From The Giving Of The Torah To The Giver Of The Torah

Dr. Michael LaitmanShamati (I Heard) No. 161, “The Matter of the Giving of the Torah”: Concerning the giving of the Torah on Mount Sinai: It does not mean that the Torah was given then and that now it is not. Rather, the giving of the Torah is an eternal thing—the Creator always gives. However, we are unfit to receive. But then, on Mount Sinai, we were the receivers of the Torah. And the only merit that we had then was that we were as “one man in one heart.” This means that we all had but one thought—the reception of the Torah.

However, from the Creator’s perspective, He always gives, as it is written…, “Man must hear the ten commandments on Mount Sinai every day.”

This means that the Torah is being given to us now and always has been, but then we were like one man with one heart. That is why we could receive the Torah, but now we cannot because we are separated. Once we become united, the giving will take place again.

The ten commandments received from the Creator are always before the person, and there is always the possibility to use the Light called the Torah for benefit or detriment. The correct work and yearning to achieve a more advanced state attract the Surrounding Light to us. This is called studying the Torah: aspiring to learn what is written in it, to feel what it says about us, about our states, and our qualities. I have to feel them when I am studying and become similar to them.

I want to enter this picture that talks about me and begin to live there, to let this story that I am reading now be realized inside me. These are the efforts we have to put forth, to wish to become adults. If we accept these conditions and use them correctly, this means that we have made the efforts, as it is written: “I labored and I found.”

Then, my reality changes because my desire changes. It begins to build itself from the Surrounding Light and perceives in itself the image of the Giver of the Torah, the image of the Creator. The Light corrects my desire, and thus I start realizing the property of bestowal; I come from the giving of the Torah to the receiving of the Torah and from there, to the Giver of the Torah.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 6/7/2011, Shamati #161

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  1. I am a student in your advanced class in the virtual learning center. I have a burning question. I was told by one of the teachers in St.Louis that “the Torah talks of nothing but spiritual matters and don’t let anyone tell you different and that Israel is only the people with the point in the heart.”
    I am very troubled by this as a Jewish male, if it only speaks of states in spirituality then why are the Jews here if Moses is just a spiritual term. Then how do you explain the creation of the Jewish people? And if Israel is only those with the point in the heart. This sounds like Jewish replacement theory. Isn’t the point in the heart for the lost ten tribes like you said? What about the Jewish nation who has struggled so hard and has been almost destroyed over and over again. GOD made a promise to them did he not?

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