Connection With The Light

Dr. Michael LaitmanThere are two steps in human development: the highest and the lowest. Moreover, we (WE) represent the higher one because we have the point in the heart (•). We worry about the development; we feel and understand its importance; we care; we are not indifferent; we have a connection with the Light, which we do not know about ourselves.

On the other hand, humanity has no direct connection with the Light, and people live in the framework of our civilization, taking care of common needs for food, sex, family, money, honor, power, and knowledge. They don’t need anything else.

However, today there is a special situation: The world is being plunged into crisis. Practically everyone feels this and can’t do anything. Here, we should understand that this crisis is caused by the steady approach of the Light, which is manifested in us, undermining the family institution, destroying children’s education, depriving us of empathy in relationships between people, and weakening us. In general, the many facets of the crisis bring us to a point when the former welfare and old hopes seem to “slip through our fingers like water.” This is happening because we are not able to enter in contact, in connection, with the Light that is being revealed more and more.

So, we have a reason to reach out to people and explain why they feel bad. Baal HaSulam writes about this, that we must become “a kingdom of priests,” to reach out to people and tell them how to correct the situation, how to deal with the crisis. After all, the exit of it is in unity (Σ) by the method of integral education (∫).

If we unite, the crisis will disappear because in our unity we will begin to reveal the Light. It’s us now, but we don’t match it; it’s concealed even more, and as a result, we feel the growing darkness. If we match the Light, then we manifest it in the original quality, illuminate life with goodness, which builds all the connections between us and fulfills us.

Thus, we have only two simple opportunities:

  • Either to unite, becoming similar to the Light so that it’s revealed in us;
  • or not to unite, and then it will be revealed anyway, but in its time, on the path of pain and suffering caused by our growing divergence between it and us.

However, humanity itself cannot understand the method of correction or feel something because it doesn’t have the most important thing, the point in the heart. Thus, it’s up to us: Due to the point in the heart, we have a connection with the Light. So, precisely we have to become a connecting link between it and the whole of humanity.

Moreover, if in all the generations since Adam until now, Kabbalists created only certain groups, today, it’s not enough. In the past, the spiritual power of the group was sufficient to reveal the Light. There were various times when groups were comprised of only a few men, or dozens, or hundreds, or thousands. However, we have to integrate our small groups into everyone else.

Connection With The Light

We, our group, cannot obtain connection with the Light if we don’t take into account all of humanity. We have a great desire and yet we are not able to realize it. Years pass and we are seemingly “idle.” Enclosed in our groups, we are like a dog that runs around trying to catch his own tail. There are plenty of efforts and little effect.

Why? It’s because we lack the need, the feeling of lack. We don’t have that big minus with which we could reach the Light. And we will not have it no matter how hard we work.

That’s why the groups “tread water” for years. They must have all of humanity connected to them, not billions people at once, but it’s necessary to begin to work in this direction. They need to “go to the masses” and connect them to us.

Then in response, we will get a great desire, a great need. Yes, it’s just a simple “earthly” natural need based on the ordinary necessities; however, we turn this into a spiritual impulse and ask the Creator for spiritual fulfillment. We raise their desire and ask: “Give us the Light! Give us unity!” This spiritual desire awakens the Light that affects us in response, is revealed in us, and we bring it to the people.

Connection With The Light-2

Thus, this Light resolves all problems. In our world we lack nothing but the connection between people. Through the correct interconnection, we will be able to arrange everything. The only thing is to build the relationships between us correctly.
From One America “Virtual Convention” Day One 11/16/13, Lesson 1

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