he naturally cannot think of himself.

We can never satisfy ourselves, even though it seems to us that we are doing everything for the sake of this. Our common general Kli is built such that only what we get from outside can fulfill us and not what each one of us produces. So we need to fulfill each other.

This is the most essential secret of unity, when people begin to feel that they can fulfill each other: each one includes within himself the desires of the others and begins to work on them, and the Light fills everyone. To the degree that each one is integrated in the desire of the other, the Light fills these desires.

The main rule for true elevation in the way of the Creator is a condition of unity among friends. And when are the friends united? This is when they gather together and each one humbles himself before the others by seeing the greatness of the friends. Even if someone doesn’t see the friends as great, he must obligate himself to see their greatness. If a person doesn’t see the others as higher than he is, he must examine himself.

In a Kabbalistic group, a person who studies correctly must always see the others as higher than he is. This is not some kind of unique state of elevation, but the normal state of the group.

He is envious of the friends with a good envy; he is drawn after them, takes an example from them. And if there is no envy, this is bad. A person must be afraid that everyone will discover that he is valueless and nothing, and will begin to despise him.

This feeling must be permanent, for it is very helpful for advancement. Everyone must be happy that he is given such a feeling, which is a useful means for advancement. So it is necessary to be concerned that it will be constant: seeing how dedicated the friends are, how they sacrifice themselves by being in much worse situations than you, and at the same time they are investing greater efforts than you do.

From small examples like these are created a yearning from “me” to “we,” because if the friends are higher than I am, I want to be with them, to be included with them, so that I will dissolve in them completely.
From the Convention In St. Petersburg “Day Two” 9/20/14, Lesson 4

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The Diagnostic And Curative Power Of The Torah

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Why does the holiday of Simchat Torah (rejoicing with the Torah) immediately follow Sukkot?

Answer: During the seven days of Sukkot, when I am in the Sukkah, which means surrounded by the surrounding Light, I being am corrected. This Light reaches me through Scach (branches that cover the Sukkah), which itself, is a whole spiritual mechanism.

I have guests every evening, such as  Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses, Aaron, Joseph, and David, each of whom symbolizes a special attribute in a person. In other words, it is about forces that correct my attributes by turning them from evil into goodness.

I perform internal work on the entire path to perfection and use the Torah as the force of correction, and thanks to that, I am able to identify the evil within me and identify it to such an extent that eventually there is none left.

After this diagnosis, the Torah turns the evil in me into goodness and then I resemble the Creator, the absolute goodness. I am filled with love and bestowal towards others and through them to Him, since it is actually the same thing. Thus I discover what is called “the whole world is filled with His honor.” He is in everything that seems to me as being external.

Question: The holiday of Simchat Torah symbolizes joy. What is a person actually joyful about in this holiday?

Answer: It is that he has used the Torah correctly and has corrected himself in equivalence to the Creator.

Question: Why is it so delightful to resemble the Creator?

Answer: Since we reach adhesion and equivalence of form with Him, now we can bestow unto Him just as He bestows unto me. This is how we are made and there isn’t a more sublime state for us.

Question: But still, what is concealed behind that?

Answer: I was created as a desire to receive pleasure, so in a state of complete equivalence of form to the Creator, I receive pleasure from Him. By turning all the evil into goodness, into similarity to the Creator, I begin to receive all the goodness and infinite abundance from Him. It is because I also want to bestow infinite abundance.

Thus the festive symbolism of the month of Tishre describes the path to the end of correction, which results in the eighth day, Shmini Atzeret, after which there is nothing else to correct. The word “Atzeret” stems from the Hebrew word “to stop – Atsar,” which symbolizes the end of correction.

We compare this perfect state to a pomegranate. All my 613 desires are the seeds of the pomegranate that have finally changed from evil to goodness.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 10/5/14

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The Torah As An Engine For Change

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe Torah is a force, a means that corrects and transforms my evil inclination into a good inclination. Through its realization, if I attain a good result, then I reach Simchat Torah. Then I am happy that I had the Torah by which I corrected myself, achieved success and attained something good.

Question: if the Torah is a means for correcting evil, then the person must first identify the evil within him. And until then he doesn’t require this means. But if I have already begun searching inside, what evil will I discover?

Answer: The basic answer is that the evil is examined in relation to the Creator. Everything that is against the Creator is called evil. Whereas, the Creator is called “good and the does good” according to His actions.

My evil differentiates me from the Creator because I feel everything according to equivalence of form, and vice versa. I cannot perceive something with which I have nothing in common.

But the evil inclination is very important because the Creator is the one who created it. He created it in opposition to Himself, named it appropriately, and gave me some kind of mechanism, a key, through which I can discover this evil within me and transform it into good. And then I become good, precisely in the same form and at the same level as the Creator.

When I understand and perceive this, then the Torah acquires very great meaning in my eyes. This is because with its help I can transform from being a small bug into something very great and good, like the Creator, acquiring the same power, the same ability to bestow and love, the same knowledge, the same attainment, and the ability to become eternal and complete.

Torah for me is no longer just a Torah scroll in a chest. It is not just a book, but the power of correction, the power of inner changes.

This is a system that works and has an influence on me. It knows which desires to awaken in me, and I am changed.

This is a spice in the cauldron of the evil inclination and it could also be something outside of it. It cooks it, orders, arranges, plans, and transforms it into an opposite state. It is indeed an enormous means.

And now the whole question is, how should I use it? As far as it seems, here I will need to play some kind of role, do something myself.

And so my evil is precisely similar to the intensity of the Creator, but opposite and against Him. It is such a gigantic monster inside that it is even frightening to describe it. Therefore, the Torah must possess an even greater intensity to transform it from the evil inclination into the good inclination according to the degree of my participation.

During this process. I become good like the Creator in the same measure, in feeling and intellect, in intensity, and in all of my facets and details. By transforming my evil inclination into good, I reach compatibility with Him. Not too bad, is it?

And if this is the case, then a person who has learned to use the Torah has every reason to be happy on the Simchat Torah holiday. This is because he understands what is happening. Throughout the entire year he goes through everything by shaping and attracting the Light that Reforms to himself. This Light influences him, acts on him and corrects him time after time, flash of Light after flash of Light. And ultimately he reaches Simchat Torah, when he is entirely good and corrected.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 10/5/14

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The Start Of The Countdown

Dr. Michael LaitmanI feel immense joy in the fact that now most of my students in the world are beginning to understand and feel that the spiritual world is discovered in the connection between us.

Although we have been studying the spiritual system for many years, and in spite of all this, the heart does not want to hear about the shattering of the Kli of the collective soul, its descent and fall into this world, the division into a multitude of people, the expansion of the Kli, the equal distance from the center to the periphery all over the Earth, and the growth of the ego. Generally, this takes a lot of time, and many years pass before the heart understands and reaches the awareness that something is not okay, and it will then respond to problems with connection, with unity.

From the very moment that the person begins to hear this, he enters into the way towards the goal of creation and goes forward at a constantly increasing the rate, amassing experience and gathering the distant, scattered and shattered parts of his soul. He already knows that everything is concentrated only in his group of ten, in a hundred, in a thousand, and that the upper world, the Creator, and the completion and goal of creation are found precisely in this place.

If he automatically turns to the group, no matter what happens, this is a sign that he is standing firmly on his own two feet and is facing the goal correctly. I hope that the results of our convention will become a feeling like this for many who are here and those who are together with us throughout the world.

This is the most difficult starting point of the countdown. Nobody, anywhere was ever was able to attain this. Many have tried to do this through all kinds of conditions for thousands of years, but only individuals succeeded, even though people were ready to sacrifice everything for the sake of this. So a gradual approach, recognition and discovery of the starting point and investment of much effort required subtle and continuous work.

It seems to me that we are seeing its beginning. The sensation that everything begins and ends with contact, connection within the group, that everything is determined there and besides this there is nothing, will show us later how to operate in the world, and how to manage nature through our unification. This is because we are raising MAN, our desire for connection, unity, and correction.

The world will then advance forward towards harmony, unity, happiness, and fulfillment of the law of equivalence of form at the same rate as us. In this transition from  “me,” the yearning for the Creator that I imagine, to the we, where within this we is one single whole within our separated we, the general power of connection called the Creator is discovered.
From the Convention In St. Petersburg “Day Two” 9/20/14, Lesson 4

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Predatory Things of the Century

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion (from Psyfactor): “‘Prophets of the Old Testament called those people who worshiped objects and things that they made with their own hands “the idolaters.” Their “gods” were things made of wood or stone.

‘The meaning of idol worshipping is in transferring all feelings, the force of love, and power of thought onto external objects. Contemporary people are idolaters. We perceive ourselves only through things we own.’ (Eric Fromm)

“The world of things continues to grow. A human being becomes smaller next to so many objects. Contemporary people define their existence by announcing: “I buy, therefore I am.” Being a “thing,” we confirm that we are alive only because we communicate with other objects.

“Costs of houses, furniture, cars, clothes, watches, computers, TV sets are the basis for the social status of an individual. When people lose a part of their belongings, it’s as if they lose a part of themselves. When they lose everything they have, they are totally lost.

“During economic crises, those who lose a significant part of their property commit suicide; they jump out of skyscrapers’ windows. Their wealth was in fact a substitute for their personality. Committing suicide as a result of financial bankruptcy in such a system of cultural values is very logical. Suicidal acts signify the bankruptcy of a personality, individuality.

“Previously, people also associated themselves with things, but never before did inanimate objects occupy such a high ranking in the system of social recognition as happened during the last decades, when consumption turned into the means of evaluating the status of an individual.

“The program of upbringing of those who subordinate their lives to work began; a new phase was launched – a stage of turning people into ‘consumers.’ The economy needed not only disciplined workers; good, disciplined customers who kept buying new goods as they showed up on the market were extremely essential.

“Advertising of consumer behavior was meant to get rid of the centuries-old traditions of buying only necessary things. Propaganda of a new ideology made people think that happiness was all about a non-stop buying process of new things.

“Consumers stay assured that they are the ones who make a choice of whether or not to buy certain products. However, advertising expenditures frequently reach more than 50% of the cost of goods sold. This fact speaks for itself: figures show how much energy and talent are being contributed to the process of persuading consumers to continue buying.”

Comment: At this time, we evaluate and realize previous developmental stages. as we move away from the current, consumption model of society. It is happening not because we became internally richer and thus don’t need any external signs to demonstrate our significance. Rather, the desire that requires a new type of fulfillment, a realization of the purpose of our existence constantly evolves in us.

Even though affectations on stages and screens push us back, still evolvement of our aspiration to reveal the essence of life is inevitable. It will eventually lead us to acknowledgment and recognition of the wisdom of Kabbalah.


Predatory Things of the Century, a sci-fi story by Soviet writers Arkady and Boris Strugatsky, written in 1964 and published in the Soviet Union in 1965, and then, after a long break, in 1980. The book has an epigraph : “There is only one problem – the one and only in the world – to return people to spirituality, to spiritual mutual care.”

Erich Fromm Zeligmann (23 March 1900 , Frankfurt on Main  – 18 March 1980, Locarno), German sociologist , philosopher, social psychologist, psychoanalyst, a representative of the Frankfurt School, one of the founders of neo-Freudianism and freydo-Marksizm.

Erich Fromm was born in a family of orthodox Jews. His mother, Rose Fromm, nee Krause, was the daughter of a rabbi, who emigrated from Russia. Father, Erich Fromm Naftali, was also the son and grandson of rabbis, and while engaged in trade, preserved and maintained the family in orthodox religious traditions.

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The Future Society

Dr. MIchael LaitmanThe revolutionary process in which we are participating began with the Big Bang and continued through stronger and stronger connection: from fundamental particles to atoms, from atoms to molecules, from molecules to more and more complex structures, until the appearance of the human body, including the cognitive system, the nervous system, and additional systems. Some of them are not known and some are not understood by us.

In general, this process evolved in two directions: extension and connection.

Everything aspires to connection, and only humans, their societies and their nature, receive an opposite form. In a society, we become more and more connected. However, on the other hand, we oppose each other because the ego separates us. As a result of this, we don’t build a cohesive society based upon mutual support, according to the principle of every living body, including our own. Instead of this, we build something very strange, and our society becomes like a cancer that ultimately devours itself and dies.

Essentially, we don’t know what to do. Scientific studies of the forces and mechanisms that move us have discovered that we have no possibility of avoiding  a third world war and chaos. Scientists know this and write that there is no real solution to this way of development, and what is left is only to submit to the mercy of the process that leads us toward an unknown future.

We are destroying the planet, depleting the natural resources, and doing with nature and ecology whatever we please. All this is not because this came to us, but because we don’t know how to build systems that consist of opposites that connect into a single structure. This union of opposites is precisely the essential law of complex systems.

Here, we come to the wisdom of Kabbalah. This problem arose even 3,500 years ago in ancient Babylon. On the one hand, its inhabitants were very close to one another and depended upon each other. On the other hand, they could not stand each other. They hated one another and felt mutual repulsion. And there was nothing they could do about it, the very structure of society was such that it was devouring itself.

It was then that a wise man by the name of Abraham discovered that the transition to a new level of development was concealed here. Essentially, there was nothing unique about that state. Just like the transition from the level of the still to the vegetative, or from the vegetative to the level of the animate, so also is the transition from the level of the animate to the level of the speaking. This transition requires us to attain the power of connection between opposites so that they can be connected and form a completely harmonious system. In spite of the polarities, in spite of the hatred and the rejection between us, we can utilize a unique force, a unique network in order to reach balance between one another and build a life.

We don’t really understand the significance of this step. We don’t understand what the source of life is and how two opposites can connect. However, it is precisely the absolute polarities between plus and minus that form the atom, a stable system in which they are opposed and yet simultaneously connect.

To continue, according to that principle, combinations are constructed that are more and more complex, possessing the ability to evolve. Plus and minus are combined between them in order to attract what is useful for development and the balance between them, and to emit what is harmful to that balance. Thus, by means of absorption and emission, life is created. There is more and more complex development, until there is a need for building a new system that the Kabbalists call the spiritual system. In other words, it is higher than the systems that are familiar to us.

Abraham discovered that there exists a universal law in nature that encompasses all systems, that maintains and develops them. It is possible to call it the power of Light, the power of the Creator, the higher power. However, it has one goal: to keep all parts of reality in harmony and mutual connection.

It is possible to attract and use this force even now, when we want to rise to the new level and become one system. Through this, we awaken the universal force, and it builds the long-awaited balance between us.

In Kabbalah, the law that Abraham discovered is called the law of equivalence of form. If I am personally attracted to the one force of equivalence of form, then to that degree, I arouse its influence on me and it builds the connection between me and other people to whom I am attracted. It builds among us a harmonious and balanced system between all of the parts.

Abraham discovered the deepest layer of that general integral law of nature that already was known and to which he called all of the Babylonians to join him.

Maimonides, the 12th century philosopher, said that Abraham wrote a multitude of books and did great dissemination work so that people would understand what he discovered and that he was speaking specifically about a law of nature that one should not oppose. That is how we evolve, without a possibility of escaping from its flow, from the natural tendency toward balance, connection, and harmony.

On the level of the still, vegetative, and animate, we reach balance spontaneously, without free choice. However, on the level of the speaking, this no longer will succeed because we need to participate consciously in building balance and a universal human system. It is up to us to understand, recognize, want to invest effort, and choose to try to organize correctly in order to advance.

So, thanks to these efforts, we arouse the only universal force of nature, which is the Creator, the Light. It doesn’t matter what you call it. In response to our efforts, it will influence us and carry out the right action of connection on us. This is what Abraham taught people.

The subsequent history is known. Some of the people heard him and realized the method for a while, but later, and in spite of it all, dropped out of the process. It is impossible to build one harmonious and balanced system if all the rest of humanity is broken. That is why we have reached the situation today where the Babylonian crisis of separation has come back upon us.

Why is it specifically today? This is because humanity, as was the case then, is discovering that it is connected in one universal system. We are closed within one system, one society, one family, on the face of the Earth, and all of us are linked to each other.

Today, we don’t need to fight. It is enough to sever connections with some nation and it will not bear this isolation. Modern weapons are the same primitive, barbaric clubs in a sophisticated form. No one needs them in a worldwide global system that is like a global village. Today, commercial, industrial, financial, and logistical connections determine everything. If you sever these arteries for a nation, it is like disconnecting some organ from the body. It is clear that it will not survive on its own.

That is also what happened in ancient Babylon in Mesopotamia, the cradle of humanity, when it became one society. The same thing is happening today as.

The Kabbalists, students of Abraham in all generations, spoke about this and even made a calculation in a timeline according to the law of human development to understand when humanity would return to the same situation. The law of unification began to be clarified at the end of the 19th century, and according to everyone, reached clarification at the end of the 20th century. More precisely, the Kabbalists wrote about this as being since the year 1995.

This is the situation today. When I began to study the wisdom of Kabbalah in 1975-76, I didn’t believe that this would really happen. However, in reality, there was a very sharp transition, and suddenly there was talk about a unified system, a unified humanity, about a global village, and absolute dependence upon one another, and so forth.

Together with this, the evil of human nature was revealed showing how much we are the opposite to each other and not ready to connect in a correct manner. After all, in spite of the oppositions between us on the level of the still, vegetative, and animate, the universal force connects us such that the polarities are transformed into a dipole that connects us and keeps us in balance and harmony.

However, on the level of the speaking, in the human connections between us, it is up to us to awaken in ourselves the influence of the universal force and to participate in the balance between plus and minus, between the two extremes. This requires specific work from us.

First of all, it is up to us to understand and recognize the situation in which we are found and to continue to invest shared efforts in order to build the right environment. In Kabbalah, these efforts are called raising MAN, meaning making a request for connection. Through this, we awaken the influence of the universal force on us that will connect us into one system and into harmony for all of human society.

This is right for the present historical moment. Today, the wisdom of Kabbalah, the science that Abraham discovered, has been opened before everyone. This is because all of us must utilize the system that has been created and begin to correctly use the conditions that have been created for building the future society. Otherwise, humanity is liable to be destroyed.

So, the Kabbalists, the people who are involved with this problem and its solution, bring to our attention the truth about our situation and our future. They tell us that, in any case, we are reaching a collective balance. However, if we don’t awaken the only force of nature that brings our unification and the right connection between us, then it will nevertheless be revealed as the only power that connects and gathers us together, but without our inclination and desire. In that case, we will need to obey this law against our will, and this will bring us to very unpleasant situations through disasters, plagues, and wars.

This is a good force, for it connects the entire system into one. However, if we oppose it, then we awaken upon ourselves the influence of opposing forces that act upon us as disasters.

The Kabbalists try to bring this knowledge to all humanity and teach humanity how to reach the right understanding of connection, awakening in us an attraction toward it, and in accord with our yearning, stimulating the discovery of the one force without arousing disasters. As a necessity, we will come closer to the correct, integral singular state and advance in the best, most pleasant and desirable way. Such an effort is what is required from us.

The most difficult problems today are being discovered in human society, even though everything good exists in the world. Scientific and technological advancement has reached its peak, but they don’t dare show some of this modern technology to humanity. Otherwise, people will not need to work and there won’t be any need to invest effort.

Essentially, we already have gone out to a new level of development, but we still are not ready to realize it because of our inadequacy. We have the tools in our hands, but we are not ready to integrate them correctly on the new level because our approach is not integral, meaning our inner structure is not integral. On the contrary, we are egoists, and our tendency is to be distant from one another and not connect in harmony.

As a result of this, we look with fear at the future state of united humanity, and we don’t know what to do with seven billion human beings who won’t be working. We don’t have any concept of another form of existence and about a different connection between us while we rise to another level of perception, to a different life and way of living.

There are a multitude of surprises hidden behind the new situation, but we still are not ready to digest them because our perception is not integral.

The main thing in the integral system is to forego the individualistic view of me against the world. Instead of this, I must acquire an integral perception and see a whole picture where all of us are connected and completing one another. Only then do I discover the future state in which humanity must exist, and then I understand and feel this life that is expected at a propitious time.

It is up to us to reach this perception, and this is what the wisdom of Kabbalah teaches us.
From the Convention In Mexico “Day One” 8/1/14, Lesson 1

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The Essential Secret Of The Jews, Part 62

From the book The Essential Secret of the Jews, M. Brushtein

While the force majeure affected individual members of humanity or even individual countries, this could be tolerated. But now, beginning with the 20th century, the situation started to deteriorate. Now, forces majeures “catch” not individual countries, but whole hemispheres.

Let’s recall Chernobyl, the latest earthquake in Japan, the oil accident in the Gulf of Mexico. However, the mentioned disasters are rather random in nature, which we associate with reasons beyond the control of man. Thus we seem to wash our hands of and say that we are not to blame.

However, a long time ago things began to change. We have encountered forces majeures, that is, unpredictable events, in the systems, invented by us and managed by us in the financial, economic, health, education, and other systems.

Now we cannot say that irrational nature spoils our lives. It turns out that we are wrong somewhere. The problem is compounded again by the extent of the consequences.

The worst thing is that we cannot find the guilty and we don’t know what to do.

The heads of central banks have responded to criticism of their too aggressive monetary policy. They admitted that actually they run the economy blindfolded and just do not know what will happen next, writes the Financial Times.

Despite these statements, the perpetrators of the crisis are sought. There are not so many versions. Most often the West, or rather the USA, are accused. At the same time, it is difficult to imagine that the West is currently directing such things.

Leonid Nikas, director of a primary school in Athens, was was used to the fact that children in the school yard play, laugh and dream about the future. But recently a completely different picture, which previously he could not imagine, appeared before his eyes: children were looking for food in garbage cans; those who are in need, ask their richer friends to share leftover food, writes The New York Times.

The Director-General of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC),Yves Daccord, the German news agency DPA reports, compared the current situation in the Old World with the events of almost seventy years ago. Such a large-scale operation to provide food aid in Europe has not been seen since World War II. (Expert Online)

According to the study, ordered by the European Commission, only from 2008 to 2010, the number of victims of European slavers increased by 18 percent – from 6309 to 9528 … people.

According to official data, in theses three years, 23,623 people have been recognized as victims of human trafficking…

Two of the three victims were forced into prostitution, and the rest were used as cheap or free labor, were forced into illegal activities, forced to become organ donors. (Russian Germany)

Of course, we can say that Americans do not care about what is happening in Europe – their concerns are more important to them. We can say that they are villains. But they are not crazy though. Really, don’t they care what’s going on in their homes?

“Large U.S. cities that the rest of the world used to look at in envy are now being transformed into gang-infested hellholes with skyrocketing crime rates. Cities such as Chicago, Detroit, Camden, East St. Louis, New Orleans and Oakland were once bustling with economic activity, but as industry has fled those communities poverty has exploded and so has criminal activity.  Meanwhile, financial problems have caused all of those cities to significantly reduce their police forces. Sadly, this same pattern is being repeated in hundreds of communities all over the nation. … There are approximately 1.4 million gang members living in America today according to the FBI.  That number has shot up by a whopping 40 percent just since 2009. “ (Michael Snyder,Large Cities All Over America are Degenerating into Gang-Infested War Zones”)

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Daily Kabbalah Lesson – 10.17.14


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Writings of Rabash Shlavei HaSulam,” Article 12

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The Book of Zohar — Parashat, VaYikra” 

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Writings of Rabash Shlavei HaSulam,” Article 16

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Writings of Rabash Shlavei HaSulam,” Article 23

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Lesson on the Topic “Preparation for the Congress” 

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